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WWE Kane + Daniel Bryan with Janet + Nick Kiss98.5

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Mon, 11 Mar 2013|

WWE Stars Kane & Daniel Bryan with Janet & Nick Kiss98.5


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yet Schneider Nicholas Nicholas. In the studio now again and Ryan and McCain and the yeah yeah yeah. I don't idea -- nuclear arms again. -- Here -- your microphone yeah. This morning and even. Thinking yeah. These youth and apparently in the morning. And he's he's. Not an -- I think. -- Yeah. Pretty. -- Rock is going to be there is old school. I don't and I look at and your agent. On your. -- Who. -- Yeah. Well he's a decent standard exerts say you know he's home crowds are. Aggravated these days -- How -- -- yes you might know it now. You -- and now. Agency and tell you about -- -- and you can't hurt ya. Just never say never yeah yeah. A. Hey what's gonna happen tonight we continue to -- It's all for the WWE tonight -- article for bigger bigger viewing Monday night raw. Okay. It's. Well. And me. -- Oscar. Key goals. And critical. Demon and you. And I didn't let him. -- old comrade -- and wouldn't. I. And yeah. And yeah. Earlier more well. Well people. In operation and it. -- that the engine. It. It. Happens it's very tired. Pack. It's. -- diligently yeah. Equivalent of the parent that you -- and here again. That. And but I don't -- -- Google is. Talking. All that and then yeah. Yeah yeah well. Who. And a -- needs work. And it. Yeah. There's little. Look accurate and honest and. I was actually looking at a record over the water. We like we do -- and she got there and I. Yeah. -- -- yes I was already has. Also water. It actually is a lot of measures. The trees and 08. -- Law -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah -- you. And in human. As long ma am I'm -- it is -- -- -- the momentum. I'm really trying to be a national. There and had to -- and -- satisfy me and hundreds of them you're out yeah. The exit window -- other guys the okay yeah whose nearly 7 -- and -- -- worried or you're. Yeah yeah. And I was. That is -- business. Yeah I know Washington State who can come from Washington -- well. -- Attention. And -- didn't let me and my favorite episodes of cops are. From. -- that. He's lost. In the moment. You're rested. -- Yeah. And if you. -- In his. And -- and you are on -- -- -- -- He's asking is currently. And I'm applying. -- -- and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other kids in school. Guys think -- fans out. There about it. And I don't -- -- -- -- at least it. Quarters. -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah we're in the war. Where. Yeah. You -- role models -- -- yeah. That mean you. But think about when -- in the ring dudes are. -- what do you officers. You will agree. And Easter. So it's -- -- -- In reading your. -- and show. -- -- -- -- -- Didn't. Show and AT&T. And. I don't know. Well let's think it's it's out. It is ours. So. Makes it. What is the return of the rock you guys. It. Also and media. Who. Are. Intelligent. And Tuesday. I think it. Was a person. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I. I was staying on eighteen. -- -- -- about him. Yeah and -- Masks. She's yeah masks -- I that's actually where. There. Well they weren't man. What is important -- Job. On. -- It is you. Britain's -- an accurate. Answer. Whether it's. Right yeah. -- -- Yeah -- The cards. Yeah. -- -- -- has yet. You can who it is. -- who are going to be an -- All I. And I don't. -- -- obvious that we. Can play. And then he got the perfect person. And you. And -- -- Of all of. It's. Come off the. And it's but he ultimately. He can't win it all these yes. -- -- -- -- I would. You well. And and then yeah well look. Yeah. Anybody that. -- -- break him out and yeah. And obviously. This is definitely -- here. Have you thought of doing have you heard of Harlem -- you seen videos -- And they do on your point yeah I didn't even look like crazy yeah ring banana cops on the plane. Yeah. Always travel with a -- And yeah. OK -- The Harlem -- Knows. You and. -- -- Think and almost -- -- and on and the Eagles -- And implement and -- and an airplane guy and he couldn't. And on. We think. That he should that occur at any current. Make absolutely. -- -- And. The where. We bring you an answer out. Arson and the end of the Whitney hand on your aggression -- -- -- -- -- Back and I don't. WW. Eric here's an. Important. It is a great planes and dogs. Cotton candy currencies. Aren't they wouldn't do it on it and that they. And it -- yeah. And the. -- -- A -- -- -- it. Sure that's right and right now. Your dog fighter don't well OK but yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah. Yeah so we'll do it sounds that. -- -- Gruden. Yeah. And -- -- Well blocking. And he. You know them as equal and you know. Exuberant there. There. -- -- -- right so. It's. Pretty desperate. Who's who. Where. And -- -- currently your only. And good. -- now -- -- -- -- definitely not -- It's. Returning to gloat don't need to do you see it happened tonight. It's available on the shots and I guess that's good. They are these are. And or should act -- an opportunity to you. And the -- which are. -- It's. The UST. Yeah. -- Hundred. Adult and tonight to get an ambulance here for being open and you. -- in and it's. Jerry. Is all's well yeah. Years ago and it's going to be. OK yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --