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Buffalo Bills Wr T.J. Graham talks about his free Football Skills Challenge

May 1, 2013|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills Wr T.J. Graham

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And met them behind your studies going back line at 70 -- an insider close -- close -- on the phone with TJ Graham of the Buffalo Bills I had. Possibly your -- we're proud of UT day. I thought yeah it's the work through it. -- -- throughout the get to alert our co workers. Really you're reworking of the season doesn't start for clearly another few months when he did today -- -- -- People are mayor April and march is that you -- the audience. Continued to seventy days. I -- read -- I thought certainly it that. They're very well back in spirit -- hateful -- would do that -- well I'll look in your name here are you related TJ or CJ. But no vote of a lot of it inside is. Got a lot of -- -- amateur on the act got a lot of -- on the team that's for sure way AJ Graham there's nicknames on the team I wanna hear some of them TJ. Arnaud -- -- -- Europe Thursday gates the gates he's it's seagate in this he Jack. Everywhere -- effort guarding other buyer are given names outside of that -- -- very confusing. I guess at how has worked with a new coach -- grown. -- -- -- demand he's. Political better guy buried -- -- you know. I into it I don't play it -- like I -- Yeah. Go the extra mile for him this but are registered a week or so far. That good -- at these voluntary training camp thinks did anyone throw it real deep DOD to catch it was like just a picture perfect pass. What Baghdad but if they got -- the bodies so I don't care though the quality of the longer -- some other. As logs are throwing it deep to you you're fine right yeah yeah yeah. North Carolina State your college of choice favorite memory from school. Up batteries of running out of it but up first by our group or expand. And where it's probably. All of our -- in court in the land there and then make it an -- you know so far. Com's Marjorie in what they got there yet they would you know what Egypt about -- Living here during. What do you dream about good question. Yeah it makes our. Race. I hit it you know record. I guess people. Yeah I guess she -- I heard about this this TJ Graham skills challenge camp that you're doing. And I know good camp what I sealant TJ and I am so excited that you're doing business. Alia has been the -- get that I've ever come across you know all of the computer and how does a lot but it looked it. -- know but he can't came out and I don't watch those still sound good on TV I think I school and I watched it and by. A lot and -- mayor in the go to Orlando and sophisticated and beyond his years. In college I thought about it being at the top prospect you know apt this is top prospect that the -- My agent acknowledged. -- -- because you know higher pirate you know low award. Why did it but I doubt about it out of there. I decided I thought about like you know how many other people are kids that play well all the -- the opposite is an ordinary did it well. I by the bring -- The average -- you know her what to do I -- it in the mine when we decided that we do rather. Off what was Larry it's. No -- that what was your best skill what it will reinvest death. The receipt hoopla lot had a pension is right yet you better be I'm telling you. Yeah the quarterback I was are you ballot -- they're applauding promise if you football aren't they can't -- -- -- yeah. They -- -- Iraq but you know no drops no deductions but actually. I'd be worn every dollar got myself some -- undefeated right now -- Adobe is the buffalo is better bring it. Harry say here's what's happening on Saturday may 25 at Williams BellSouth high school it's the TJ Graham skills challenge now. This is a free event and that's the part that I think is so awesome that you're making it available to these are high school football players cracked. Yeah. And it's a Madden tournament running two hours before the camp starts with a hundred dollar cash prize registrations -- it and the camp starts at one. Everyone gets a TJ Graham skills challenge T shirt tell me about the obstacle course -- they'll participate in its. Well I like describe it as a whole thing is more re. Football -- all of it. Each obstacle course they're unique period suspicions that that it -- because he will be made up of eight players. 1108. Opposition group your opportunity to get back. Linebackers you audio alignment. Running back. Quarterback Andrew Speaker and that -- what you eight compete individually each what are your Israel. Enough obstacle course -- -- out you know opening -- -- talk by. I think he's even seen on TV there goes your child to compile a lot of to make up without. It's such simulate the quarterback red zone challenge would be. OK QB red -- sound with this stuff of yet quarterbacks standing around -- yard -- I'm going to be big targets that we do in the back order. Learned the -- to mid range between India. Indo and then -- on the part Iowa your target target target. In the armed pilots have a note I'm not a pilot. It's and are more accuracy challenge that I would. That's about eight I hit our party that lack of doubt the winner. What so bad that what it. Two rounds hit four or. Or at or above ground that you overall. Wow that's crazy you know what's happening right now TJ as high school football coaches around Western New York -- hearing about this. And they're starting to get tingle because they're so excited it's a -- happenings -- -- how much does this cost to register this is freely and it is. Or. What are the ticket only tell me with a wide receivers what's the gauntlet -- -- signs. All of a lot of it is out very similar to what is -- you know they and it's I'm holidays run across the steering just launched -- About what it was thought not made them better running straight at me and to figure eight's OK and it's gauntlet to gauntlet is actually. In large structure that I have created its. God made. And you gotta get -- -- can't tell you exactly it's you know got to get away but it may well. Exact which it was exactly it's about may have to react to it. According to what they see inside. What about the run that. Running back linebacker challenge. I -- without the leg -- you know you got to execute straight. All Juarez wasn't -- but they never -- I'm back running back yeah. They got to endure a long long ways you know long drive also other forces that go against big guys are guys that. On the field so. A lot of running around and a lot of us. Tired legs -- I love yeah. And I love that you have the king of the trenches award with Matt. That is for the you know I don't know I mean you know they battle it out down intrinsic though. -- the -- for the negotiate each other and you know battle it out the last one. We get in this -- it and it was. Ruling. It would it's ours and they they -- you know they are competing and they work so hard you know or something so -- it's sort of hard. So it's -- USANA and groups of eight with different positions there's prizes for the top teams. Doesn't have to beat each high schooler could be a group of friends. It to be a group of friends you travel with your -- -- name. Last year the first year we added that. Oh we are who wants low and we'd economists that the Eagles signed this year. Wait -- adult did you favor the Wakefield high school team because that's where you went to high school. What they got lucky because they are around -- set up. People who aren't as I did not secure them after the beer company they actually got last. A role and volunteering help sometimes because -- look at. And how people sign up to be at the TJ Graham skills challenge camp. Outlaw you know I'm I'm all about simplicity so go to Jean picker still -- dot -- for and the -- page should be registrations will be developed there. Into your team. And go from their -- make a bet I'm an -- yes. The last year we had. Questions when he kids out for about fifteen came -- -- might be your. Our capacity so purpose registers as attractive -- -- maybe it's pornographic at all. -- and let me again say TJ is doing this and this is a free camp and the part we win beats by Dre don't judge me but I'm gonna sign up as a team TJ can I love beat -- -- it it. But I'm out there that. I advocates -- about -- you one kid that one last start was brought to -- almost because. I eat there every -- -- watching would you prepare because you know -- wanted him. It's a big deal practical gays and -- mom ever for an hour flight to do it Lincecum got to a -- and getting a teacher. And also want all of that sorted it out there at yeah the free you know just we're competing. You know that's that's a big thing out of loaded at this. I guess they got -- turn it -- my -- stop and restart this whole process it was just -- participate. Credit or does it take your dog tags and register online can change a grand skills challenge got a point and it's Graham not likens to Graham prepares the the extra H in the AM there. A great program. Exactly. Well I have to -- and we're used to great thing to me this season you feel. I -- that I'm. Gonna look different but I think -- are normally well I'm all right -- ramp -- slowdown got a couple -- seriously you know it start -- feel more like almost sort of just worked. We love that well listen. Thanks for doing this and we'll see out of the camp on May 25 that's awesome that you're doing really appreciate. Of course the bank thank you for I mean you know it's idea. -- -- are spread out there and you know making growth of our bigger. Some good but we love high school football so we got to back and that's when I can't. Are due to an also wrote here that he gave -- itself don't realize patents is that. And then -- not your normal and the. Talking to -- there's there's not how did you DJ there because I don't think I'm gonna be there and I don't think nick is -- so what other DJ could there possibly be their -- dug around -- yeah. But -- go to Europe about thrown down Stevie Johnson get a -- raping her book what would TJ could you cannot. -- -- Try to figure out the ways that we might get a CJ Spiller Pigram Markey who raced out there's there's -- I'll -- now I'm not not just talking crazy now I love it can put TJ without SJ can run right exactly yeah. Perfect -- over the Buffalo Bills think your talent in this morning. Thank you it's just ninety.

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