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Selena Gomez interview

Oct 10, 2013|

Janet & Nick interviewed Selena Gomez

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    only that I look period. You learned the most from on the Buffalo Bills . Created C date and I'm always relate to them and they always get through mutual become more confident. In Olympic coach kind
    all the music for you booby. I recruit movie Dixon of the Buffalo Bills -- just ninety plain fact go down I.
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    what you do to what's it like to. It's hard corner and coolness factor yeah. Well that's good a job I I always kind of -- I'd argue and I do anybody. I mean obviously there's some -- things about being president as he walked home. Also I think seem like a rock star doctor parent would be really -- and someone is gonna do a lot of breakthroughs -- the protests. Definitely -- -- it's our entertainment goes I don't think there's anything. I guess we need to ask have you ever had sort of a regular job have you done landscaping retailer kind of stuff. Well funny that you mention meant giving up my daddy aren't a lot of retirement homes so you can imagine had a lot of land and so. Thirty people to land you can use step never did so
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