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Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon

Apr 29, 2013|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we welcome to the show Buffalo Bills president and CEO of the one and only just Brandon Moore then. Guys -- north awesome and we talk to you on the air since the -- schedule came out. I don't think sorry I was I was I can actually over the we -- and -- -- we sit down and his mother's basement with his advisor yeah. Some AC DC with his ports up courses. Pretending that there were chairs with the UN body side by side and I will buddy obviously got my they'll draft manual will earlier than it would -- -- -- -- got back. I really think that's -- -- -- Let's start with. And I'll get to the draft because it was an exciting weekend are you happy with the Eagles schedule quite the East Coast schedule for the bills. Yeah a little bit of -- East -- schedule very -- get out of blocks early were three of our first four games at home. You know it's obviously. A schedule that's pretty. Home centric early so I think we played seven games before Thanksgiving at home Mercer and at home before Thanksgiving so. You know it's an opportunity to really get out of blocks and hopefully have some good weather and but we've got -- prepare one game in December that's just their against the dolphins in deep December -- so where are overall pretty please it was much different lecture schedule. Beginning and ending the season with the patriots while. You have nothing wrong with -- so be pretty electric atmosphere in here on opening day for sure. Was the motivation because it's so expensive to pay the shuttle people to the stadium one of snow season in. Out there that doesn't hurt. -- -- about it. But I think 32 years in a row of three home games in December quickly decided to give -- breakfast time and and give it to one -- -- so we're looking forward to uses active schedule. We've all been working hard over the weekend with the draft and now. I lost -- I I clearly you've exhausted I am because it was like there that was the big buzz in Las Vegas I have to say are you happy with the draft. Yeah I think anybody assist in this shares gonna say they're happy -- itself. You know it is you guys know. You really greater drafts reporters on the ropes but. You know body connections in discount store -- -- in the in the guys an outstanding job of preparation and you know we've reset all along that we have when they're prepared to have a planets. And more importantly have beliefs you're gonna do good things and we feel very good about the outcome over the last few days but it it is you know it's it's a year. It's a year about a war that goes into it and you know obviously we put in some extra time on top of all the other things we do with the private workouts. With the quarterback this year as well also. It was a job well done by everybody. So cool. Is judged more when it comes to the draft the scouts. Or the head coach and the GM. Well you know how we worker here janitors. Nobody indexes -- general manager and he makes the final call. But it -- collaborative efforts and you know receive party. Iran's outside of the house along with Doug Williams the scouts and there's a lot of collaboration. You know we use our coach Maroney and the coordinators and her balls in the process but it I'd like to say when you're pulling the kind of get there. But at the time and a pick that's what indexes show. As everybody else -- their tongues to the make noises cop out loud if they don't agree how they handled it. It's very quiet but -- only. And it is that time you know where were all sitting there and you know it and I've been here long time and you know about how we work from job Butler to to Tom good body. You know it's it's certain GM's decision but. Make no mistake there's a lot of debate there's a lot of discussion of course. And you know there's always consensus you know when we get to that point because you're prepared -- -- on the war. So now it's all done. Everything's done with the draft are you still more to do. Well we still have you know a big part of post draft is obviously trying to signed undrafted free undrafted college players. And you know we've had a lot successful that if you look at the league as a whole thing -- 38%. Of the kids that were not drafted. Inside made NFL rosters so it's a big part of you know the process and we've been working on that post draft and into the day yesterday so. You know hopefully here in the in the next 48 hours will have some news on some guys -- -- the -- who were not drafted. I want to ask about buddy -- there's a lot of chatter on the line of people who were like -- time is done let's move along. Status of buddy for now for the future what are your thoughts. You know America I address that the other day in the press conference and the it's a major worry is speculation comes from in the noise outside I don't know where where event initially came from but. To -- which -- our general manager he's going to be the general manager for very long time. And Doug -- resources and general manager he continues to mature within his role. We've got a great group of scouts are being given strong support department does an excellent job so we're very pleased on the structures and and very. Happy with the job a job that's what he's done and continues to do it looked for the work we're gonna for many years. Does he say anything like -- wanna do this for a certain amount a timer in the city does that mean that. He's in great shape there's no reason he can't be the GM. God I'm in a body and I've never had a conversation -- and that we sort -- we've heard some of -- noise -- -- -- -- about it like -- left almost. Here on an outside -- -- It is. -- It is you know career. You know he's. He's done an outstanding job he's obviously coached for. For many years is gonna -- for many years he ran the draft and San Diego -- heyday put down from a -- fourteen team to a and every year playoff team. You know he has the pulse on the wall and and we're looking forward to all the work he's done and continues to do. Gerris bird FaceBook doesn't want to know is he coming this. Well you know that that ball's in his court -- -- -- -- he has you know we we have an asset available to us. To use a franchise -- which we did a few months are going. And he has options within. Within that tiger as well so you know we continue to have dialogue with his representatives and you know he's a priority is -- and he knows that we hopefully we get a long term agreement dollar. What did mr. Wilson say about the -- to Tony thirteen. It was -- talk to a NATO has an opportunity to go artsy in my last week and spoke to a million tartar -- on Thursday through Saturday and overall I think you're pretty pleased to and he knew what our plan was and keep him up to date as always do on everything that we're doing over here -- so unity. He's like everybody else's it's a wait and see game we better competition to the roster and that's ultimately what you wanna do when you come out of draft and I -- certainly done that. Was EJ Manuel the person you wanted to draft in the first round was he the one that. Hands down he kept fingers crossed and hope no one else picked him. Yeah obviously you -- you know they got that that we all wanted and it worked out with the trade was Saint Louis and there was some anxious moments in going into. -- -- antics sixteen but it worked out for everybody and we're looked a couple of lecture circuit. And that actress seventeen. Which are gonna help us as well so you know overall. You know bring an aging in the fold increase competition at quarterback. Position is ultimately -- we want to achievement we feel like we're -- -- jets reportedly have just released Tim Tebow put him available -- yeah I have not comment. That's just freshness he -- good. That is that is fresh news because I haven't heard and you know like I don't I haven't seen it sort of comment on our team's players. Draft party on Thursday thank you for cutting yourself off at 930. Then -- me about mr. Brennan's role is that we -- cut off the that was a Smart move. Just think. Smart you weren't you weren't out and it. -- -- -- well I was actually I've -- traffic because we're up in the gym -- everybody would think you've got to tango and if we go and and -- Twitter it's at the bills to Egypt and put it on TV yet. -- was the spoiler on Israel they -- aren't you you're that -- I was then I don't. After that I did it really that -- are they have recorded due out. Time for the presidency over the bills Russ Brandon the analytics department I know that -- -- night. That there actually is deep down one bills drive we here. That in the basement of one they'll stretch as a complete analytics department that houses twenty employees and brilliant minds doing the -- comment on that. Well I'd wanna say this but done that it will -- those four. You know he comes over you don't know look -- you you'll -- worked. In our basement. He does a man. Well I just want to know. Guys lets you know I -- not degrading your draft because I made the first. In -- -- -- so I didn't hear different everywhere. Well my season tickets are paid up to see you know. I think I already does it discount -- there's still season tickets available for the bills. Yes where you are in full season ticket motives are renewals of darker. Very well on the new seasons have gone. Our -- and well and it's -- it's been a good off season you know and hopefully good combination of the schedule. And what came out of the draft for ourselves excite the -- -- bit we understand that. You know we've got to do it on the field and in and take it to another level we overstated and -- were first has been too long for. Our fan base who is incredibly passionate and loyal. And we just -- we need to take another step that we feel are clear we've sort of gotten better over the last few -- but we -- twelve improvements. Get familiar with our new coach Doug are on that now we nobody has southern phrases that he. Who fills the meetings with is there something Doug does that we should pay attention to just little -- character I. Worker anything we need to know. He's duels that the little bit downstate fraction of next -- I'm so he comes up with -- like most are gonna want to college where it you know sort. I don't to show a little bit about so between the two -- I mean that's in the office next for these guys. Between 2008 in the southern accent they it's digital picture. And their parents and who gets to work first Doug -- buddy nix or doesn't room. Russ Brandon. That. He can run everybody else and I don't know. We were all very early here I don't you know. -- just call everybody else. And what do we get it went for the next season what can the fans look forward to. Well I think you know we're going to be an exciting clothes you know it's you know our common remembering coach Cronin. And if you look at his background and look at Nathaniel Hackett. On the offensive side of the ball and her coach Mike -- from the -- from the jets and the ravens and his attacking style. And if you look what these guys have done in the past I think we're going to be an exciting team. That's gonna expect the fan base and and hopefully that translates in the more wins and the ultimate goal. How soon after the draft to the veterans come in freaked out that you might have replaced them. You know I think you know what that does the increased competition and you know. All these guys are great competitors I mean they they know the drill they went through the process when they were trapped it or. Or came in and there's three different arena so. You know that's what -- professional athletics is all about it's you know it's about competition and creating yet and these guys know if that's what they do and and that's what these jobs -- so precious in the NFL's. And what's the coolest moment when somebody signs a contract with you. What do they do what they say. It's in I think you know for a lot of guys to lifelong dream you know I mean you've worked. You know so hard to get to that point by united neighbors the things they're jumping off point there is that. You don't want -- -- you're going right to work. And that just because you sent out of a contract as a mean. Anything really because you don't want her on the field volunteers are here first rounder or an undrafted guys mentioned that so many times you know look at. You know the Tom -- -- the world and and you know as a leading rusher in the NFL -- -- Foster he wasn't drafted so you know it's. It's all about you know are you perform on the field -- -- performer practices and in meetings and that's what that's what it is all about. And I heard that the bills provided everybody with I -- that's a nice perk. Did you know we've. Obviously you have brought into different means to learn here which is the way we go butter possession with players and and it it's exciting you know what we can do that and that guys are for I've been really receptive to it we've got to. A young coaching staff with a mix of veteran coaches that are in a very high energy our tempo so that system and added element into the next. It's exciting to think that buddy -- could use like I can't use certain I just another tool just another twenty years. Who can hit him thanks for the time today congratulations we're excited about this. Actress -- and the Buffalo Bills on kiss ninety point five.