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Buffalo Bills #1 Pick QB E.J. Manuel

Apr 26, 2013|

Nick & Wease interviewed Buffalo Bills #1 Pick QB. E.J. Manuel

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Told you we be having a big guest in the studio this morning -- that he point five gives a big welcome to EJ Manuel hi Dylan doing great our guys or can't tell -- a nice to have you and congratulations on being in the latest Buffalo Bill. Thank you very much. Tell me about the nine how emotional was it is a great night -- you know when I saw the Bill Lester back to sixteen Arafat had a good chance of 21 in the first round of a new privacy your quarterback with that picks so. And I the phone -- sixteenth if he came out the star's -- Just started smiling they got emotional bit explain them that this there's to have there's Jersey. There's -- there's a hug it which not a lot of jobs you get and then you get holiday committee under fire and -- Tell me about the emotions because I know I know a lot of a lot of your life involves your family your mom right tell me when it was an emotional moment. Laughing at his head it was kind of you know a time when I just was able to account required really reflect the what does happen and that's why got a little emotional. On the forward you know not just myself my family is put in my teammates -- -- they would only get to this point right now. And that's why got a little emotional to -- wasn't would be most of what they're taller than -- for sick. Tell me about your connections with buffalo and others Bruce Smith connection exactly of my dad Bruce growth from third -- -- play basketball together and my dad saw Bruce go from congress and the pros have a great career. You know -- definitely -- before from high school or college and knock Protestant pros and a plan for the team -- yes it's a great career with. -- -- -- -- We're gonna get to some some listener questions a lot of people FaceBook and questions there about. I guess they got -- style her like non uniform he got some good -- going on at. A -- -- -- -- your your playing style how do you define your playing style and the best assets that you bring to the Buffalo Bills. Well I definitely give the ball through so deployment as we you know we have a perimeters of forest and -- there's a lot of great playmakers in buffalo so. He does a quarterback here you're out there you'd -- job as he did you know guys in the right positions to be the distributor of the ball and almost say that's my best -- then when things break down you know -- ability to make it to myself. Fact that you're going to be working with -- her -- who's fresh out of work on the college circuit right and then your fresh out of college. Your relationship -- -- yeah I think caused him a lot of foresight even. You know I was -- move forward. Even if I'm came to do this and I he and I talked quite a bit on when I was in the interview income differences in things like that so you know deficits on the know what to expect in the coming how to be a professional about what to expect from human. No mobility you know definitely gonna -- you more information from. Which I think gives them fits your you know buffalo gets called right they told the US and -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- make a mistake in the winter they go away for a couple weeks after the season. You have to leave your heat on okay that's better off here in the par -- right first -- that -- you bills players yeah you don't want to commercial workers there a burst of I don't first fives it's called and he gets really windy and I know that's why the tragic as you got a big arm exactly and Abu -- has one of the reserve big man -- -- -- -- -- So online you're either 6465. Depending website I go to how tall do you think you arms expire in six okay suddenly you're definitely got an agenda. There ago. Yet about about the winters here don't be worried because when you -- -- Virginia Beach, Virginia user base side his right. Prepare like you might get stuck in an avalanche of really do traveling in winter is only that that weird and scary and I get stuck just saying you know make sure you have emergency supplies in the car. Some thoughts on buffalo being in you must know from your godfather being you know that extra special football city. Does that mean yeah it means a lot to me come from flow statement everybody loved the symbols so. A figure buffalo is going to be the same exact way everybody is gonna love the bills and so room opened -- -- as excited to have him home excited. I can't way to get started in -- my team. Are we have some questions FaceBook first question from Tampa to wants no are you single what's your status. And course. I'm not a single bullet down those rumors it. A man of us Jonathan may wanna change and a John want to know who is your favorite quarterback growing out. Grown up level is washed down magnet. Did Verizon ago you know recently -- within Norma favors so those two guys -- different way. Okay and some want to know what's it like to be playing with some guy FS huge teammates this is is a dream come true you know when you're an. The high school I mean -- -- his locker room we know first -- we all went to college together. You know we wanted to do things and cause and we