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Little Mix interview on Kiss 98.5 Buffalo NY

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Thu, 6 Jun 2013|

Little Mix interview on Kiss 98.5 Buffalo NY


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- idea point five -- and that we are hanging out with most of little mix right now as to why we start with you guys introduce yourself in an anti. They I'm in the and you. And can we just shoot the -- because seriously right now so what your -- Obviously welcome to buffalo and congratulations on the success intimate little bit about how you guys together. Our basic eat we'll addition thanks into the chimney and then make up again -- -- green in the hands speeches and it just -- Italy. And when insurer. And -- -- It was their common sound a song that you guys really connected on -- I can't believe you like someone and I like them to. To implement this is -- thousand and it's in music. I urine both army RB uptight and Perry's old school. And that's kind of what album is about -- to the legal mix of everything. It measures that we've the same tastes like we see any arguments economies it's DW but things at. So we're talking comics but you're your music. Has instantly penetrated America and your fans because let me just tell you when we have been giving away tickets for people to -- Lumix. Freaking out they're going crazy you connected instantly how did you do that. And not be honest I think the an -- helped -- -- -- -- tonight -- initial illness that we ought to site and the on Elmer. -- you know silly at ink and -- American Consulate of the onion cheese than -- -- I incense and the McClatchy's. -- Steve -- -- -- each and that anything. What we brought about as well black is a big part of -- puts on many -- -- it is. We just are you going to rush strong message for our fans just -- -- -- for -- confidence issues. And I think that's what a lot of teenage Coast Guard for and -- boys -- helping -- again it let's talk about boys against just got to America last week. Difference between British boys in American boards. And work with -- in. I'm not -- it wouldn't written it. And -- many want an American team and company. And the American acts now -- -- let me get sick idea. Yet so when you talk about. Influences I would imagine that on top of the music and videos and everything you must have. Fashion companies and nail polish companies are never coming at you guys because imagine you're really influencing the fashion and share. Parents silly and other -- to say this is definitely just filing any of these -- you know it's a lovely night that islands in -- and down. Yes we've got a few Regis now in the eighteenth clothes and stuff -- I know isn't the end many steep hill ran like what we -- -- -- -- that -- you know we dig expense stock and it's amazing things and I've never dreamed of being sent Lybrand to my. As it's got to work. What about what you guys are ranked today's us all stuff you picked up since it came to the states or did you bring all this with -- -- it must go to maintenance finance Nikkei they pull us up but. So what it's it's absolutely hands down obviously your fans are silenced by. So from each of you can you message to your fans and -- you wanna tell them about here is it's like we're going into the summer of 2013 maybe. Just a message of motivation or inspiration. And are at sea based aegis and bring to some Mount -- be confident. Surround myself for president people workers they only Sarin a -- -- and that he harps and the total war. I would just say always -- though is that any one year in -- she breaks. -- just have -- -- -- and just be happy they leave -- could just back showed an amazing man he. So unexpected. What was the scariest -- Happy and -- -- guy. -- I attend every Sunday and hit them so. He even took it and he's scary -- If -- boom is on now -- could be different. With the full whenever I love it but they would at at his fatigued out with. Dallas county and no press any nine. Well. An increase in age me and -- image in 91. Through an X is it and it is inevitable and Spain. Like. It may. I'll tell you haven't here you are standing here but you still hold onto it so what did tell me which -- -- -- because there's always one. It has something to say no matter what and give you that piece of advice that had a connection up but they're always right. Tons of Barry and instead currents. And that's we'd love that -- and I even listening is not the right I think it's to be -- -- Tennessee and its weak at heart and I and let me tell you who don't. Meet assist she just -- strike at a needle in a 110 cents to say. And like she's very worrying about sister to sister tell you gotta do this battery life. Essence has gotten us -- demonstration I caught assignments and he's helped me get to where I am not outside of I've appreciated. What were you -- before all this happened. Well I was just in an up close and has not eighteen I was lacking and he acts like money in a night in us. -- And I iced it a little -- and -- and look at them. And I was add -- ran away. As a bombing to. And I just in my in her accolades and our Islam while keeping everything and then beat the and as we as we look at this year what is the one think visionaries say what the mind can see and believe it can achieve. So what are you guys gonna achieve what we hope -- It's in many things one about the if I aim is to send out much since Greg Oden. That's going on and despite a secret Comerica union vote would be that big out in the at at. You guys my comparisons to Spice Girls Pussycat Dolls. Okay it -- in the Disco band in the UK. And -- yes it's my and her neck. That night. If David Beckham comes along please include. At 8888. And that's something like is more soccer players football players. Mean it was the funniest person like you were surprised to see while they wanted to meet us. Who are reluctant how. As crazy. It -- you go partly Reidy media likes -- And cheek and a Q a means that the end keys to a civil case just yet take a picture of -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Replicates that attitude that every now locked up. And -- balance it. By the end. -- -- colleague and I can't she can't. They had in. The next. She with a hit an -- she just had that hip replaced in everything. I believe that violent guy he had that she's reading Utley -- green eco. So I think a little next. We do the show -- just -- -- I know we think it's -- summer out. But we wanna see you guys back in buffalo in December cool. So much split makes. I -- ninety point five.