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Phillip Phillips Backstage Interview

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Tue, 11 Dec 2012|

Phillip Phillips Backstage Interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kisses dashed when he told -- backstage they'll they'll just got the stage awesome appreciate it and bring back those idol like moments at big crowd. Yeah I guess mean I'm always too nervous to think we'll move Wednesday and and all you have would now as you say yes he does -- those moments. Do you think there's butterflies ever gonna go ahead. I don't know probably not because it's always different communism it grew up. Idol was a huge price can be huge party elect forever I'd imagine what down. Is -- what you think it is. It's it's completely different or outlawed. But it's not -- the best there is something I'll love reliving and so that's I'm thankful for that due to go home often. No I don't really know well. -- nothing good to go home at Christmas that's the important -- Thanksgiving which you think sitting at and adding that two days and you know this is only that's in Turkey. This. So idol is a big step what's next. -- out of despair about -- forever. Well as a labored on the first album the real first won a lot of people say you know it's. Nothing not exactly what they want it to be the first time. But you tell you got him yourself but. But through it you know that I mean everything's me you know missiles and stuff so. Riding in the weeks and you know music. And you know it all represents me in some -- a row before -- -- on the road during you know at -- Q after so it's good -- of some very proud. Is a rapid fire -- questions. He had the following yet no. I can get some. I'm gonna try how hot deal like them really. -- -- -- -- -- It's. Shots can abilities that encounter and -- Qaeda and counties to makes -- we'll go to X -- let's see what's your son you claim a senate veteran. Told us to analyze the between there and it's your. I -- deal I mean always discuss consuming -- tool that I. -- -- -- wounds in the news. Tonight. AC DC's and all of the -- of the the world and he rap music gavel and imminent and that -- It will -- of this wouldn't that be awesome collaboration. Eminem -- thoughts I don't know what you deal. He's too too awesome for me I Connecticut right right did you like love the way you lie part for. Perform something to say it wouldn't be like domestic violence thing with you but maybe like. I don't know maybe year. Told them back from red -- that house on fire art board -- it was the last house on approximately. So rupees. It would be to all you ready the right here -- Autopsy but ultimately. They created and last question ever been the Niagara Falls don't want to you have to -- that is the -- And I are files filled those backstage kisses as -- well.