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Kiss 98.5 interview Jonas Brothers

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Tue, 23 Jul 2013|

Kiss 98.5 interview Jonas Brothers


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- not eight point five and Nicklaus picked us and we are ready to get on the miss -- it is a beautiful Friday morning. And we got the Jonas Brothers here gentlemen welcome to buffalo again any particular. We're excited to be there. Where's it at the show tonight in the teeth and from a business vote. This early for you guys are your wallet open and guys dollars early in her and Clinton lately though we we were is in Toronto and we had. Two extremely early mornings with relief full days' rest and promised a so we get to sleep in -- that today that it will be got some country today we got a boat full of fans that you're going to be performing for today extreme and they let pumped. And little crowded on that I don't know that. Regulation as regulation Emeril get. -- is he safe from the vote today guys get a performance like jackets right yet now and then Lotus. Let's talk music you guys are back new album this all the name of the album five he which what are we don't with. Five Roman numeral B. Five -- got a mark. I got it on my chest. Were all marked up notes edit them you know I think it's a -- record we were trying to think of names and and what would some of the the the whole body of the record name in the title and -- right let's just simply called five. -- made the statement that you know this is our fifth record where we're happy to be around still -- fences or. It's their direction or theme for the sophomores and a collection of random songs how did you go into the -- in that direction. Like -- -- studio. We didn't feel like there's lot of progression because some of the government or when it's on different so. Just more time and I think the main influences breast personally is he likely would Mac and -- up like frank ocean governors and having the produces record has changed the vibe in the direction and a good way when you guys mentioned at an old man you just magically -- -- Is that an influence for you because it stops you grew up on your parents listened to horse around the house. At least listen to her house I mean I think as well as we Arnold learned discoveries and our own we -- with and that's something that. We like it felt as they fill that void that we -- -- us as fans of music and we realized how much we love -- out -- and making. When you're trying to pick one song your like this defines the album this is my favorite one of this project canyon went down steps day. I think -- changes and a weekly. And I had different favorites for -- -- but right now this song called. What do I mean you that is getting a really great reaction line. It's an investment market. I'm I'm negative. I would say what I mean -- you on business and kept on saying that that's countless throwback soulful tune. Yeah idea on his uncle the world com which is critical reform and operates and so that cynical and now. That a lot of news on this and I think that's an article for the fans amount of people that in eighty. Had done in this disaster that it just doesn't pass to getting a real taste -- what's the common I think it's been really working. You were about misconceptions is that a big deal because you have that's a status up performance and then you have a status of celebrity and sometimes they clash as -- -- -- Other stars how do you maintain that. -- get a misconceptions. Is always going to be there are people thinking they know one thing that you and then really it's another. But no way we view it is that would total community speaking and you know we're in different chapter of our career -- I'm we've grown up a bit in a sense -- from a person and just happy to continue to be on this journey. Got some fans have to ask some questions. First up all right this is actually actually what's your question to Jonas Brothers what did you keep. Album. Of all time there are a back yard. I've stated you know on the diet and that's. Where does not everyone's heard yet are annoying that I am and I think this is my favorite on the that are put together aren't so that's the answer what is your question -- Sarah right. -- what's your question the Jonas Brothers just how you changed analyst at the person that's according at that time. But -- that was. Almost seven or eight years ago we recorded Eric probably eight years ago. How to change is a person I've grown up quite a bit her -- Physically seeing. And down. I think that the biggest changes just. Not show that a lot do you speak pretty intense and everything mattered quite a bit but not feel like. You know things work themselves out have fun doing it. And finally Emily your question Jonas Brothers -- what are -- enjoying most about being back and to act. We're joined most of the -- -- -- getting on stage playing music and seeing bands that we haven't seen in years. I think how they have grown and they've got their careers and and they're going to school that that's including college are. It is like giving him master it's kind of crazy. We just to get it back on the road again and and they realize how much you love it's we're gonna try to. It tore again hopefully. Fall or next year -- we're -- and go back -- want to stop. Or an answer wrap up final message for fans from each of -- We -- A lot of fun we're we're having a great time playing these shows and been news -- but with you know how did you push on every night is lunatic that he is up from -- in this still. So their support so Kamal hang out on show up its arms. Agree with that invest. I'll let the guys in their hours send all the things and thanks and keep requesting first time and thanks for listening thank you Jonas Brothers with kiss Nadia point five here.