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Midnight Red Interview

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Thu, 12 Dec 2013|

Midnight Red Interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Alone the -- but I don't. And. Hanging out right now of course all tomboy and hold band doing that they do big things blown up real big talk about ladies and gentlemen. You don't sit next to lead for the not about a big. No I didn't. And not the man. -- -- -- we love and affect you guys are doing a show obviously you know call me you know when the company here you know you guys that are that you come here you sold a lot of tickets and there's a -- about human Facebook on Twitter. People blown -- my phone. There's about their Tia Adam on you moms out there as you thanks for the next big thing tumors that I'm really really happy for you guys because the talent is -- there. And and and your fans are connected with -- music. And what are you most proud of so far I mean you start hit all those like accomplished with just a common now is that Steve is he that you like blow hole. What are you most proud -- so far. While tonight has been a turning point in my life and now I know that these guys are here for the same way this was a crowd that we we certainly will come of it that it on the -- a little bit and a. We had a really good time out in the biggest thing that I've found out tonight was this is exactly exactly what we need to be doing we're so comfortable out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm really happy for -- you know and now this little moment there were having a -- because you know we are you have critical -- -- already you know you can just. Tell about the positive energy here the launch are really really rich. Look at the road instead. -- -- I need the money we might be related to check my tree. -- -- Any questions for the boys and I know you do you know I mean I thought I like hum I like -- yeah and I like take me home. It's a little bit different sounding than that which shows the diversity you know and IC great things for you guys growth in the future. And of course everybody's happy to see you back here of course you know and I mean it's good to see you onstage in your hometown. An opera -- it didn't know by the way hometown boy call right here from and I read out -- is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with the boys midnight right it's great to have you get back it's great to you guys back into the you're just you're not too long go to visit us. So you can -- it showed tonight yes I feel that crowd of. It is good Michael was saying it was kind of like a love affair -- -- with the crowd -- iceberg side they can I hope they believe in polygamy with a lot of people going on now but I'm it was awesome and it was it was so aren't really equal to be there at all when he was just talking like you know I'm back home then. It was like we all the backseat of a minute red can dispatch 2013. Would you -- them. It was great we actually you know an EP editing and we really was he performed those songs. I you know new year new songs on your performances and who really tell -- about and I almost cried because out -- knocked -- after those have been in there buffalo and it wasn't just the snow. -- I am right there that's right you have got we know we are known. Do you feel I mean people you don't realize you know you know the beginning of this group started in. Stupid little garage and after the show tonight stupid hot cold didn't -- Atlantic island. After the show we brought it -- -- just like guys. From the garage. We're here in buffalo back in -- home town in an arena. And our hair. None of not a home team yeah. You know but it fit into blasting and now we're very thankful for all the people in part of -- project for each and then from buffalo. I'm active in the EP available iTunes mean that read you know what you did you guys give people start out early you eat you -- -- -- -- In all seriousness a lot of -- out there with you know groups are bans are girls by the sells everything else they went to the TV shows whatever -- -- -- But they legitimately Q -- you -- buffalo and a year sitting there in front of for -- and with all those people is -- a really really good story and Luther and you guys don't want to have their dance and I'm like big things come from midnight raid. Banks are comment from midnight -- Day. Yeah I can't -- have to -- -- plan you know what I grew up with it sometimes go to the gym in the morning and I just with you that even at bottom. Even bombing California I'm listening to its name it I've accumulated at -- that thank you get that went with the apartment like five and has been accused in an attempt. And you know then there's the night before. Odd that mobile data that I know night night night -- woman -- from the old gonna put that thing you know we're just I. Think the BA. -- -- -- We just gotta remember that but on the night tonight with those night. On and I think that's when in that the thinking about the line. They did against catered their favorite part about the back pain yeah. On the last question from indirect. Have a question I just want to wish you the best success I know we're gonna see you a lot in the next couple months years. And decades to come of course country's decades to come midnight -- ladies and gentlemen. Did you think it's any point five we got to go party denied read yet.

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