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Cady Groves Not Afraid of You

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Tue, 5 Jun 2012|

Cady Groves Not Afraid of You


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Let's -- perspective. I didn't finish write my album and I'm a little girls. -- -- that little. Only download it from out of -- basically I actually come up my producers and impoundment. He ruined my life that he it means that I've and in fact and that he is Mary from them. And I am do you -- crazy though I -- -- -- off. And that's what this little girl of the mountain and -- -- also about that tonight raining soon and our coffee shop two days after you threw my life. I don't -- he's been -- not -- -- at another time. You know. I'm. Well I think the entire album about cutting his eyes toward. Even you re okay. I need a lot of help me yet. Anytime anyone ever sort of regular I haven't had someone coma for the funds Bergen Bergen easily. Pretty and that everyone right now and that this gauntlet not a radio confused afraid -- they mean when he saw me he ran out. Dominant but he didn't like what you guys read that you're -- Pain and a -- -- me. -- Don't fall back on them that I and I. It's like this isn't enough for him and watch MTV is -- the option to. Yeah yeah. And then we can do. It's. -- It's. The pain. -- Yeah. I and others that want -- yeah yeah. Yeah. I -- Our family I don't know yeah yeah. -- -- Know what we're not stopping it. -- again. It doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- home and and are excited for the sponsor right now. -- -- It was right by more than a dozen and I just.

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