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Hunter Hayes on Kiss 98.5

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Wed, 27 Mar 2013|

Hunter Hayes on Kiss 98.5


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kids study put buffalo welcomes the one and only hunter hey hey and thanks for the -- I've been talking about leather jacket you didn't Wear it today now are from the Grammy. Of the grammys. All of the the woman at Georgia and her partner and I was actually down -- Do you -- -- let it is I think and and it's -- -- thing apparently I. I'm I'm I'm OK am I am on here please symptoms like to make it better and tablets on I'm not I've been struggling with some some sort through issues lately which is always a real quick trip for me but it's always -- When it comes at its heart. Because obviously I medalist for everything is so it kind of like and it's a really really frustrating thing is all you wanna do is just. -- at -- and that's the one thing you can do it's it's it's it's it's hard it's hard it is physically -- It's kind of emotionally draining you know I mean. Fisher but not at all and consider -- talked at least. That is the rest and -- -- -- like Iraq. Asked the urgent listeners want to know what they can expect from. I'm well we're again we're we're gonna -- -- a little bit just because you know my doctors are angry -- -- purchasing all but. We're gonna do. We're gonna do some sovereign do all the things that that the people -- an all out. I'm gonna do that we're just at the goal -- it just -- sing along with us. And funds were taken all the all the sort of high energy moments from the show contacting them into this shorter version. And -- we're gonna have aren't as we came on at that Hayes thank his idea what I'm talking about when you did your album. It seems like there wasn't anything you didn't do on an album. There's things we didn't try but. We definitely would -- the flat demand -- -- the ligament and that's just -- -- -- process though. Don't run around answers -- go and so you can do you want that that that. That that definitely. Chance -- it and making the record. And that's I think that's how it ended up being what it is you know it's it it's. I was very lucky to have a label that was nice not to give me that freedom. Maybe it'll work on -- record elected with in with and a half but getting that player. -- very comfortable. As an artist you have so much depth as frustrated than people's that you're so young because you can -- and -- Now -- doesn't frustrate straighten it -- -- feel like. You know the the frustrating part was before at Asheville in a dreaming about it hoping for -- and never knowing you know not not an international started that. Process and and I feel like everything before that was training. And it and it -- -- -- that's the fun part it's like and I don't I don't like learning any less right now you know I don't ever will look it's a part where it's like I got it now. As I got this you know I mean I don't think that's ever happened which is comfortable. What's the coolest place to play in national because that plays just -- musical history. Some place there's. Now it's I think from me I've never done this as a songwriter. And it's been my dream actually as a summarized god. Bloomberg -- -- I've seen so many just historical. Like Ryder -- rounds with with. You know people that read all -- things. And that's been my agenda to play there just as a songwriter -- -- armed -- get up and Andy guessed a couple of times but it's pretty epic. At the Grammy Awards I have to admit I did complain on the radio because it didn't feel you got to play long enough that he started playing wanted. But I wanted a whole lot more than that didn't you want to keep playing I did actually who wouldn't who -- on the grammys I'd attack but at this at this. I can't you can't cannot complain about. Because I -- it was a very last minute thing that we we end up with with that slot that I get the play and they -- nice enough to say not -- election. You know when when that an opportunity didn't arise it was like no we want you to -- piano and do you do. Do it is that you know that that made one -- you know whatever at whatever they said and that it could not remember exactly that but basically. I had it -- -- just I would have never dreamed that my first appearance on the grammys would be playing my own song that I wrote. Like on my gear on my piano singing my song in my course for a single course an era that -- Which is a pretty big deal for how do you -- making it Grammy Awards how do you handle that -- when you're like -- hands go to the key act -- I think a lot honestly ethnic. At that point we were -- I was doing basically the arrangement of this on this show news show. One it is a very. Starts off very -- now we changed a little bit of it just because it's such a sing -- moment now that -- We've we've allowed. For more time to these are rushing it like but it to click track like every night it's same like. We literally opened the song up entirely you know but for like a couple of sections in and that at that allowed it to be comfortable seeing a lot which. Things that I missed from certain senate there's just. So -- fans with these things. I love you. I I thank you thank you for being patiently through all this craziness short term it will be constant attacks apple so much better than that -- it. Yeah note that you guys -- are some I mean I cannot thank you enough. And it's an island and I can come out and sing sing my around songs with which you guys at and there's. So. You run into Canada England to -- anonymous and there are a couple people apparently. Where pretending to be mile Seagram. And are still a couple I think Adam from here on and on some of the things that letter. The united -- it's fun at her. A girl. Now I had noble but you know obviously on on that children face -- -- -- looks -- this when she's wearing a lot because they're still girls in the dressing for the show. I'm honestly whatever. -- it makes it really hurt yourself coming to me that's really important like a government at their own look and there's one thing that goes for everybody in I -- I've on the big on the big fan of just saying this is what this is what I don't mean whatever it that that that's such a. Bad question for making clearly don't have any fashion. Sense whatsoever. I'm a watch guys don't do Garnett misses yeah I had a thank you thank you. It is one of my dream marches on the big clutch guy and and. I'd been -- at this watched several it's actually it's French technically. Yeah I have no idea technically and your sneakers are really cool thank you thank you these are the I call these the debut album red. It's like the specific read the regal for a when -- go for red. That they're just and it just love the wanted video to. It was fun it was fun to make it was a fun video you know that it it was funny because you don't cherish our -- is. Based on the chalkboard talk -- And -- and that's kind of where that that video came from senate candidate incorporates -- on who wrote the words on the piano. Someone with very good and -- totally better better and running in mind. So that the final they have to say is because we know all these people on. Be careful don't do it just to be restarted a little bit of trouble. Look up for Taylor Swift could I could totally see her running today EU and Selena Gomez we're not sure whether or not we want indicator yet. But if you do date her just you know maybe not make the -- and video. This went from. This went from one thing to another very quickly I don't understand what's going to happen like evidences our kids study put cited by net -- well. On the go warm up and try to get this thing -- And the neatest thing in and play Asia so I hunter Hayes I can't ninety point five.