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boys like girls interview

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Fri, 14 Dec 2012|

boys like girls interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Number when he admitted they should -- study point five right now backstage cans attached sold out. And of course help it sell it out the fans come out that would work because. Back in full effect album drops tomorrow if -- crazy world it's always great to get time when this -- has announced ladies and gentlemen boys like girls. -- I don't I don't I don't the president throws and then just didn't turn out bad right. -- like we're like -- man I mean you've been here enough times and and skirt. You always got some crazy gear on like I always love you -- electric your team like that I can. Think they think. For Christmas how would -- do for Christmas Kwanzaa Kwanzaa. -- -- -- -- -- -- I can an enemy man I know you celebrate Christmas in -- general -- -- like -- I'm celebrating Christmas like. I mean you got the paper you know it's only one point one point eight million albums sold with which you -- me for Christmas should be the question what mile -- got to -- jacket. I can't eliminate it c'mon come it's true he needs somebody needs honest. You know. Feted at this -- door sedan not to talk now we talked and boys like girls backstage it's the best sold out on. Album drops tomorrow are you guys took a long time off a lot of guys -- transmission you guys now you're back. What can boys like girls fans expect from this Allen said about a man please pick it up smokers who worlds and source tomorrow. Super superstars I think it's you know it's a it's a great evolution of where the band is an appeals were unhappy about the record. Did you miss your fans -- tell you the kind of gone and what have you done in this whole timing get a chance to relax a little maybe. Maybe just -- of writing songs that plan didn't didn't really taking time off and we we and we wrote an album we threw it out misses the album that we they came next and more super happy about it -- can -- for it -- to bail. What's your favorite song and -- what do you think disconnect the fans are gonna gravitate to the quickest what do you think. My I think the answer I we were we did some stuff online and they have been gravitating towards song cult stuff from the middle and it's really good. My personal favorites probably like the party. But yeah I think it's a really good dynamic record here. Nice nice nice and not -- did you write a song for Megan lives on their album. -- couple sentences give with and we repent for me together and that's ostracize her response fund like light pop you know. Pretty similar house but they're great girls and we refer them to time and look when you come back with a new album of course you've -- -- it is that you really haven't taken on. That much time off was it really hard to get back in the swing of things that take a lot more along the time the -- the next -- -- just the -- -- you guys is challenging that flow report we we did we you know like we we growth is nominated did decline at a radio changed so much 2010 that was sort of felt like depression and adapt and it come with the right thing for us to do we -- -- the -- to contrive an accurate out so there's like this kind of hard you know feeling like. The expectations from your fans to do one certain thing in the in the expertise and evolution or radio where were like. How do we -- more than this format in on the main. That's ever ever changing and kind of guitars have been eliminated so what -- you -- -- to do to guitar players in advance so we kind of went against the -- and and and what we're supposed to do and sort of wrote this really organic album and we're proud that we'll see what happens -- that mean. We're really excited about it backstage hasn't been sold out one of the biggest reason why two boys like girls are back people came out. Crazy world drops the stores tomorrow. And you guys got to show up Friday in Rochus he'll be out there at the blue cross arena. And then now around the holidays I think you're doing like another radio show around new years eve right. Yet which in Hershey park and pennsylvanians nickel and very nice and then after that like I mean you gonna come right out in the new year trying to do some marshals. It would on anything on the looks at who we shall see which -- I didn't feel any collective buffalo you come back you see everybody it's like they picked up where you left out he sees it that fans are disloyal. And and it's sold out here are guys that feel. So again and we love we love playing the show -- -- announce our second -- plane and we would love in buffalo on the days you guys have been always incredible to us a kiss or suits don't do that can hang with you. Number local boys like girls are even having Greg made on doing good dude -- you -- None beloved and then get an area employees like girls hey Merry Christmas Merry Christmas to you yet -- -- Kwanzaa. Merry Christmas -- Christmas lazy gentlemen backstage kids at best sold out boys like girls. --