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Jonas Brothers Perform First Time for Kiss 98.5

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Mon, 22 Jul 2013|

Jonas Brothers Perform First Time for Kiss 98.5


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He's done. I. It is. It is cold. Yeah. Are you looking letter. -- -- you can't just isn't right. Wow and so -- that isn't he did and isn't that what is seen it wanted to know how we gonna. And my I have been at least you don't really pleased -- -- Clearly want to until key. Guru. It's. Kids yeah. Yeah. Coming from. Yeah. You can lose you lose. And I'm okay. News. He. -- Not a moment. And. -- -- -- Smooth. You know about it. Yeah yeah. -- It saves me from Indiana. And days and yeah from love. Hey. It's. Okay. It's for a. OK okay. You know it's. And. It's. Yeah okay. Me yeah. I'm okay. And he. Laughter. Yeah he. News -- It. A oh yeah. Yeah. Whom -- this. End. Yeah. Okay. I -- -- yeah. Okay. It's. Okay. Yeah. It's. Okay. And on pets yeah. Okay. And well. All of the yeah. Yeah yeah. Wow.