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Buffalo Bills Ceo Russ Brandon

Dec 21, 2012|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills Ceo Russ Brandon

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Other bills music because on the phone right now we welcome to the show the CEO of the Buffalo Bills -- -- good morning. Good morning good morning how is everything. You know. It's -- plugging away over here and get credit for Miami and hopefully we use when we get off the plane on Sunday you'll -- So brush most of our cars. -- be really nice if you could it's my quarterback to draft -- -- a year ago he has. He has been that we get to make you stand in the corner lot like air lines and love for Canada. Do you think conservative popular it's important after Kentucky made this past week. Yeah you were it is our new director of operations. Sports yourself. I told I told the word he could place senator and worry about that now worry about what we do -- in the business -- You know that the whole relationship between Canada and the Buffalo Bills. There's such a love from Canada and you'll always see all of the Canadian fans coming over for the Eagles games when he wanted to say about. That Toronto series. Well you know I think there's obviously there's a lot of discussion a lot of emotion at times around the Toronto series and the way we look at Janet is. That it is a crucial part of what we how we accomplish our regional platforms here when it comes to how we run our business and and when you look at it. From our standpoint when I can I came here in 1997. We were at 46 largest market in the country. And have Hillary peppered around 41 million. Today were the 56 largest market in the -- characters about a 121. So obviously those graphs are going in the in the right direction but. How we have made it work here mr. realization obviously in -- Roger short training camp. And and into Toronto where -- throttle series now. When we started this program 12% of our fan base was from southern Ontario candidate wanted to point 1% of our Fabrice is from southern actor so it works. It works for an -- for the bill but it works for Western New York Lou because we have. More friends come from -- -- to be a part of our community to shop for our community -- community a couple of bills and sabres games so. You eat it's it's definitely working for us the game this year was that we get the most tickets we've oversold in the building. We're trying to convert people in the bills fans obviously the way we played last week did not help it was frustrating but it is certainly is and it's been frustrating but. It's a long term process and something that world look reported continued. There's a lot to gets lost in the message of playing up there -- some people think. That you're gonna bring the bill's experience to Toronto that's not the case the experience is for Canadians to cross the border to come do their shopping there eating. Go to the game and get that real Ralph experience. Come back and talk about it let's go into one game a year I'm good with I think it's fine it's it's such a a different way to see this. The bills might get where the players get frustrated because they don't feel that -- energy that you do at the Ralph. And that's a testament to what happens down at at Ralph Wilson Stadium it is awesome football and that is the best product out there is is a game at the Ralph. -- -- you know one of the things I've stated that as well. Is that we're -- we've we've been up there for five years and we've won one game and the tech game was last year against Washington. We have eleven sacks in the game the crowd was electric. We're not trying to replicate the experience or Ralph Wilson Stadium we would never do that what we're trying to do is develop a fan base yet to come back. One or two or hopefully have season tickets -- Ralph Wilson Stadium and and enjoy the experience of not only ruffles and stadium but what you said Western New York. We need to be a -- society. For our region to grow. And more more businesses are are from our involvement in financial terrorism and and that's it's a big thing for buffalo and it's a good thing. It is that they. May may -- the record and -- was because of -- on the blame to -- I'm calling them out have you -- the clubs I I think maybe if you sequester the players and keep everybody in at night maybe I'll -- death. Talented CBS I mean the clubs -- really got to try to. Maybe that's probably to draw it is did you get to meet -- How lucky you would be. Well I yeah I I I didn't I do know he took a picture with our -- he was found very -- with the -- and right. Really had a good time and it -- I'll tell you about a person go up her seat. Have time to that show it was a it was pretty good I have to admit. Yeah perhaps adapt -- -- did everybody did -- was it part of the practice did everybody work on the game and style dance at one of -- either you know we're working our -- -- -- -- -- Africa. I go to Miami this weekend with that the storm coming how does that affect. The team in terms of what will you leave earlier if the weather gets really matter how does that work. Yeah will keep in diameter that we Jim over -- for overseas -- forests you know counseling communication with the airport -- are folks who -- around our airlines so. You know right now we're scheduled to order in normal times. They had done a Miami but there if we have to make a bus which sure make an adjustment we'll do that. How we look at for the jets game boy is that team amassed just when you think the bills have problems you look at what's happening over in the New York Jets and looks good to us. Well you know that's gonna we have a lot of tickets up for that game and it's a divisional arrive -- division rival on the next two weeks good games are very important. To us and you know we we need to get a couple wins we needed -- -- winning feeling back in the building back our community. Yes absolutely what do you think the problem is with Tim Tebow and the jets why haven't they been able to do anything with him. You know it's -- that you know you're so focused on what you're doing here. But you know obviously times are great football player. He's. You know the way mark. It is their sort of back -- -- -- how they've run their offense there and you know it just hasn't worked out for them as well this year worked out very well form and we want against us so I would say that they played very well against us so. I think my focuses mainly -- what's going on here but him certainly great football player great person and we which while. What about the Notre Dame coach -- that was pretty big deal. Yeah I know those guys -- political job I had an opportunity brought to Notre Dame this year and in the atmosphere Notre Dame has amazing hands and what coach Kelly is done and I'm a distorted -- Taipei -- in just you know some of the wins that they especially the -- win when. Did look pretty bleak you know certainly seems like. Its third year but you know Nick Saban is one of the best coaches in the country