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AJR "I'm Ready" Performance

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Sun, 8 Jun 2014|

AJR "I'm Ready" Performance


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About two years ago the I'm worked up may very late night watching sponge Bob will likely. Well I -- I'm thinking to myself why don't we lose his -- In song and Michael years. That's him he could ignite a weird night for the next morning we woke up reported it really ever did everything today. They hear me -- -- a lot ready. Okay. -- -- Yeah. It's. Okay. Bonnie yeah. -- Yeah yeah. -- it's independently. Cleaning community. And they did and I you know. -- Yeah. Stands and it's. Okay. And. It's. -- Okay. OK okay. Loving yes. Yeah okay. I'm not a sure thing given the -- We need to detail in his. Minute details and -- you know but it stands a good job of yeah. Okay. Do. Yeah. OK. Okay. Well yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. Yeah. Okay. It's. Okay yeah okay. It's. Here. -- -- -- Yeah. Okay.