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Exclusive Interview Nik Wallenda

Feb 12, 2014|

Janet & Nick's Exclusive Interview Nik Wallenda

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome to the -- the one and only the international superstar. Who is going to be and Darien lake it is yeah it will lend how you. Not important -- it c'mon. I'm only talking to you. So just let's. I am excited that I'm going to be back yeah outlet in New York region where an entire summer that's crazy you like to you that much time. I do you know what your book -- and there's no question and I absolutely -- recently -- They really sincerely embraced embraced. You know my -- into our laws. Throughout the entire permitting process -- -- and because of that type that -- maintain that I wanna come back in this region and give back to the area and you know Gary and -- we're still kind -- to give me an opportunity some I'm extremely excited will be. Ought to be performing apparently from and what circle it delivered this -- -- due mainly they're the ones that do doubtless. That's right yeah and atlas the right person I am here at a meeting. Yet it you know what you have to ask them tell you wanna -- -- to -- d'alene wood because Dolly -- keeps a Condo there that you can have a luncheon primetime just restoring trust me on this one. And you can have lunch inside like Dolly Parton is kind of in her clothes and everything -- in there. Well our pleasure meeting several very isn't she amazing. So what what do you do on -- high -- -- to be thought about what kind of an act to monitor and. Actually it actually -- minutes its down moments where you'll be able to actually come up close and personal under their arms or you'll be fifteen to twenty feet away from me. Others also an option. That the show is birdie with spark ignition while with the heat and -- which is. This kind of astounding that they were able and that happened and again it's an honor to be working there. But there's also an upgraded where you can actually come backstage. And -- -- for awhile and got out of got a lot on a wire argue if you wire electric. And and what -- couple photos together spent time together. One thing you need to know is that -- Summers I used to sing and dance and Darian lake and I got plenty of people that can vouch for me if you need another person in your act I'm willing to do high wire I think comic writer here. Does that sound like a variety act on her -- -- all right -- I got an idea I -- hoping to Morton's cups while on the a look at what's the time. Now -- I don't know I'm going to be holding those cuts but they're definitely you Alter your reporter nick Glenda and you know again just excited. Many many amazing opportunities books paper or if you shoot today or that and every day of the week except of Monday's. Yeah alongside my family were bringing them some -- -- -- Argentina had to perform and show which got an amazing blue partners we it is very cool. Of variety show and just excited to be back. In this area and finally be able to say I'm coming back to elaborate apology note that are -- -- that tiger all welcome to come back area the Western New York. And and finally I'm able here at the bottom up a relief. To be able to say I am coming back I'll be here all summer. Like a big announcement this morning obviously with the Darian lake deal do you know what part of the park you're going to be performing in has that been worked out. It has experience. Of the galaxy theater it's about 16100 people and -- -- -- be performing could be perfect venue because they healing tied it up to eat I eat it at one point in my like will be on what we call where people. Which will -- is the very top of that are that building. That theater. And these are polls Blackpool they go about it he liked the way back or we. Which holes and and at the end we kind of do it but put people back on the program. That's exciting is -- -- theater when you walk in the main entrance and then you see the fountain it's to the left. Well it is the it's actually how I hate roller coaster. And it it is all it's a lot of art but a backpack -- It's so exciting oh my gosh what are your kids are they getting involved with this caller I know that they're young but I. I've ever calls them. Yet yeah absolutely you know my daughter plays around a look at they all walked the wire they're all very good or not I don't let them perform up to it I want you. You know I I would very flat view should be performing at the YouTube. But also you -- get a bucket points leader in entertainment that's what you're gonna -- direct your life well. I wanted to get through college and get that out. I wouldn't have bet I'll write what my parents pushed me away in the industry and that quickly go to college note that goes into your Bible school and go on to be attrition. And and I had an opportunity -- -- and I never never quit after that and I don't regret that a bit. But I feel like because I was an entertainer because. From a young age it was it was kind of all that I do what I love and I. On the phone with of course international superstar nickel and I have to apologize because what I announced earlier on the show I was sure and you are gonna do. I