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Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone

Oct 24, 2013|

Janet & Nick talked to Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug -- and good morning. Good morning and -- -- I had so much fun talking about you in the hot tub with -- I know why you know you try to tell the truth I'm people's imaginations and starts to fly. It just isn't just trying to figure when you get -- hot tub when you have time to do that. Now while you like them are some little injury here you know that's so many injuries on his team and how's this affected the coaches to -- really that's so I'm again I gotta I gotta jump in for a little rehabilitation myself. Well it's not just lounging at times it's not just and nice fun place to be. 100 time looking at rehabilitation. Similar elites to nominate us and it it you know coast in -- manner. Celtics could pull on YouTube you know the coach you know that's -- the pretty dangerous place and all that walking around -- both players flying around. I -- I know you don't trouble looking for me to feel at all sorry for you could not gonna happen. Not at all -- trying to get a little typically try to get open up the first question for you this is a serious when being a Bronx boy Louis -- every question here is at all serious questions would you got a million attorneys for pizza if I'm going to the Bronx this weekend. It's good you know throughout the -- grown up we can go to frank pizzeria on a Friday. -- on Friday. We just -- you can never figure out -- implant was. Every Friday -- you know from when I was like. One -- can you remember when I drizzle every Friday we had pizza. Every Friday night we went to frank -- -- Ernie who's -- was good but. They're more of like that -- dictate the thin -- -- and well done Pete asks. I'm more that they do we have a lot of cheap I am so now blow on one -- don't like that. -- look at our fair enough. If -- a head coach of an NFL team would you be a country music superstar. That I would I would yeah I would love to be that -- that that's never gonna happen -- shall. Yeah I'm positive you know you know my voice in exchange so much over the years I'd like to -- when I was younger I can do because they did some. Some you know acting you know we ice scores -- -- club stuff but you know. You know sort always says -- had to be handing a super sterner than what was wanna be and I honestly gosh you'd you'd wanna be Iraq or any type music. You sure we can auto tune your voice make you sound really good anything's possible. I think you do. If you guys really think you can do it I know we pay our -- now. A Google don't get me wrong number or two ago that -- and wanna come on Tory through and -- the actions or thoughts into Google dot dial but it. -- club and a little bit I. Think you know we -- stadium venues. Going to be sick I can't wait a lottery are crazy so heartland yesterday I saw the Sean Payton press conference and he talked about you and your relationship. I'm feeling good to you were the offensive coordinator so you know their secrets right. It's any secret because it's on tape you know obviously I was there for the foundation of written. You know you just know you know how they plan and how their preparation is which is obviously outstanding. -- not a quarterback prepares for games how he's looking at things so it's -- Here you know all that we have a great appreciation for it and you know still at the end of the -- you have to go out there are so damn really perform and that's what we gotta get this -- to do what. Impacted -- himself make an impact on you -- your career and your style. Really quite a bit. You know when you when you really going look at it because it was the first you know time a I had experience of of working with management -- -- -- -- You know an NFL organizations. And you know obviously Sean and I we had a professional relationship but we also had a very close friendships so. For me I was able to see a lot of things we've talked about some things that really would help me down the road a man. You don't want decisions had to be made you know do you believe in the wallet to go to Syracuse or. You know you war. You know with some job opportunities in the NFL you know what what you say can he rely on your friends and people have gone through unprofor and don't fortunate to rely national Mickey -- were. Quite a bit of that. When you went it was right after Katrina Heidi it tell your family hey. I know it looks bad but we're gonna go there and it's a great opportunity. I think -- -- it like that you know and and I had been down there before. What people remember obviously I was down an 89 player but what would go the other thing was I ever had recruited editor for about fifteen years. So I have a lot of friends. In that area high school coaches. So you know one of opportunities were coming up you know when I was within the jets at the time. You might call some of those high school coaches say what's going on down there would have liked. -- -- -- so I had a really good feeling going down and they wanted to ensure Marshall of talking about it and I met -- moments and obviously you know mr. Benson. You know it was a great opportunity to start fresh start mentally and and really have great challenges and I've always been about you know those challenges and wife I'd rather. Are they going to agree challenging give it to best strike hand and and and get things going in the right direction. And I kind of feel the same way here in on buffalo. So when a bills fan is going to New Orleans how many people could you get into commander's palace like let's say this weekend. Are you I'm not a big commander's palace Kyra -- more like it's kind of like. You know -- the move the bar restaurant shall Machida I -- the united guy playing his horse show which sold so called you know. You know maybe the law and rip gene. Or else I don't know -- -- Arizona State legislator restless. Like I don't want I go to Red Robin Miller -- still wants to -- -- you. David but there's. Like that. -- think I'm like like everyone else the can go to commander's palace. I don't know -- I think I think really good caution to the other side you're gonna be a rock star you need to go to commander's palace all you need to -- to like -- -- like that you know. Fair enough. What are we gonna be watching on Sunday from what can you tell us about this particular version. With all the injuries this particular version of bills' roster. I think we've put together a lot there compete and you know to win a game you know I think you have to see guys that are hungry. That you got to -- pianist playing better better on the road. And we just got to make plays really to get ourselves over the top but. You know you're gonna see you the -- throughout really played for each other and that's that's the one -- once they are very proud of what this team. Kinda like the saints are coming off a bye week. Yeah I'm glad you liked that. It's kind of what what do you say -- -- for me in this we got to work to change the way this schedule you know in the