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Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone

Aug 15, 2013|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We well to show for the first time ever buffalo bills' head coach Doug -- and good morning and -- -- how are you. Article or column started you know congratulations first on on all the changes and how you've been able to do. Everything you've done in such a short period of time how you feeling today for the Buffalo Bills. I feel great I mean you know lot of energy we really got a really good week of practice this weekend. You know we got off to a good start but you know we -- a lot of work to do on the players have put network and a which side to get back out there are planning yeah. I think the two reasons that I like you is because you love rustling. I heard that. And you also we're celebrating when the players were throwing up at practice 'cause that meant they were working hard and I love that about you -- Well I appreciate. All the rest where things go laurel what my wife. You know but I I grew up where I loved him to be greater than. Who's your schedule wrestler from back in the dead broke some -- you know yeah. Pretty classy guy entry that a step back whoever they thought that backward realize. So we ever see ringside at the WWE had a day off for something like that could have I don't. -- -- fingerprinted. My wife would think I'm good -- -- on his arm and -- young boy and girl. Out there. It is great story though a pre pre game one time. OK or out on field pre game and Denzel Washington that on the field and local one. Okay recruited Dick I want to spoke to. I want to local knowledge of how shall bear to watch -- either you have. -- don't -- and he -- whole cultural looks lost. Yeah. -- early early you -- stop -- now. Well. Just sit tens are already Janet priorities that ends up priorities like that -- got. I it's a big news came from camp yesterday you're gonna start cop -- feel about that is it because you have to because you want to. Why don't I don't ever because you -- you have to we're pretty regular plan wasn't that. -- you know -- starring Kevin obviously Friday night. You know or -- competition. -- like I said it's not you know people should look into that as a reflection of how we feel. Of how he injured plate. You know train and gain. Because you know he's pretty -- well I'm extremely pleased with the way he played and you know Kevin you know -- -- Near the Border Patrol are I want to put him in there and get -- -- -- particularly so. If that there may occur I believe I would have put you know Kevin start last week yes Indian -- would not start this week or just want to question. Do you really show the other team and the rest of the NFL in these pre season games did you want -- cards. Our. I would just -- yeah that little left Tracy died is what I would say but we love you moon. Oh yeah we've got you know I think you get the few false impression sometimes. You know people -- try to use a different you know I think it could shoot -- and -- try to accomplish so here and what a treat. As much. Dramatic but you'll -- a lot of you know the big fundamental patriot that would -- -- because. You know we're still evaluating shall we want to get you know people know I mean you know we all have what I call DNA you know coordinators. -- they know what are about Richard Iran and -- had to be tortured Iran -- I think that they are a little bit overblown you don't want -- you might you might. Shall wondered two things that you're you're not really planning on doing -- I think it's probably overrated you know what people show don't show. Head coach with the Buffalo Bills have -- on the phone this morning. -- you describe your coaching style. I thought I. People ask that question quite fit in in Ohio -- kind of referred to the players you know I just -- Iron -- And that's what I do and you know I like -- coach and you know that rewards -- you know they have. When you heard outcome Miami they've either you or a potential or coaches. -- like a deposition were questioned as well as you view yourself as a player's coach. And I -- You know I answered questions I believe that so well if if if the deferential players coaches so that is gonna inspire motivate and develop you know football players. You know and -- and hold them accountable. Now players coach but that definition a player's coach. Mean that. In your piece here in you know you're not you know not do those things and I'm definitely not a player as coach but I looked at Marshall award you know developing players in awe inspiring and motivating particular model indirect things on the field -- But off the field would be a better husband and father and whatever you do to help. I love that you're making everybody dress up to travel for the games why did you do that. I think -- -- products -- well but what we've done in the past you know I think you know you look back on. You know what I local -- -- short clubs social like that but you know we talk about you know is truly doing the job. And and we wanna be professional and you know we were -- game of football -- -- and obviously the NFL and that's the bill organization. You know I just think it's important you know -- we travel to to the game in jacket and -- -- and no more travel from the game you know title optional and I just think it's important I mean you know it's it's because defense -- to figure out to business and I think that. We represent something that that's bigger than ourselves. Do you Wear a little bit orange underneath your Buffalo Bills stuff just -- Art. I don't doubt about that. I'll look familiar you know and mile mile love it. You know it's it's New York City and and and college football team and I'm I'm excited about your November. You know in the same sense -- all -- -- what I have to do here you know I haven't really chipped up split them. You know we've we have challenges here we're we're -- tortured -- channel. Doug -- head coach of the Buffalo Bills on to study eight point five so you're on the sidelines and you see coach -- chest thumping how do you not crack up. I think but first it was difficult for me you know opposite personality like Clint Hurdle I don't I don't I don't want you don't. Hey I'm more there's a strike approach and in all you know get after you get you in -- -- get it done and you know he's great he's and you know I like -- like the rebel Unita rebel personality of the staff but I think you know at first you -- you know we don't want high tide are. It's like you turn dude yes. And and and I'm and I -- there and I've been around who wrote a long time now on each and and I respect that. How does it make you feel the redefining the Buffalo Bills. I don't I don't look at it that way I mean Iraq you know I think people you know people put labels are playing are under. You know I just love culture to a -- -- -- challengers and and he and I think that. That that would drive so pretty good definition you know how do you your your redefining -- -- -- for the new look this is there. You know this is different how I know how to do I don't dispute thanks to try to get those are the label. What are you gonna do against Minnesota Vikings on Friday kids' day you know a lot of kids in the stadium were all excited it's kiss 98 point five day at the bills. Well I'd think thing you know it is your street fear Mac -- a lot of people trying to again you know. Put labels on it you know vote -- them or not this is not that the try to do that it's an evaluation I'm confident that the players and show what they have an individual. I think -- the big picture during his. You know Perry by the way they're gonna keep score. And and you know what if Turkey does score. And the other is the way it. Revolutionize Internet don't get involved what people say you know appreciated there should appreciate that you know about relationship Matt. It's about -- and and it's always about regardless side of that though that got charcoal -- the people we go out on the field. You recognize buffaloes got some good old school fans what do you wanna say to those fans today. I'm -- on my side. In that field. I've been on the field -- the player as it you won't came out here. Get every couple others in the -- actually that road. We are lucky to get loyal to land and then obviously had and I told coach had been on that. That's bilateral and never looked forward to. But try become an amateur but strike coming now the bus -- come in and -- -- -- because -- -- electoral fans tailgate or get hungry. You know and then in the -- are coming out -- wanted to get out of there alive. I think I might have a problem you know we don't play well usually try to get out of there -- Our way and what is the one thing that you've seen at training camp because you got a lot of different personalities a lot of different players. People have a lot of different things work to do quirks. What's the thing that you just shaking your head and then like I can -- I did not need to see that I cannot believe I just that is. I don't I don't know your social focused on the team but that you know the 1 thing I am I'm very proud of our our players are really and you know all of that they've really come out east they have mean you know to come off float you know in the Indianapolis game coming to a short week you know played Minnesota. I was very very pleased that Ayatollah to replace him proud of the way they practice I mean you know they're in the sense of urgency about. Again you know old don't -- what you do we actually challenges to kind of look at the players are aware of that and -- that's -- most probably I think. That and and really probably. The facilities here rich are -- people that work here. Had been -- spam and crush the fans have been great. Are you good the and I can't. Yeah yeah -- everything everybody and then you know some after the -- figure -- -- seven year old church. Isn't it did they get their hands on tide getting ever let women get game notes. -- Matalin are are now I'll go back you are bad but I I think what I like the right and I think I learn better -- anything now yellow -- can't you know I'll post XT uses death -- -- -- that a lot of most of you know a lot of -- know. -- -- a lot of violate. You know keep them bring that where usually after the year ago -- scandal -- -- and here it is certainly. It out from Harvard is sometimes an alternative. And I would probably find you wandering the aisles over an office Max are you looking for stuff. Mean it also funny you know the funny thing that happened -- honestly like you know I have I have three young children so. You know I'll go to red rot you know places and Eastern Europe and bite out of alum you know with the -- there are -- are taken to the ball out -- -- in offseason. The people are in order. -- oh well what do we don't hear -- hear me out. Ordering our Olympic that's the thing. That I would keep you know -- I am -- Or yeah you know just because I have a title don't judge me by my title just -- reliant on. And I think that that's the thing that inaudible it looked like by an. You know just because you know I'm a coach or out coordinator about players the other title -- and it being out if anyone should expect them and I really believe that every. Or particular article did you feel that that you know -- a lot of oil on I don't. I don't wanna be that I'm not that type of -- -- -- a wanna be perceived or. I love that wears the vast New York pizza being a new Yorker. Now that I'm -- I'm actually B York I'm fortunate that I mean dark corner raised here. You know my first college in our political football in the state is the first. My first job ever been coaching within the states -- -- first -- go to Dartmouth College route in the statement perfect coaching job at last. Her coaching job hopefully okay is at -- I love that that's the attitude I even -- the president next week as he's coming to buffalo have you heard. How would occur one or meet me why wouldn't -- these sports fan I he's come under one bills drive I really do -- gonna stop by. I think we're both have a lot of our plate you know what challenges farmer how much liquid you know coach of this team -- -- -- -- or right now -- we're focused and I get this team ready to play and you know you know trying to find you know how we're -- went -- the -- and -- -- the most important -- No really I kind of I I just get very focused and I really don't see a lot of things that are going on. On behalf of the twelfth man we'd like to into the playoffs this year could you make that happen. Thank you appreciate that buffalo bills' head coach Doug Brown has great -- India for the first time but definitely not the last. Are from a lot of thank you go bills go grow our great -- thanks YouTube bills and constant -- -- that he put.