know we've come -- -- -- -- play on the same team in NFL not to autos gasoline got drafted lashing elemental. You know maybe he'll be here there's no connection and sure enough after and so that was a dream come true. EJ Manuel in the studio with this the more this morning -- Tony are you are number three this year yeah what's the number you sort of poker -- was there any talk of that like was that that fully available -- -- -- to -- number -- -- -- -- -- no trading going on -- -- -- developing. I think there was no sort through the music that -- our -- by the Jersey gonna let's let others are where I gotta tell you we use our producer. Is a huge fan of yours like was talking about even before draft. Your name came up. He would mention I wanted to your grass -- I know the bill another builder leaking out there to get NASA right smokescreen right -- god -- love your big arm he's too embarrassed to give you some advice. And you know so I. I would tell. -- immunity. I want here and there is obsolete and I'll Netflix currently. Tell where he needs improvement. -- -- -- -- -- You're a little loose with the ball occasionally have. I just worry about ball security that all our assets are humans have a seat again -- as well -- figure out how to dominating presence. It tells you what kind of -- How do you -- and when someone sort of you do little analysis right -- news. Overall I think you wanna take in everything you can do in order to get better on -- perfect bush. Did a long guy no I have long -- satisfy some towns a lot of ball seems like is you know -- -- -- well let me. It's a good thought but there is bureaucrat like -- yeah. Coast grew and made it he's. It is a big and got a cable so. Press wise who have you had problems with the press or have you had problems with embodiment Pressman who do you like national press wire home never had a problem of the press you know always. Thought did a good job handling you know the good the bed and there's not only read a lot of -- you know as you -- the media just because I want you -- of yourself for other players adjust the game both -- and -- just refocus and what I need to focus in. You know as the -- marcos'. Have you played with guys who get obsessed with what's being written west and we did all that -- really of course state you know wasn't as you -- you know Jim always taught as a just focus and what we're -- what we're telling you so. Home you know that was -- You know really be doing a -- state. I am I gonna give you what could happen. In a game it could be. EJ drops back hands off to CJ and -- blocked from FJCJ. Lateral back to EJ. SJ's open TJ is open Egypt to TJ touchdown ago got a lot -- -- -- here with Jay is in them there they're gonna go play some third. What do you wanna save the bills fans because. Playoffs why haven't been there for awhile right what do you wanna see the fans of buffalo. Leo first of I'm wanna go here and I'm going to work extremely hard and I'm very happy and proud of your postal bill. Rome you know on the go forward to working hard and do my teammates and respect the fans in my teammates. That's good charity wise and you get involved with breast cancer awareness -- -- the bills have to believe programs which I'm involved with some perhaps that you're gonna protect. We see Wear pink a lot explain that you know you know wanted to -- opinion from a moment. You know alone discussing about breast cancer awareness and things -- you know any -- you can give back especially on big days like in the those rescuers went to -- -- -- -- Today has to be an incredible -- for you just agree to use Jesus is -- a little -- has been -- for four days but you know and the lesson I am extremely excited view behind seems what was the process last night as far as announced and then your buffalo this morning right yeah it was very -- a very quick turnaround and we left from doing the media have addressed. Is -- with hotel packed my things out on flat over here ready to go. And would you -- stadium. -- to congratulations to them -- peninsula have been happy files first to a sort of prompted these two have been just as proud of crime in light on -- constantly they do so. You know my parents are my would have been my backbone okay cool and on the other central we have we have a great concerts here all summer long. You like musical -- tough love music you know I'm in the hip -- and I'm definitely it's who you know trying to. I guess brought my horizons as different as you know letting you into different news that we -- -- -- come the summer so we're in every every spectrum of music we got you covered. Hopefully find some time to do that but you obviously right now it's all about drugs all play by the isn't. And the players what they did your iPad yet right -- talkative and that I know you've done the iPad stuff before as far as strictly -- All yeah I mean we we had our artists are film was installed on has so. You know you don't wanna watch it in the -- and -- from when the stadium to take it home and watch with. Congratulations and welcome to buffalo and of course -- proud day for the Buffalo Bills that would -- -- favorite pick by the way your reasons to kill bill senator you're better quarterbacks -- thanks a lot EJ Manuel latest number three from the Buffalo Bills on kiss ninety point five.