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Kendrick Lamar on Kiss 98.5

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Mon, 15 Apr 2013|

Kendrick Lamar on Kiss 98.5


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With Kendrick Lamar it's just not eight point five are you doing an old man. Nice to catch up with you your your album is like set to hit a million in sales what does that number mean to you. I'm an arm the number and -- have finally get. A few people who listen in to listening Ernesto goal and approach -- Come from space of an independent artists known independent team. TE before we even got to -- you just -- -- people listen you know -- in us dollars being so to -- -- you know. Yes I'm a -- listening to my CD listening. To the whole world wrestling is there's a Palestinian. So people who who Kendrick Lamar Ayers was Qaeda out what what do you want people to know about you as an artist and I -- person. Accusing Lamar is -- using a cue from Compton. Roses to struggle. -- resilient. Just -- -- -- act of the and human being England to temptations and life Vietnam. And -- their two records you know solely list on Monday -- you know spur. Emotions you know because I'm on human and go to different things. So are -- acting. The -- can actually be down. The fact that -- can never accused -- person even being a slam you know all crossed the -- Lyrically I hear. I hear some sort of traditional. Bragging about stuff some fun stuff. I hear a lot of sexy singer and and then I hear a lot of kind of sensitive guy stopped and it it makes you think that maybe before you were. Doing this you were more of a poet would that be right. Is deadly and deadly Iran. -- I say homework assignments will be at the legal stories together and pushing together. And tells us one key is they did a -- great there in glass on the same day that Italian. And I remember a few times lashing eagle. -- that poetry assignment Raikkonen there. You know on game days on that is seen -- and -- we like -- bikini Lincoln let them crazy. He also his arm -- -- -- than in cue from got from now. You seemed to gravitate toward female soul singers whether it's a sample or your five. -- -- can you explain their connection. -- state deadline comes from being -- houseful won't play normally Exel and these in the -- marriage -- Nine you know. He'll demand John Eisenberg as a lot of soul film music so. As transpired when asked -- -- no -- in Atlanta elevens and patterns and managing him on these prominent. Let's talk a connection with -- what do you do today that you hear. You're gonna get -- -- Man let these dual -- try to believe he had had pain acting as has only been known. Non that she lived out this person for a long time trying to leave. Is saying seamless integration and he knows -- -- -- some time. I saw the video online of the moment when you hear Jay-Z two and a little -- in a -- back. And there and that smile on your face is just so natural. Do you like when when when an artist that -- -- -- grown up listening to all of a sudden is is respecting you make you feel. Manning is well the world accomplish keynote and known as you put in the latter work and to finally. Decent upper management for PW considered the -- -- he knows -- the vetted and know being competitive manipulation competing. Against. Witten and it unity and yet you on the court on -- feel you know they're spec sheet. You know and that's the best in the world that that I had their respect from Jay-Z you know let them happen a moderate. What's more important million dollars or respect. I think to respect and go under the sure and then you know the money just off the simple fact. You go anywhere with the respect period in Asante had a world respect the Emmys. Everything across the board is known as it is is a change you know we go on these different countries in. Thinking his love and his support and show you these places you know when he came out. I'm glad to read a different countries have you been to Paris hadn't been preaching the Eiffel Tower -- issues. Did you kind of laugh when you saw a vehicle to tell it as a big power EA in his in his blood vessel she'll have a better. I really want to but some poetic justice. Little Janet Jackson action that's on come about. I'm most homeless school DeVille did directly. You know that -- -- and they brought the idea to me and now a cinema soulful allow liking with a blank cassette and feel that I -- Just take advantage is to s.'s you know he's a -- -- -- like you say. But no disc plan and a woman you know -- muscle to -- what decade. And finally what do you wanna say to this maybe to France -- one fan that. Lives eats breathes Kendrick Lamar what he wants -- I'm right -- election. I use Monday you can't escape the you know. -- little expects muscle and that you can express themselves neutralize that and that's listen I'm speaking to them you know I'm using now. And as a vessel he notes -- at the same time between his music out right there which -- so appreciate you for listening. And what you wanna say to a -- who's just figuring out who you are. Keep this team isn't has allowed more so that -- ultimately the one thing we -- put that thing because the as a person I just don't embody. Once -- of one motion. I said is -- -- you feel so you can do at the end to relate across the board so and donate you have to listed as -- -- -- in in -- Analysts and again -- Can take -- markets -- point five.