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Mahone Interview

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Mon, 10 Dec 2012|

Mahone Interview


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This 3.5 the number one hit music station sold out kisses bash backstage right now. A big reason why sold out. The man right here in town -- insane crazy scales just following is is everything about it 93 million as YouTube channel there's a reason he's got his own sound. Blown up real big we're talking to mr. Austin my home. Welcome about the -- You don't -- and -- it has -- feel to be impossible for straight. Lava flow and the -- -- -- -- the arm not yet but hey guys have really -- -- -- and wings are wings weren't enough wings hamburgers. -- -- -- The good meal like come on now bee line means for some -- you at her wings. Welcome to buffalo and you're ready to put up on stage you have to know obviously by you it's what are following by your FaceBook following by the likes to be clicked by YouTube -- You got to know a big part that is from buffalo like don't you feel that -- forks. Now. -- and it's hard to buffalo fans are concerned if you could say one thing to him right now because our Odyssey to someone -- -- that can't. Mean they really were excited for you to come -- now you're here. We wanted to tell you fans of buffalo right now. I would sale of the guys they so much -- -- little -- give me an -- duo performed against what I asked is aren't a lot of people want to meet askew do you get nervous when you go onstage I mean everybody's agreement for unit gets I experienced stuff but to get nervous when he underperformed front of them. Com not really -- pain get a little nervous like before -- go ominously more -- excitement. A little nervous but. Once -- staged all goes away and stuff and the -- to hit earth do interviews and me and him not. -- the united return aren't gonna come and I feel like I've known yet another letter that I felt perfectly fine. Nice site so when you Lehman when he leave nighttime because I -- ask Rio hotel list because obviously that's gonna be like a cluster you don't -- they'll be not the what do you leave it out tomorrow morning. Ladies. Tomorrow morning and what do -- -- eyeing another name on the right I show you another question you've come a long way what do you want to accomplish after this is all in 2013 -- -- in -- home. Mom you know my mom's gonna come out -- march or April or on the same time I'm going on tour with tennis -- so wanna kill that. And some degree yet it makes Agilent Stuart Taylor right if you like my first whoever and that's -- 101 yes it. Overlook important new album on I've seen its sales are going to be crazy. But before that any TV projects or anything like let's look -- movie maybe mom not right now I'm actually noticed focusing on music more than anything so. But I mean in feature -- on the comes up and I'd be more than happy to take -- you know Vietnam. -- point five.