offseason I mean. A plane teams that are coming off you know. To buy -- weeks you know its that I mean I'm Miami come off the Bible in division of the opponent and played launch. They're coming off -- -- they get their guys healthy. In on you played the jets twice they have they have extra days to get ready. I mean it's become so want to -- that really think honestly when people say you know everyone actually -- you think about plan on Thursday night what do you think the plan on short week. I really think that number one thing that helps your football team is that of the chance to really plan more practice more would -- football team journalists he's in the stability rats -- -- And that's one of the biggest things I think we've been challenged with that we're our schedule but -- in noted what that is anybody's got to go out play. That's why you put signs out there right sciences. We don't confuse afterward results yet complain yeah ultimately the only -- -- All most important to take it on the profession no one ever really -- -- no one. Just hard for them. You know it's what people say well you know coach you get these vendors you get that like -- I get it but -- -- really -- about opponent doesn't care about where we're no. Definitely not now is each traveling with the team do you want him traveling so that he's staying in the rhythm of things do you do that. Absolutely. Absolutely we do that would a lot of players they have the ability to really get out of the way on the sideline give meaning you know -- Had it for them of being on the sidelines. We do the best job we can keep them involved and keep -- comments so this way when they do. You know recover from that injury you know they're ready to go right away it doesn't take that time that transition time worked them back here. Congratulations Mario Williams AFC defensive player of the week -- cynic. They -- done on every time with him and I don't believe you have worked with them every day -- -- for yeah. Says. -- yeah. -- big great yeah. You know it's one of those things they've put -- you know players play well you know we as coaches -- -- -- and I do -- to Alabama -- a -- as well I'll always like -- Thank you believe that guy -- he don't -- that. Play with the Williams Brothers on Sunday against Miami where look like how was trying to pick up the ball it was like. And they'll go we'll just rest -- right here how could that have gone had he picked it up. All he picked it copied it he can go now he's -- the better you know. Actually our football team but I thought you know what one peep when you really think about that play with a great job and real better move so in other words. When he goes AM to pick it up. You know he picks up people who put up ago. Then when he realized he couldn't get controllable early. He made sure he got possession of the ball that was a great better move by him. Right so. It's Thursday what are you gonna do today at work. Get this team better -- -- I make sure you're under eight game because we're always came every day. It that that's where you guys should be guys should be like your artery game -- like it. Always always on any game I -- nature and we go to New Orleans -- I know Drew Brees Brees is a good quarterback and I like his poker face and everything. I think the bills can get this done. I do. So why leave. So I love the enthusiasm subtle right now now are you guys when he got to leave it like today and. And until we get jobs we haven't really show -- -- and real. To me we have real jobs where you actually have to show up at work and when we're done their jobs then we get on the plane. And then got an excellent a lot of media I don't know how that thing works you know you're looking for someplace warm completely got to go out -- I think there's a lot of hidden story lines. Tougher we're gonna -- -- a story like no weak event in New Orleans and we know what happens there and as a show we feel to our best interest only give ourselves two days there. Janet what do you mean you know Guzman were -- what -- -- comment -- -- -- nice town. Wanted to you know expand on that comment on the problem -- this is what you another -- -- I think who has grown man even more to Europe -- participate in -- in like that you've been down Madden are both sides. Oh yeah yeah and LB it is what it is I heard. -- her years celebrate the majority is under the collar and let a little bit. Around the question we of football topics. Well. -- each and Fred didn't practice yesterday CJ in practice they did not practice yesterday -- -- -- practice today it would you do with them on. Heck you know what we're looking throughout the day you know we -- treatment throughout the day if you will or argue we're gonna have to make good decisions so we really do and and I give a lot of credit to. -- all of our players that that are banged up a little bit you know they wanna give back and they wanna be on the -- you know and and that's. That's a great thing that's going on you know with our players that's that's what you wanna hear one year cloture your fan you're someone that's really connected to this program. And it's really tough decision because you look at that. OK be the the rest as players so that when he does come back -- He's at a higher percentage you know it's very difficult -- he's gonna get back to 100%. On so but you have to be in it it's a tough thing because you're saying -- I wanted to win this game don't want our best players out there. But if we keep put these guys out there that are little banged up do they ever get better that that's the million dollar question so. You know this thing dated days and at the end of the week you don't have to make a decision on what's best war. In all football team on Sunday and what's best for football team move forward. Look at CJ was like no I know I'm good at jumping right now -- coach yet. -- how they didn't want to sit out and I love an attitude that's good. Apps absolutely I mean that's what you want men you know -- and -- decision goes back to it to me and I have to make a good decision for this game and then you got to talk about the only want to. In the rest of or I should rest dominant. You know that's what makes it. Good talk show stuff. Yeah it does make it does her own head coach of the Buffalo Bills what are you wanna say to the fans as we head to Norman's. Hey I love the fans you know keep -- -- I mean their big part of what we're doing you know where where what we're playing hard for them. You know on -- don't ever mistake that we wanted to be a team that. You know represented this region. You know just -- hard work and blue collar type the demon and I can't tell you how much I appreciate their support. Let me down on Sunday. I don't know I know it ain't gonna make it is that the game is now saying I want to necessarily -- -- earlier argue that it. Could start -- -- -- from Berman OK okay. That's okay that's -- it's still effort that's all accounts -- I liked it and they don't confuse that who would result. It's complete. And Doug morrow and Buffalo Bills attach great topic -- take care great Janet thank you --