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Buffalo Bills Kicker Dan Carpenter

Sep 23, 2013|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills Kicker Dan Carpenter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome to the show from the Buffalo Bills fresh off the plane Dan Carpenter of the Buffalo Bills to mourn and for more. I don't. Good horrors. Would have been a little brighter. Bring it went -- last time. Or Ireland. It was the news and world war. He had really in play I was so excited when the bills tight end up 220 it was like yes there is hope we can do this. But it does seem like a tough game in New York you the good game though and it as a football player is hard. To look at the game that you played and be happy when you didn't come out with a W. Yes you know obviously don't want to do. Anything and everything act and to approaching where. You know -- and the fact of the matter is. That -- having a really good game that. Usually means that Siemens. Is. You know. Struggle and maybe according Congo slow. You know your year come away were three point a lot of times and so. All. You know obviously it's. -- -- a much to do anything experiences to help the team win and you know I'll -- not satisfied just because I did a good job last because. Well obviously we're leading to the W. I don't know by you but every time you go out on the field I have butterflies do you do to. In -- It's always a little their wrecked it on a lot of chemistry than I've never been nervous but it. You know it. It's Obama learned -- view it and my my wife sports and -- for sure Warner. Or. I don't feel so. You know it just something you we view. You know -- and you practice somewhat -- to -- out there exists. Just you and do what you've done thousands. Practice. For a field goals yesterday for Dan Carpenter Victor of the Buffalo Bills difference maker of the game. That game you bid in the last month you -- in Arizona New York now buffalo are these aren't used to area. But at the you know it is true and I you know -- Obviously from emerging from Montana. And then split in Miami so you know I'm never really an old are superior and you know you'd think of -- work. As. You know cities and then you know bottlers. Like. I really. Enjoy the cool weather. And it's nice to wake up and you know hubris in the morning. That brings you back because there's Campbell also. On the law I'm good. I like this no I don't mind it. So really. -- -- so excited eight years old you're making me so happy right now all these wonder. And yet. Senior British there -- -- at your little. Little bit and yet often late. -- did the cool things about your breath to you'll see it'll freeze notable drop on your feet -- it's local and I'm glad they should feel good because you're in the right place. Welcome. Home to buffalo. And I -- you grew up in Montana I but you're born in Omaha. Yeah. We my family moved Q. Want I don't know what you -- the I usually commit to leave that part out remembered that much that's. When yeah growing up in Montana what do because it's so beautiful. It's spectacular. Yet birds recognize there are Groupon. On the mound side of the story although the western side and I am now my wife's actually from the other side. There are more of Julian. Former ranch kind of area so all -- -- bootable every time we go back. It. I'll listen we're really proud of you for what you did. We've got some incredible prizes for -- -- -- get a gift card from -- chance who invites you to take -- at the Ralph -- stands dot com for all of the details. Also we're gonna capture one of the moments from yesterday's game when you were kicking one of the field goals are friends from steel crazy iron -- trophies. I'm going to create a trophy just for you it's going to be your kick. It is trophies worth winning and worth giving steel crazy iron aren't that come and of course independent health keeping your community well informed. So when we come back home this weekend must be nice to know that you're going to be home for the Baltimore Ravens. Yeah fatal obviously. Ordered. We're watching -- today and then get everything corrected them and then and then I'll move on to Baltimore and you know I was obviously. Very worthy opponents. Russian ultra Pletcher so well today that have been doing so aren't so you know it'll be it would be good game. Can you teach me just a few things about being a kicker they always talk about the quarterback trying to send the ball for the kicker how important is that. It you know actually. I don't know on the shorter field goal that it might be more necessary than a longer one. Actually -- rather. Yeah -- never really get that many ball and up in the middle of the field so you get one minute game Piccard actually a little -- Because so much of the game played outside the actions that -- not you know the ball never ends up in the middle future for Google also. I'm on a shorter one it does so brilliant on just keep an already in the middle the field are CR that you'll bringing extreme angle you know the further get out. It's it's almost more more natural port -- on the. How many did how many steps do you do before you kick the ball. These three back into over. Three back and two over and never changed ends at the Ralph for you -- you get used to -- you know notebooks that's -- there. -- you know what played here if you counsel for now a question here. It's. It's been. Interesting. You know it. I feel like. It definitely has dominant direction. And what you're kind of stays with but I feel like -- time but it. He gets a little -- people. It's one of those things where. It's so that I can't control. You know. Always says this control you can control them or you're just gonna have to -- duress so. Other snow honorable partner raining or whatever it is you kind of have to deal then there's -- that there. And how did you become a kicker. I don't know I don't know -- a lot of soccer -- hero grown up friends. -- -- -- somebody told me at some point about pro would be good kicking a football and they give it world premiere in it's -- it's been -- have been doing it ever sense. That's amazing test and test policy and good luck this weekend is great getting to know you sorry about the game yesterday but you're fun to watch. Confident when you -- a lot on the field like finally I did happen. And tell them -- as very much and am very much. Our analysts and have a great rest of the season and now welcome to buffalo I can't wait till it gets really cold. I can't wait to talk -- and you get what is there isn't there. Yeah I just -- -- of economic you can veterans. How -- -- -- I can't wait at time when you take a big deep breath of air and your lungs freeze for the I can't -- inexperience at the nice to talk to investigate you know you are your parent our our independent health difference maker -- the game and game ball whether it's Dan Carpenter.

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