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Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo - Kiss Cares for Kids Radiothon 2013

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Wed, 22 May 2013|

Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo - Kiss Cares for Kids Radiothon 2013


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Okay. Yeah. Kidnapped the boy back in morning Janet Snyder Nicholas Nicholas waking up on this rainy morning it is 612 -- that the -- can't think it's raining. And. And Mexico. It's been in this accident. So you you get this and its -- and trying to process. Something's happened that no one does not knowing that it's you know brain injury. You know again he's unconscious in shallow breathing and again we know it's serious. We don't know how house's. You call him a lot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just feel at home here the great play. They're great people working here I'm just very lucky to be living in buffalo and having such a great week. Especially for kids about it. Ten years ago my daughter was back on him cancer and I came here -- honor and he treated and today she's here. Together our Nichols were turning the big dollars we. Bring in some great equipment that can stay here. -- -- kids. You never expect to be here who would wanna be here but it's very likely that your child like they're gonna get to hospital and you want to make sure that you don't need to build and that's -- -- agreement -- -- -- -- -- that he can. Yeah it's. The history it's. One of them shoppers today. Time. You know honestly yeah. Haven't needed. -- out and yeah. And. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah. I didn't. -- thank you can -- thank you. Thank you thank. After years. As complicated. Anything that you from within. Or the people that -- there -- It. -- All went -- you don't and I Q so you don't want consumers and a heartfelt thank everybody wants yeah we remember each year it's about hope. Yeah yeah celebrate here polls there can happen. You can -- Here we have seen those miracles. Hospital and -- You have. If you look we've got to use what are you ready -- the don't know -- he hit it hit me. 131190. Where I was. Immediately.

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