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Kiss 98.5 interviews A$AP Rocky

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Mon, 11 Mar 2013|

Kiss 98.5 interviews A$AP Rocky


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's that he put fat -- tighter Nicholas Nicholas we are inside the Hyatt regency. As we are with the one and only a step rocky. They call me that pretty much the mother and. I'll go to buffalo eight banks to have an hour from New York where New York City you know and saying you guys and arsenal and righted the -- definitely. I got a second that I agree tell me what we're gonna see on stage tonight has buffalo has been waiting for the -- You'll see -- Serra in -- and some extraordinary legendary very rare things. That's what you see now where did you guys prepare for the two -- where it most of the rehearsal. In my mind. And inside of your mind how does the show starts. Is very pure and white in the eyes DGE. Absent. After that what happened. After that is at the party a mob boys who -- -- -- -- did not. Dump it on your bus that makes -- the best spots at. I got scented candles were McCain's close like a hundred dollars McCain not because as extensive book because the process that takes its. In the home I got video games and that he Indy and I got some good some. I play crashed into coup and I got that we -- merry -- -- Here and there there isn't a local man out -- see how my -- Pokemon no more I got that I got the cars that don't. I assume that the cars from that the whole graphic and collect and. I know touching about you musical where's your music gonna -- this year or next year because I can already tell you got a lot. New -- -- as -- wanna say I'm proud to be like one refers young -- is in my generation to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine. My appreciation on the scene and found as I wanna say that Wal-Mart music man you know I just wanted to get to places that -- has never have been. You know now and accordingly bush -- -- -- of the Jarvis of -- and everything and I appreciate musical what is where even when it's not in even when it's outside of hip out. That's why you got people like scorer Alex Morrison in a machine stuff like that. As when it's so people expect I expected when my music in the sport's legendary issue. When you when you talk about other genres it's a -- moved to pick up other music included in -- I don't Kim and I got a lot of accordance. Yeah. I will we talk about the candy and you -- -- kind of interest mean let's not yet not in the you know Dylan's candy bar you have an as they -- and I got gummy bears. As Jack -- racks I got legal blacks that would have you need I mean -- Indian Sox. A mechanical pop rock. Paparazzi is not really seriously I got a pot rats but I got king and he racks. Got pop rocks worry about I need my bed -- of Annika thing. I gotta tell you because yeah I have a good show and I think the big night because this is the first night of the two yen. First night what are you gonna do what I. Are we going to be thinking about the you're doing right where you want to. Probably won't be clown and Omar blessed with these guy has lasted about dumb stuff. You know this show and do whatever we don't stated. HM. A San Fergie said at twelve even by the U jiggy Barbara. I love that yes. I am delegates -- now tell me about fashion -- here's seriously in the fashion that cool. You gamble your own calling nine. Known now I don't I don't -- my own clothing and run them out of session designed and so amendment issues. Let the coaches. What what do you think is a huge pop rock. That is when you thank you. That is is generous gesture to be honest I love the -- you. That -- each yeah. And greater. Right do you want people to know if they don't know he -- rocky what do you want them to nobody because. I must say you music sometimes you can hear it and it just sounds like it's. Pretty down and dirty -- meaning you could hear at that point but there's messages in your music and you stay alive and there's a lot about what do you what do you want people to think. I want people to think what they want -- -- -- -- had a change of -- or anything in and his hit it opened a minor enlighten you. Wants is so world this whole another world out painfully young people who that in businesslike out cash in -- -- villages you know. You have parties open environment and you just like you do is one of economies -- -- -- -- part of the planet -- on this visit people like me. You know I think -- best way he sets that is you know as a slight or house that is all the people who thought that they launched -- an -- reality they would just unique can get the you know and I just stay put those kind of people think about it. I got gold cheek and -- -- here -- am -- going -- Pro Bowl you know and I'm saying what am I doing on color interview magazine. What are rappers do this no revenues don't do it. After like 'cause number one in -- collecting is just you know regular rap music and you know so most of them as you know at this noting don't step out -- elements of fashion stuff like that. That was where grown up where a -- from -- Skinny jeans and stuff there and -- at a constant that. I went -- with skinny -- you don't think about the jerk is you're a jerk and boys and stuff and think about high -- -- and you think -- -- you more than -- -- -- -- you know. That's that's just I really want to -- Only keep our -- while respecting with what I do and that respect. That's -- homeless I'm happy I really got no complaints say what you will from my music desolate and say listen to win and take what you will from being. You have work to a lot of people has got to be somebody you haven't worked with yet that you're like I got it decent and maybe like Madonna's. Fall and is David bully. He's very rare on Tom York radio and it. As a work which. With Keith Carty that was foreign. MG MT they're very jiggy are did you use that. And -- He's big he's bad you know sand. When you do what you said -- he's -- in announcing. Any ladies want a contiguous NG catching on me a set is out of a nonsense. Allegedly. -- am I now. Expect. Sneakers tell me about these various toast of the it's you better at Tulsa because these are bitter Obama wanting. Straight from -- as the Gregory B the -- Uses to greater corporate and clean. And this is the very -- -- the -- by eleven. Yeah. And this is the batteries do -- from the -- that's -- story here. Yeah I Yeltsin. And we are so. Cited that you gave us the chance to spend some time with you today and -- ninety point Agassi tonight first Niagara center he stepped rocky on his idea putback at the.