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What's The Buzz in WNY - KISS the Summer Hello

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Fri, 12 Jul 2013|

What's The Buzz in WNY - KISS the Summer Hello


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the most anticipated concert of the season is that kissed the summer hello concert at Coca-Cola field. Our friends at kiss 98 point five FM throw this party every year with some of the hottest acts in town. RW DB ZTV cameras were there to meet them. -- -- Good idea what it doesn't always like three is coming up -- yeah. Team McLaren. You know sometimes we integrate them into joining him. Yeah. Okay. It is your group. Well this kind of money -- down and my answer is an extension mean. CDC doesn't like your -- yeah city up from Long Beach, California. Unlike a number of Barcelona Spain. And CNN I'm from Los Angeles don't -- him. -- -- from -- airport area. Welcome to -- -- -- yeah. What's your inspiration. And ninety odd kind of live and now we're on just naturally this is their regular clothes and we just -- that's their statement and -- -- for me. In terms of style and wearing. Douglas is in the air and I think it's mountain what's your website for people find important is -- Welcome to buffalo and how. It's. Driving a lot of dangers they. So out of hand that it's also becoming a -- that. -- drinking and driving I mean it's a really great costs come -- we're trying to get over it all pictures and. -- -- -- -- It really did. The average person that tax takes right off the road for -- And I don't know. And good sign over there. And why I've -- The company that also wireless product that we wanna take part in making sure that everyone knows about. Argued the product -- -- Take -- the -- yeah. Thanks Elizabeth. And the business in the first thing that you've done -- -- mean anything that is not an eighth grade I got a great opportunity opens you've done in time to get even. Happening in music and is -- and it kind of excited to -- and just been -- since then. To distract you mean. It's -- -- an -- it. -- kind of kind of college hip hop in the zone as is really that positive upbeat. Good message behind -- And the lyrics into the -- and -- even if it's pretty powerful stuff did you write them. Yeah the other nominees again I just I can always say that music that message to sound so -- In the sense that positive in whatever way I can. The -- and and that's known as didn't need them actually that I know my demographic in this kind of young and now whenever it does Sony Open on the album my kind of figured. My below sixty. Everybody loves it. Apparently sent a lot of people's lives is the best part. Where you go from here -- on the processor adding an album right now with the idea that the entity will be and then I'm gone so perhaps that's it promote the album. And a lot of -- tonight -- screening for any state senator Jake -- that whole wide world of fame. I got a great team behind me keep me in public you grounded I got a great family have always instill morals in Vienna this. Slow that is so I'm not -- I'm not an element of Loveland and I -- -- -- who's your man I gotta these days three video as a drummer but tormentors and sometimes guys those numbers and us. What's your website Cigna dot com here on earth seeking its biggest about the upcoming tours sell the stuff. And more iron and yeah very okay. This. Everyone at WD BZ TV once you -- enjoy everything this summer has to offer in Western New York. I can -- thanks for joining us on what's the buzz in Western New York here on that you DB ZTV. Your hometown television station.