tell you gonna do a high wire act from the white bird to the Superman roller coaster and technically has that not that's not gonna have a -- might want that. Be so much fun of sick. They kind of cool. Roller art when -- why it's the greatest roller coaster ride of your life. Expect that sooner or not they will spinning you're thinking I should be doing this and you might do it and beyond Darian lake what's your next big major worldwide event. Well I I just recently signed it. Governor Archie Moore -- of this Discovery Channel for the next few years. -- announced that the at this point we're very close to walking in the market for my next special extras we get to that and should be. Hopefully in the next few months -- the back. -- will be announcing -- TV special which will most likely be in the fourth quarter here and natural wonder or buildings can you answer that. What I'm hoping to -- buildings that bet that people on offense I don't -- wonder okay it's one of them will work and another natural wonder of the one balls. If you're in the Olympics the Winter Olympics have been so exciting and -- lot -- you know. Daring things happening at the Olympics what sport which you compete and. And that's a great question well. You know I it's funny out watching the these guys down -- ball -- -- and that he advocates who are just amazing. -- would -- you know. They look at what I am crazy and I look at what they do it -- they're great. You know and I think it is or what relative I was raised on a wire it to me that's very normal I agree perhaps others that like on the wire everything else just waiting. And and the prosperity being at eighty miles an hour when they -- for little or younger -- very formal demands -- You know I let the experts do the expert -- and they're great what they -- -- -- Good at what I view and blessed to be and I shoot and I would wire walking was the best I could be an absolute. He's still in the jeans. I like her another winter maybe the Summer Olympics and and so he's doing your signature nickel and a jeans and I I absolutely -- We love those I think you should -- those materially and you need to sell the posters of walking across the falls and seek an autograph them. Because ultimately will absolutely edit the planet to release the book last year called balance -- -- but very Niagara Falls and really my entire life and what have copies that they -- well tell -- you are not just people into orbit actually come back age. Again upgraded the right yeah what did you can -- borrow and come back -- afterwards to walk wireless. So I am so excited that you're doing this -- for famine the conflict a lot of people -- -- -- come into town in the summer because it's so beautifully that timing here. So much fun to bring them Darian lake and then they you know and have -- because -- experiences yeah I'm. We got that you have from that -- Niagara Falls now that you have some good time to think about it is there one particular memory. That you take away from an event. You know deliberately give the people to support of the people. You know western new York and an -- on the -- -- be in -- work and you know I feel like -- been adopted in that area. And that while the big memories that all they own. Our -- back. And again you know I'm here I'm at one -- -- read one coming back under what do you get hurt and you know work civil war or personal and commercial. And in that I was blown away and that's just meeting in here. Or 99 are -- path -- -- -- -- like -- -- aren't real per season like you let alone be you know nick -- go live in person but. Also if you purchased it I believe within the next three weeks you get a free re syllable mark three drinks all summer long to bring mud back. It's a pretty hard. Which is are they are and I'm in I'm not kidding you I mean there -- work as a pregnant like. How can you not. Thank you and we did you -- and free parking. Was it for I believe that it would be in the next few weeks that is about. Or report re read or. That's just your opinion of public and his ability to do that respects. You know I saw this. My final question than they had to jump. I saw a figure skater tweeting about the affect their coach walked by iron grabbed a case -- out of hand. Just like I guess hash -- he's telling me something like she's eating too much of the Olympics is doing what you do is you don't wait a big component to what you did you have to be careful about. What kind of shape you stand. IQ and it might like that you're with Expedia might look. But I you know to be honest with you I -- -- And not a bad thing Anaheim -- and I and I have -- on just anyone else who I again loving V it has its talent bank -- but it is important. More good morning. Like physical appearance that the former got to be careful of how I look but are. But you know -- -- bigger -- and that they. It. Dead as a top of the -- We're gonna have to go with a bigger wire the eldest children and yeah. Welcome back to buffalo what an exciting announcement -- -- -- -- hang out with -- Darian -- going to be out. There Carolina like that happy Valentine's Day on Friday to Saudi family much Hank McKinnell. The one and only nick Glenda.

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