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Icona Pop Interview

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Thu, 12 Dec 2013|

Icona Pop Interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm -- backstage kisses bash at the one and only icon of pop. Hello well thank you regret this now you yes we think we've missed with -- That we've -- some sweet thought about Sweden with us now a snowball snow in just a moment. And I mean it's Christmas and for us. We conference Sweden so always that's not so. Christmas Day in this -- You've you -- the state jobs he had huge success that love it rates at its that but -- on some big a fan base. What is coming in 2014 and you know what if -- Christmas that's into a port. What's coming next. It's crazy start needs to I think accident is going to studios to act as second album. And goes to like to get him and then we came to me so and then I'll. It's going to be. At crazy -- On tour and -- apparently it's no big delegate religious like Miley -- like whenever. -- -- -- So after that industry you know you're gonna record in the states to go to Sweden. Did that well is to leave when we're gonna do it on the road we're gonna start in Sweden. And we already started actually so. And then we're gonna keep on doing in Sweden and then -- on the road I think that's the best day the candidate you get some exploration tab and meet people is a sound having kind of -- going to be switching for this near record. I think we and we keep on developing all the time and you take different directions because you get inspired by different stuff so. You will definitely keep on developing in different. I mean we don't know. I'm excited to see what's gonna happen on it out so why do you bring with you from Sweden any rate on terror what's -- -- on. Mean. I think we bring our -- is at its. It's kind of -- in and I would say yes Wheaties Nazis. And in all I hit and it always got it wrong. A lot of times. That we I mean we also feel very home as in we've been spending so much time there have been basically living here for -- years. And Allen came back from each. What is is elected ditch the kennel in Sweden that like just -- -- that we can't that's America but everything like Swedish meatballs I've loved. I mean its own eyes I think sometimes to be the same thing here it doesn't need. Yes like when my mom making it at home you know say it's -- I would say mom's. I would say means that the coffee. By the different it's strong in Sweden imitates like it T. So that's that's the only negative thing about that made the call me. -- -- At the next time we come back seat being I have to step -- and soon like see it at the sixers president and a it. So that's a real it's gonna hold an iconic pop on its agreement that -- appeasement when it -- and we have a fan page comic and a pop that on FaceBook and Twitter and it's about it's just act. It's simple. Yeah and Allen with cruising on. It can be with us and -- to act. It's like to -- one message everybody buffalo yeah. We wanna say thank you so much for having us here. And for it. I mean it's -- -- -- -- came out with us we just love you and yet things all the support. Where I'd been. -- on the best crowds are crazy crazy people. They keep her being tall -- -- Grammy and you're actually taught me. The -- he was club. Backseat accuses best Franchitti and that kind of pop.