InterviewsDanny Briere with Janet and NickFormer Buffalo Sabres star Danny Briere talks to Janet and Nick after announcing his retirement yesterday.buffalo sabresphiladelphia flyersstanley cupcarolina hurricanehigh schoolnhldanny brierebuffalo new yorknhl gameshockey playerintherightdirectionI'mnotsayingthey'rethey'regonnawhereheStanleyCuprightawayairnextyearbutthey'redeafLeaharetrendingintherightdirection.Youknowwe'vegottolayitDanny Briere with Janet and Nickchanges. And I think there are they're going in the right direction I'm not saying they're they're gonna where he Stanley Cup right away air next year but they're deaf Leah are trending in the right direction. You know we've got to lay itFormer Buffalo Sabres star Danny Briere talks to Janet and Nick after announcing his retirement yesterday.InterviewsPete Wentz from Fallout BoyJanet & Nick talked to Pete Wentz from Fallout Boystanley cupwoody allenpete wentzamerican psychofallout boyamerican beautyplaying gamespecial shoutaudio qualityroseanneyou'refromChicago.HowcoolwasitthattheBlackhawksintheStanleyCuptheothernight.They'recoolIwas.AmongoftheBlackhawksandactually.FromtheheatiteatthereoryouknowPete Wentz from Fallout Boywith Pete Wentz bassist from follow up point. So as you're from Chicago. How cool was it that the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup the other night. They're cool I was. Among of the Blackhawks and actually. From the heat it eat there or you knowJanet & Nick talked to Pete Wentz from Fallout BoyInterviewsBuffalo Bills LB Preston BrownJanet & Nick Interviewed Buffalo Bills LB Preston Brownthoughtsonifwehadtobattlethebills'defensevstheStanleyCupchampionChicagoBlackhawkswhowhodoyouthinkthatwayand000.Aboutthebills'defenseversesWWeasebellatwinswhoBuffalo Bills LB Preston Brownof alternate battles Preston. And I just wanna get your thoughts on if we had to battle the bills' defense vs the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks who who do you think that way and 000. About the bills' defense verses WW ease bella twinsJanet & Nick Interviewed Buffalo Bills LB Preston BrownInterviewsBuffalo Sabres Head Coach Dan BylsmaJanet & Nick Interviewed Buffalo Sabres Head Coach Dan Bylsmabuffalo sabreshigh schoolnhlterry mcmillandan bylsmacup finalsgoal scoringben bishopken lewisla kingsworld.I'mgonnagiveyoutwoyearstogetustotheStanleyCupfinalsbecausewe'realittleimpatienthereinbuffalowehadaroughyearandnowifyoulikeAmerica.YetoneNews.That.PublicstillsaysIorthefirstgameoftheStanleyCupfinals.IthinkyoudeservesomethingIthinkthatyesIdohaveapredictionforwho'sgonnawin.IlikecampBuffalo Sabres Head Coach Dan Bylsmaworld. I'm gonna give you two years to get us to the Stanley Cup finals because we're a little impatient here in buffaloThat. Public still says I or the first game of the Stanley Cup finals. I think you deserve something I think that yesJanet & Nick Interviewed Buffalo Sabres Head Coach Dan BylsmaInterviewsBuffalo Sabres Head coach Ted NolanJanet & Nick talked to Buffalo Sabres Head coach Ted Nolanted nolanbuffalo sabreschicago blackhawksstanley cupbuffalo billsmichael vickfootball teamprofessional hockeymark greentyler myersteamthatstepsandtherearetryingtotogototheStanleyCupthisyearandI'llbigkeywordhomethatshewroteI'mreallyworkedforthepocket.It'ssourcesomewhereyoungessentiallyBuffalo Sabres Head coach Ted Nolanlesson produce where Portugal through an. It also goes to lose our team that steps and there are trying to to go to the Stanley Cup this year and I'll big key word home that she