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Sean Kingston Interview

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Fri, 14 Dec 2012|

Sean Kingston Interview


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I'm good guy but -- -- not eight point five backstage it just as -- -- -- -- to this guy Sean Kingston US to -- in the building you don't lament. I'm blessed and I can't complain that is very. Happy vehement coldly. -- -- -- -- A guy who's like happy to be alive after that whole you know jet ski thing that changed the way you kind of look at life because from talking to you. I think it passed. And then the day I was never just a cocky you know arrogant have a person I was I was kind of leave bad but for -- at Dickey definitely. You know made me open my as a movie -- just you know I I appreciate the smaller things and you know. It's just it's it's definitely listen and you know it is to leave the home slowdown -- Okay as well. We talked about the lesser things let's talk but the victims was talked about this let's talk about which you work as an earlier about watches and jewelry let's say let's run down what your wearing tonight. Over the years that the tone it down. The stimulus money on Jerry memorial property. Smart with the money -- united -- that they had just like to buy a nice thing so once in awhile achievements so you probably have leaned like I'm home. I'm religious am -- so this is Jesus peace fourteen clerical. I starches piece of simple but I think it's you know it was a good it was definitely good. It's been you know I like it is that -- -- this. The album back to -- is that a spiritual title just about having fun time and a is actually about. Actually you know to become embankment to music that you don't do what I love to do an -- and from fans and just everything back to life so holding me. So get that nice rest in your voice needs to keep strong I was getting. -- it -- Ireland Saturday have you here -- mustache and the album do we have a date yet for women's. You know is you never know exactly until everything is -- you know until they have but right now we look at marched in that'd be single -- -- -- Sherlund to lose right now -- got a couple of more you know based on reasonable so you just -- in -- mean that is -- -- -- -- any -- that's almost as at the end of the -- for the support.