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MKTO interview

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Sat, 29 Jun 2013|

MKTO interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You may Lumia. Dave yeah yeah I'm an -- -- me. And you know blown yet know. Lol well yeah and -- -- now a bit ago with a backpack. Yeah yeah. -- The I don't. Know radio from radio show. I don't know -- -- okay that's. Finally I. Cannot really. I don't mean I had I -- that. Not just yet outsider at some hello I'm timing we keep DL and -- and Tony. And Iraq and I am now we -- MKT up to one of the few times. -- Yeah. -- About how hard now waiting yeah I mean. That you may be advised him not to. New domain and you think. Yeah yeah. Like you wouldn't they can. Lock in -- person. I think got a little bit better right yeah and I don't read the -- I'm really I'm never there. Never intentionally blow you mind and it went by that I'm glad to be hit -- and I just did it I'm just to clarify why I wouldn't it. Why I got. Up. And yeah. Yeah I feel very bad. And I love you couldn't they do so much for having. -- yeah. I'm deeply sorry I wouldn't expect I mean I don't even know -- -- you didn't -- it. -- my right now that athletes are. And are they convenience -- -- here now -- know in person and the name of the better you know stuff like that digital SL. Tactically I definitely back -- that are allowed. And it is that makes it. And picked a better -- I. So so when when I couldn't find him you know. Use a loss on an island right. So I found them. But -- a mama little -- -- like -- missing I know I know you got to get off this island the -- to make some music. So I brought up and I brought him here and I'm still. Ankle staple thank you think you may think no pun intended unintended bad yet. Not that it yet and. It. Yeah yeah we are not that I look they're like. And you could have finally feels about it. We're of their regular interview it's the Iranian human ethics in the morning. What was going just got done from hitting the ball around the airport it I had the morning so I fell asleep and my own did not make -- See here -- in the coming on and get a colleague and -- I -- about that. Yeah. -- -- It's that's not that he's dated MT TO -- UN KTO. There you go what's in the united. Well obviously harnesses but respect -- -- -- has about being ourselves and do what we wanted to you know who grew up in high school in to kind of do what we want to do it was acting it might not be the norm are so cool but you know this -- -- -- -- about let's dive right into song thank you. Playing it Q smash hit a -- a country that. But thank you about. On the I think think he's really just about bringing people together that really didn't feel like they were the norm you know in saying you know politely saying thank -- to the haters is that he didn't know. Got -- day hey. You. But yet even these -- the -- -- -- -- related is you know I I come from you know growing up in high school when I was acting like to put -- like what I was doing a lot -- I got a lot of -- so I think the best way to go about it -- say thank you come out of the -- matchup. -- -- happy we're very thankful they are playing it but you know that's what it was about a city about getting back. In a polite way of the people they simply can make so if you're wondering hey these guys kind of look a little from LA you may see him on some TV shows -- a movie. You of course we're in las. Huge -- check ash -- she's here over both lost -- very ridiculous about it on the but there's a lot of -- references in this young and thinking it was that you did did that I mean not to set our producer Evan Bogart and I didn't use that as well just just any man just incorporate that was just you know some for the fans and invited to that relate to so critical of what it. Well we always say is that I literally found money island so I mean I was like -- you and do group is like -- down so cannot engage -- -- What's it like growing up so young going through TV and just he'll ride in the -- -- It's a it's a dream come true -- no -- -- my best brand this like we talk about don't we are student Baghdad it will be in the dressing room. You know would be like to be on stage you know above one side and just just on hand and we're doing announced that it. -- -- -- That's only way to do it right and -- ever -- him. And his son -- classic it's all about being classic B of -- all style. -- think that you know goodies you know like girls these days you know I don't know how many times you see pictures -- tonight revealing which. Is great everything that you know it in the -- you know all of this guy's like the classic early you know we like. We like that natural look and it's all about finding yourself and and natural beauty and not shown no long and about showing it -- you know keep that from me you know. Everybody started out yeah. It. You make a lot of south idiots you yeah you know -- that stand up brand Donny Hathaway you know we got this I don't know what's next for M -- up. What next man out because this year. Album is done that looked officially next week we're going until further Brothers emblem three. I'm so we can't wait were admittedly. They. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eating that -- everything go now now -- at an -- -- just because we hear that screaming over on stage solid there. Stars of this this summer hello it's -- TO. So much. Back.