wrote I'm really worked for the pocket. It's source somewhere youngJanet & Nick talked to Buffalo Sabres Head coach Ted NolanInterviewsBuffalo Sabres Report With Zemgus GirgensonsJanet & Nick's Buffalo Sabres Report With Zemgus Girgensonsbuffalo sabresstanley cupnhlplaying hockeyicelandiran'stoplaybetter.Justimprovingevery.Iran'sgoalassoonwhenaStanleyCupinthethat'ssomethingthatreallymotivatesyouon.OnemajorthingisjustyouknowmakingthelovedonescrownedmissBuffalo Sabres Report With Zemgus Girgensonsgetting better what inspires you what motivates you to play better. Just improving every. Iran's goal as soon when a Stanley Cup in the that's something that really motivates you on. One major thing is just you know making the loved ones crownedJanet & Nick's Buffalo Sabres Report With Zemgus GirgensonsInterviewsKim Pegula InterviewJanet & Nick talked to the new owner of the Buffalo Bills Kim Pegula.buffalo billsminnesota vikingsbuffalo sabresstanley cupcollege footballhigh schoolnew jerseynhlpenn statewonder womanandweneednotonlywinbutweneedweneeditStanleyCupandweneedthatsuitabletostop--buffalonewYorkandweknowthat.Youguysaredoingthatforus.Kim Pegula Interviewbecause on Sunday. The Buffalo Bills applying the Minnesota Vikings and we need not only win but we need we need it Stanley Cup and we need that suitable to stop buffalo new York and we know that. You guys are doing that for us. Well we haveJanet & Nick talked to the new owner of the Buffalo Bills Kim Pegula.InterviewsBuffalo Sabres Head Coach Ted NolanJanet & Nick talked to Buffalo Sabres Head Coach Ted Nolanted nolanbuffalo sabresbrian giontastanley cupphil jacksonpublic schoolsedona arizonared wingsnhlmontreal canadiansyoucandoyouthink.WhatwasthecoolestpartoftheStanleyCupringIdon'tknowifI'veeverseenaStanleyCuprange.Playyouknowthisone'slookthey'reallkindsareactuallyjustalittleBalkaneconomies.It'swrittenbyPhilJackson.Buffalo Sabres Head Coach Ted Nolanteams and hopefully. With great you can do you think. What was the coolest part of the Stanley Cup ring I don't know if I've ever seen a Stanley Cup range. Play you know this one's look they're all kinds are actually just a little BalkanJanet & Nick talked to Buffalo Sabres Head Coach Ted NolanInterviewsLIL Jon InterviewNick interviewed LIL Jonstanley cuplil jonlittle johnnhlmix tapesrockwoodsouth carolinatomorrow nighthouse partiesfuel tankgainsaneveningyouknowthey'dlookoutI--RockwoodisStanleyCupcoupleyouknowandland--wrong.Hadanargumentdidn'timprove--carjusttookourcurrentcrazythingisreally.LIL Jon Interviewof love it. The leaks show me a lot of love and only goes gains an evening you know they'd look out I Rockwood is Stanley Cup couple you know and land wrong. Had an argument didn't improve car just took our current crazy thing is reallyNick interviewed LIL JonInterviewsBuffalo Sabre Patrick KaletaJanet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Sabre Patrick Kaletastanley cupbuffalo sabrepatrick kaletajustin bieberhockey fansbuffalo sabresodd questionpokerforeclosuresjerseyontheBlackhawkslogojusttryingtotakeapictureoftheStanleyCupwas--realmajormajorfaux--Yesthat.Thatthis--finger.Isuspectitwouldseemmurder.Organization.YouputBuffalo Sabre Patrick KaletaJustin Bieber was in the Blackhawks dressing room. And stood on the Blackhawks logo just trying to take a picture of the Stanley Cup was real major major faux Yes that. That this finger. I suspect it would seem murder. Organization. You put emblemJanet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Sabre Patrick Kaleta