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Emblem3 Interview

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Sat, 29 Jun 2013|

Emblem3 Interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When. I don't know where to start the interview with Angela and three I have a right there. These -- -- new windows and I can't teach you what I'm imagine I can't get you web is that something about it. That's what you commitment and I did I'd it would be you're going all the way and I don't know why -- all and not yet get a rose. We did and illusory and that -- I thought did somebody -- this to what it. -- can edit view I've put the lower there -- that -- I believe it. I read the book club. Yeah I still have about seriously depressed about -- each introduce yourself stranded -- do you do not deal with this all the time. All of these duke I just basically block them out and and -- headphones okay. Palo Iowa that an amen my name is. More fears that yeah. There definitely. March 5 the day and you know I what do people call you market. People call me. My bad day it. He's OK and my -- bears. My name is well. My name is the last movie. I am 13 year you are in Buffalo, New York welcome you want to. Yeah maybe. And -- I thought it used to look at it like today that went to were not enemy. One love the -- and I'm wearing your hat thing that I like that a lot I don't want you guys get it on stage tonight. Strip. -- -- -- -- And Baath Party. Does get a parting remember he sold mine eyes must go partying not everybody I'm glad I'm. I like to party well then you can't stay that zip. It like. I yeah yeah like the party's first thing I kept it cost an experienced pilots party more than -- We all like no way. I. Yeah and and I -- god I it. Yeah. Everybody. Behind you have a tour coming repeatedly took me about -- and three. Or no secret. Figures coming out one -- the headlines there which really putting on. Doing it and -- yeah opening up for us can be fixed. -- belongs that and then in August were -- -- now in Toledo man. Opening up for him which is going to be fever often Selena Gomez in the opening up for her. -- and wait wait. No. Went into what. What I'm not meeting here I'd swear. I haven't even better yet I don't know how much I think not I haven't actually met her. I went up would like. Since her around like bill Mears just like what's happening now is -- -- these three is gonna date Selena Gomez and it. I agree why do it at all. It's kind of I don't get. Let the universe nationally unravel in medical. Then it would have happened -- it -- I think. I know you look at right. I know yeah. Yeah that what I want and -- yeah imported. -- serious bands that since we announced that you're coming to buffalo -- they were like no way so can you each talk to your fans because. Each one have you had. Like diehard fans and I feel like I need to give you the Mike. Want to let you talk to you. I was honest today thank you so much and you guys are really pretty. Thanks. Right yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah. You guys have -- this -- I love you thank you for being our fans. Don't stop meaner fans because the value we are nothing. -- -- -- I -- with you we are war. -- Can't they make them they love you know I don't know where to begin on as the night. Sometimes I go on Twitter. And like. I filtered through the thing that I read and sometimes. I read stuff than it is like oh my god your hot let me. Geared -- and I'm like OK -- whatever but did I read some that are just like thank you so much bird like. Still I -- this new wind -- -- and perspective. On life I enjoy it simpler things like smelling flowers. Still much more now because I have like this -- -- Deeper connection to my planet in like waking this spiritual side of people and it's cool because like that's really what I wanted to do. I don't really want your time yeah yeah as part. Spread conscious awareness. But Stacy thank you fans thinking thinking thinking to begin to.

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