and given him forty days to game plan. That's going to be a heck of a national champ should give us talking in my you hear me in Miami yes I'll play is that. That's -- one of the toughest because I can remember that really your chance. Like how much -- -- like Beckel -- can you get them and I was thinking about us now you know enough for a a quick 10 AM and that I mean accusing -- than beavers can see expressed. I've I've actually think it's pretty close to her as hard as people I've heard some astronomical prices. If you go on the secondary market and you can even look at the price point but. -- he gave me an example of some of the tickets that are being sold on the fifth in the club -- and it's it's great right. But I guess that's just because it's been such an incredible story. And Notre Dame again they travel well Saturday -- Bennett national chair trips and radiate so there's a lot of excitement around it -- a bill to sign that they you know that play like a champion sign this or anything like that at one bills drive. We've got a lot of messages here not play like a champion but that's former favorites actually have that my house and -- we've got -- -- has signed all over the team meeting rooms throughout the whole. -- throughout the whole court or low the of the building but there have been that one I think Notre Dame might have to pat and I went. When you -- that's not. -- -- every day but now. -- -- What is the current status of the lease deal is anything in the works 'cause obviously that's that's severely. Hit fifty -- that's -- and I got fifty more years of this or what that what's the current status. If you'd think -- Bedroom no we're we're working hard edited it we've had a good week this week we've got a lot discussions with the state accounting and we've made some significant progress so. Stay -- I think were -- we're working hard at it and and hopefully it will come as some type of conclusion in the near future. I think I know why maybe this deal isn't done yet. I would Africa did you send Governor Cuomo birthday present on December 6 there that. Korea so while I do I'm just -- and you're you're negotiating with him it was his birthday. You can't miss people's birthdays of your opponent what we've been very we took it -- actually did you -- program. Let me just point out because the negotiations with New York State all of the teams that claim to be from New York. Which ones actually play ball and do business and in the great State of New York. Well there's only one team in New York Times and that's just fellows. We are the only one they contribute payroll tax states so there's really only one NFL team -- -- that. Fantastic now you said there are a lot of tickets left for the jets game I wanna see decade how many tickets are left will be on TV. -- probably at this point or not there's too much inventory are believed to move in the next couple weeks or over 101000 at least over 101000 seats available for the game itself. You're gonna have to come out through ruffles and stated in the one bills drive and coaches because the -- How do you Elvis yet I'm gone -- great -- Rickey signed him this week congratulations I guess that's a big deal. Now we're excited about Craig you know we brought him in a couple of years ago has done a fantastic job for us. And is that offensive line has really. A wonderful job this year of CCJ. Has had a year over a thousand yards and I think we're sixth in the league in overall rushing so. We're -- glad to have Craig and and excited for him in the future. I have a -- if anyone for Andy and Gerris. Are you -- about a pet and others think eighteen year there is any dividend heritage -- seizures making me queasy making it easy -- is signed by them before the new year. You know I've got a week the other day because repo -- auction where junior GM of the day came and a little ten year old boys. Back thankful actually. When I got the game I'll go. Put a little headset on home I don't I don't I didn't -- it. Tickets edging up do your season ticket holder putting together he -- -- Yeah I think about it -- -- -- what what's your tip. This week is junior GM I don't there always like Landry Jones sector around Oklahoma quarterback that attic. But. You know make some bad this is the extra acutely here aren't doing -- at -- where yes I have. -- -- struggle they feel they it likely that his name Landry Jones yes it's kind of like on -- I like wears number twelve to really. Can anyone Wear number twelve election. The bills. -- about that here now -- nothing else -- just did he take like all those jerseys out of there like you won't let anybody put those two numbers together and most. You know what it would do if we really need to -- -- -- something else out of. And -- look at. And is there anything else you wanna say to the twelfth man before we because we're we're going to be done what I can have a chance to do and we're bills important to today. We just appreciate the support does it again -- our fans are believable we feel for fans were frustrated we understand their frustration. But it's all about putting. The winning -- put together we're gonna work part of that -- offseason and happy holidays though all of your listeners and all of our. Russ Brandon CEO of the Buffalo Bills volume on the phone I do -- present we ease with it's -- Hope the gonna. Get this at the bills' starter. Technically but it doesn't have the NFL little stamp on here that's amazing -- how it is it's got holiday and -- the Buffalo -- smoggy just. Well. One more question last went out at the stores and I see all the bill stuff is stuff sanctioned by the bills and you make money off of that. I hope so. What I -- cooking and the -- hurt Alito again I met him. It is if it's obviously Nike has the question. Where has the license those license years the royalties go to league about ultimately. Distribute distribute to the club. It's I just like to recommend a new era still -- with all those renovations implants are making. But a big knew -- stored is really cool down -- to -- yeah I would to -- -- there was who returned from. I think because kindled some really cool hand you could produce a product from local happening -- centrist as a computer art you know because you're not planning feed Augustine we were really different after the festival of trees he's a good man he -- a good man. I listened go bills good luck in Miami good luck at home against the jets and -- to talk -- us this morning thank you I think that it is because. As the Buffalo Bills report is brought to by -- health building a healthier future presented by northwest savings bank ranked highest customer satisfaction. -- retail banking in the mid Atlantic region three years in a row by JD power & Associates did you hear how to shut down when you. Give us. Do you know you're very good. Idea why but he listens he's taken notes that -- Atlanta Joseph and you meant these yeah. Number 23. 23 where's -- well I'll be reporting important 1989 -- -- -- -- but he just couldn't see also with yeah all right -- media. Telling you. Somebody.