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cash cash interview

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Thu, 12 Dec 2013|

cash cash interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do you think it's that he went by the number one hit music station gets -- best he doesn't thirteen fresh off the stage -- up from the bottom of the top we have hanging out with. Of course bring you the energy from Jersey. Net cash with. When I'm a man with a baby died and it I you don't you don't you don't I don't get political -- EP the EP cash cash is called over time. Trust me four sons. Bangers club banging you go to clubs you hear casket music they too -- this paying in cash cash what are you most proud of so far. Well -- that congress that's it was crazy it was huge totally Hughes you felt product it felt -- -- them felt them. Just -- them you know. I've got to go back that they were -- and they were tough but they -- jump. You know conflict a massive club out there when -- it up and there like a -- but that's -- and I mean planted it in the whole crowd like that -- amazing moment for a yeah it was just one of those things like oh my whole bombing and it was like this this is -- the account. 50000 it the if there. It's not it's not the 2000 but you know at the energy that energy felt like to -- they go out now who picks up the music selection because you get Odyssey that Jones accident but. Is issue. Now all the talk about. Talk about it. It depends on the game electorate to its -- in and -- you know assault in music up there is some. Place that that is an but the system feel -- the crowd. See that they're not -- that it's nice nice nice backseat right now as cash used it at home looking at the camera stand. I like these dudes you're -- like I wanna know their names sell right now main national poll. See it again excellent JP blitzed on Paul John Paul right there. Sam the man Sam and -- and Alex and Alex cash cash next question and look honey I know you -- and now. Who single here who. And so on. He was like whom the camera some of -- off. You think things are you sick. Single -- he's not he's announcing that is why you set them up with go to like c'mon at the holiday theater got no chance. Nice nice nice well you know we really appreciate you guys in our show. Let's just -- cruise and I don't know somewhere New Jersey right unit caricature that -- music obviously. Pain you might -- add up your car but let's just that you crews in New Jersey you know -- in an Alley somewhere. And you wanna pop that and what's that's what's that is not. Artists are DJ did you like OK you know what I like is it like -- -- really that hard -- -- cross the border and old. Question that we had a good interview with him at the ultimate you ours and ours is really -- -- it is you guys interviewed him at at notre -- married and ours and ours and -- Romero right yeah we did Kareem and he too cool. -- in the community the support and support everybody you know it's not like. Like some of the -- there was. Pockets and right now backstage look at cancer its advanced 2013. If this -- hip hop scene it's like hey tourism tourism but when it comes the house music. She was shared sample like you know -- Maris and kicked her music semi -- kick someone articulate. Here is the society blog and we'll definitely -- -- hair and -- yeah. Every ever track I think it's called and -- A joke -- unity and -- -- goes. Brooke I've worked with him in front visibly it's got to rectify accurate can't get what he's like one of those these guys do and everything else. And I know he always drops -- you guys Arctic you know me always plays it and of course governments around on -- -- The illness to clubs but anyways he -- you -- crack in the floor goes nuts -- though they go with the idea behind that. Take me home. As collaboration as clever enough to beat your exits on the track. And -- an amazing vocal. We sentinel who worked in the studio we came -- amazing track and and become a jailed and brought home studio. And it definitely is like in and out team needs you know I just felt -- -- That's something with like you might not know we started like on an acoustic guitar. But we -- put it together early stages -- as you started that's on me on Monica's up to -- -- on -- piano is the largest of the local rating it -- in the morality just like how many on the you know that the -- militants -- an opinion of setting your studio Leo and that's real bare -- And then you know that electrified the -- the drums in the you know make the -- bring it to life. Alum and it's a lot whistles start but in this particular -- when we go back to that. Michael back to that foundation of just the bare bones and build a brand new house -- -- and we and we did that with. The consumers and we just built on Nikkei report like percussion and -- terrain and and live instruments. And we did -- video which Japanese team now so the whole different sides of the slow but think about it like it's one thing to sit at your house backseat right now cat -- will be at a wrap this up in the second the -- party. But it's one thing is that your house and do it. He'll take from here pulled from the Air Canada. But the see it all come together and and here radio plane and they come out of -- arena like that. Like what kind of feeling that this developers not that it's think that's it is stimulate isn't it like come on. Priceless -- -- that he can't explain it worked and explain how it feels you know this one of those things like hearing a song on the radio never gets old. You know having your friends that you -- there on -- and seriously. In the mix at all and hearing the crowd -- a -- and as you like to train you know like that there's. Been a deeply in my life to looking up at you guys and and don't recall from that where you're at now. I'm happy for you guys -- -- -- like that you know I like the vibe of it can get right now cash cash -- the best 2013. Jersey in the building. Take me home ET. -- hard time getting it. They -- replenish our awesome and they haven't that's and thank you so much cash cash job.