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Sun, 3 Jun 2012|

Carly Rae Jepsen


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I sort of backstage with the one and only actually the number one selling cars in the country -- -- flowers and I can't physically saw each other dads and I innovations yeah tell me it's news. Oh my past I just last week in Atlanta went down extending his hand isn't high ranking and an executive at a dump. In that area and then the democratic engines -- meet him so he really got on time and then company's outstanding. -- feel Carly when you're like you look on iTunes and you look on the charts. The number -- news in the room. Seriously any. Indiana Indiana -- may lean and mean and they did you come to me it doesn't mean and -- I'm gonna get explains everyday. So I'm so senator Hutchison coming maybe tonight I can decide it honesty standing singing. But when you still because it is an hour -- easing is coming -- what do you do tonight. Not the kind of conscious thing down but tonight I think I'm -- -- began the day again isn't it isn't -- It's people here in Buffalo, New York they're obsessed what do they -- videos going in there they're ready to sing your song it's likely he will really. Everybody loves. Now I mean that now I'd say. What it's about sneezes and making music and bang it writing music and getting to the climate and the fact they. At this playing you know people though it and they getting involved putting on songs insists that. It's it's really three on the very very -- I'm a bigger picture. He believed in the music and you believe in yourself to filing your -- whether it's your deemed to be in music -- do something else make you feel that. You knew deep down inside what you wanted to do and it happened. I mean. I think and not just like in the fact that a minute but in my family and found that Palin is started. And you know maintains this -- sent -- from the beginning and that I need the 79 met when I worked out or not. I was gonna just a minute time in the bad things. And getting CNN tablet they can actually live -- pro Loudon and I think that. It's beyond my -- this thing. We're excited dearly have loved you can stay level I don't speculate in Oslo Norway have to hear and what happened just send my kid you thank. And that's a lot of that the hung in there. A lot and let. Hi I'm stage tonight what do you hope happens. A close eye on things it would mean I haven't -- Yeah. Have just taken -- -- things out and how did it just doing it just do like this and he would start sting and it. -- What did I didn't think this whole matter Bieber is watching you pick Selig would have you believe that I really. Hundreds of people watching you do this interview right now. Unconscious and not playing like Pakistan's embassy behind it and now I can't be Evans in the -- must now he day in impeaching. At the -- and I mean it's just the same equipment. The thing back and tell -- as well. Yet they're cute they're great yeah really had a really nice and I ninth and that possibly -- too great so you can't seriously thinking here's yeah. How did you have an honor -- -- you additional again we're standing here with the artist the number one song in the country in the world it's happening Jackson to study went back.

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