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Buffalo Bills Wr Stevie Johnson

Sep 16, 2013|

Janet & Nick talked to Stevie Johnson after the big win at home over the Carolina Panthers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we say Google name it to the one and only Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills -- day. More and you what are -- are you so -- -- happy today. Did everybody everybody's came here Baylor but all of the -- so you have to they get Rivera you have vessel were you doing moment. Fiction work hard but -- thought through losses worked harder network but we do this week. If you're your particular service. Everybody has studied the privacy of crap you we are -- you can study contract -- congratulations -- but again. Thank you appreciated I believe that we got to go to. But the McCain was not appreciate both. -- -- moments when you dropped your knee on the field what was going through your head what -- you saying. Oh wolf you don't want to go to first there's so root for the despair but. You know I got you know officers in a moment -- -- you know with a three years now and I -- it you know sources despairing I'm. You know thanks for the opportunity for you to forget about it. You know it was so funny though when you look at -- -- you're so open was missed coverage on their part of what happened there coming. I mean I mean you know you can either way or go to kick like I gotta say it because yeah I love that. The -- whether they have ended the day -- -- really wouldn't be refuted that apartment. The -- over me was all the vote. You know -- -- assault figure OK we'll. Look they're gonna -- either hope we're gonna be be open underneath -- regular tight fight broke but I -- the guy outside do. Did you get. You can measure of how wide open. So so you and is usually a good laugh out here. I sing a wide open as usual Stevie and you're sitting there applause coming your way I talk to yourself how you hold your breath what's going to ahead. There's no real out up hard fought about a million -- -- has split second no -- -- out all about. Above all why a liar why the ball from here big if you caught the route out. A bigger how much so there in the field where voted mr. -- speak about. His bird and -- altered. My fantasy owners -- to -- Edward -- Outnumbered the work this crazy your brain too big debt many things all of -- here it is. It's is that while there while in a specimen when you have this thing this bit of Kirkuk. You know love and get back our situation is like. You know you were you release -- movies good to see are still high your -- your mind who worked in you know where that they're good type of person. So you score the touchdown. Everybody piles on I have to admit I was thinking yeah. Yeah. That is that is so that we haven't he wouldn't according to court declared. Pop up so me you know this program came to tackle me so it it -- -- but most of us take up. Did you Barbara grew -- Around his sandwich. Did carpenter did you say anything to him when he has to kick the extra point because he can't screw up neither. May have value to say out I thought times I would Bloomberg. You know put is well you are OK you do have to -- this -- -- understated the -- already in the crowd about regardless. Good. They're taking you up to the rock outfit on and I'll say hey if -- for her her do. It's it's really exciting now how much time yet to celebrate the police are thinking about the jets on Sunday. So we we already got to differ from our we feel like other. Couple hours to watch this this -- the platform of the of the game and then you know we're we're we're kind of -- -- on the the year earlier just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That it mattered in the past with other thing is is the old regime imposed their first where it -- before. And -- moron of course tears of joy and tears of sadness that it is different from Syracuse yesterday here. It is -- the very fortunate. You know that the -- a solid portfolio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you're pretty imposing guy is all about twelve million Mario -- -- trial. But what does -- -- you do it Gerson good choice did the -- to do that correct I was waiting for the Gatorade plunged. I was ready -- the. No I was caught it I was caught up in the moment we get America I can't -- lie and act like it was it was not about it a huge win and if so great. Humbled by those caught them all when he moved so it will be more wired either be able to think about the theory Baffert coached better they have a couple of. Tell me about what happened in the locker room after the game who -- became. Third -- -- -- -- we went so what's who broke a world and then and then we have ever -- don't want to have you know coach. Or his first win. They're -- of your mental and you know that's there's rumors that for much of the regular season it was awful thing doesn't work. And you know it was it was you know I gave -- well -- everybody from because of spirits duke players. Now I sought EJ -- his dad after the game was his birthday and that was an emotional moment and all the bills fans loved. I used to get your family now posted his -- your daughter at the game. I have never seen a little girl where two to quite like your daughter does -- City like -- TV more I pitch pretty Britney show. Yes there are related to reversal of the -- they are between Myanmar I have an Armani great. They they love it -- they came back and houses and it was figured. The boot the cellphones. Of all night. This is who who Bob -- they love the Buffalo Bills also and -- was not aware of the others. Stadium Tuesday night -- you down a canal side all dressed up is that here every day just hanging out a -- because you seem to be like that's being dressed up. Not or did against the country. You don't go out. Yeah you always like they got to go but but I was I was I was soon -- commercials -- for Nortel auto. Yes we would loses thank you we've bears is that we're we're going -- album knowledge -- -- -- -- And I'm so we went there and you know we shot the video -- not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No formal -- thing goes wrong. Well I'll tell you look good Massoud and that that lady with a black hat and lead to a beautiful beautiful ripped out there today hey watch it. -- -- -- so I'm looking Men's Health Magazine and it -- fittest man I was ready to see Stevie Johnson and there. When he you need to be more magazines Stevie. -- Yet there wouldn't be or -- living by got a bit more -- you know that flat. -- champion of -- -- most we're so lucky he didn't know that's already art I was so let's. -- -- -- We -- gonna have orient you forget that listen to me I I've been studying the Halloween -- there's more stuff and Halloween orient than there is in the normal Loria. And then of course it's. Anytime anyplace I challenge you for that when are you gonna do a Buffalo Bills shout songs rant that I can think -- ninety point five. -- our development your car get over it makes it get old enough because -- like to -- I'm going to be -- -- doing so you know in the. Yeah okay definitely I get older marker a marker in order to make you you know so why -- so so you would get over. What can we say other than thank you for giving us that -- sigh of relief when you make that catch yesterday was fantastic. I'm starting on all levels and get the kids not eight point five game well we've got some of the good prices for receiving. Yeah -- check this -- we got this cool trophy that's gonna come your way -- still crazy iron aren't. As like that touchdown one. That touchdown. Catch is going to be in your hands the image of their viewers very cool trophy. The player of the game right to -- independent -- keep our community well informed. To surprise you by reads Jensen fight even taken me to Ralph -- -- dot com for details are gonna get it. Her pretense as well of course brought to my instantly -- -- -- trophies were winning and gifts worth giving stupid crazy I'm an -- dot com. On our FaceBook page so many people at such great things to say about amazing comeback team always gives us a reason to stay true believers. Believers keep coming great -- can't wait to watch next week. From bills mafia -- game SJ thirteen keep up the good work playoffs fourteen games away. And one more from -- don't -- -- common and don't have to what you're doing stay on top of your game Stevie Johnson and then they're calling Expedia and now Stevie. You're Steenland. Yeah I -- they've turned it into speedy Landis. And that's okay with you we're -- on ten games leading man. Weird that I'm very proud of our in the third period you guys. About birth of my oracle was meant -- -- down you know we got more to go and I'm very -- -- you know we don't -- All of us have a great day of work person. He's just some of the Buffalo Bills on kiss 98 point.

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