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Body Blocks 24 day Challenge

Dec 18, 2012|

Janet & Nick talk to Bob Bateson about the Body Blocks 24 day Challenge

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's not he finds I'm good morning is Janet Snyder Nicholas Nicholas Evans forty alarm from the body blocks fitness the one and only Bob Bates and how he -- Good are you -- -- -- -- so get into the holidays Ivan as weak as we get closer and closer to the holidays you know people are trying to get to work out Cindy giving advice to people that are trying to. Not completely go off of their fitness traffic. Loose you have to make that -- number one priority. Like anything else people -- schedule that whatever you know it's fun of that but the reality of it is that is the one thing that you do for yourself that you can't. Good for yourself you can't do it for anybody else exactly a big big priority for you. Ariza we have to talk about something we're going to be doing right after Christmas I am so excited about the 24 day challenge we talk about it. Thoughtfully put it showed great it by a lot. 2040 challenged. Through that I will live out of Clinton's first ten days is that if Clinton with a class of the vote. Liver colon and blood at -- thought -- request that you can -- -- the clintons who are very productive. Clinton. I don't -- mild but it paid. Recovery -- -- Clinton used to eat on this quite a lot of Clinton people don't need that is all the fast -- album's about -- true. Clinton moved the ball and herbs such as well as. Real crucial vote yeah of their next fourteen days. Is thought you were with your view of the UVs in the morning and you're responsible for two meals -- day. And are important and by the different view as well and that that's what -- -- except it was followed up Helio style diet which is. Speaking of the -- who lean meats and vegetables. Or you're if -- they've -- burn. Into the refuel -- made me think -- complex car. Took about eating the biggest misconception. That people that this could not be. And actually produce correct we will live audience is laid out the market off what does that what does that that was restricted to hold yeah. You won't find a lot of -- maybe more than it normally. But it's a lose weight we have been very successful people who -- -- will help. Eight up to thirty pounds when he reported. And -- why would Israel weight loss and I'm amazed at how much it like it gets rid of debt pudgy look it gets rid of that bloated -- It just it's it's so incredible what it does I didn't and I had a great -- great result survived. Yeah I did. I I I can't we do you want to be on -- -- about I can't wait to do it again and I think I think he can -- I liked what I like about it is energy you've gained from that's American island. And that's a great point I was Kotaku. Most people don't know how bad -- really feel. Right it's so which I took until you feel good. Right exactly. Good throughput at whatever level yet bobbled ruby developers who put just structure. That really involved eating. -- big misconception that would people think that the lose weight or Clinton but I leading and that's not with about about restructuring. And creating new half. Is that the whole point of doing the clans -- to kind of -- restart on your body physically. That's the first has been part of correct is this kind of Clinton's body of all the all the Paul what do these -- total corn syrups and the nitrate and get those who got his system. And the problem with the with the -- there's audio copies can supplement and there's really -- votes the novel. This put together actually we've we've put together -- team of execs of dust homicide that board. With this company we use that really produce products together those who have little illegitimate. Product. I ran into and I I can't uses name because I don't know if you want me to but a lot of people know -- we as a ran into the sky. And she looked phenomenal I had no idea -- he was working out of body blocks or B he did the 24 day -- And it silicon summit a commercial but I'm not. And I was like come on animal wouldn't even do. Because it was like I deal was like a -- between six months. He looked one way and then -- completely different way. And so I just think as for the time I have one question about can we start this afternoon here receives some half yeah how does that work. I figured gingerbread cookies on the -- -- like on eighteen toes. Since I've always actually -- -- -- we're gonna -- thing -- at 5 o'clock we'll have a couple went off about how to win -- -- kicked off with a ought to get the -- -- it -- off limits what reported -- -- twenty sported gym membership to go with it how nice these people how to do dissident and put Obama's plan it was really comprehensive up also -- It teaches you. A new team structure. That would Spartan alum who broke it would -- -- would have done well here wind up -- you can continue this same. The same structure as realistic -- -- real real -- with -- about people go -- I would like look holly what I -- definitely enough. I sit for all like I it's the twenty ninth and thirtieth of December you can get this for somebody is Christmas present if you want I think it's the best gift ever. And all you can do it -- -- -- go to the couple into the 24 I did it and it was amazing -- do it again but just to come to the open house that's like if you're just curious about it yet and you want to know a little bit more and learn about -- you can just show up and kind of get the details -- and then decide if you want to. At Julio. Count how between content don't publication of meticulous. Some of them are bothered at 12 o'clock presently. Thirtieth when you know at eleven apartment -- -- -- about it and sure the problems. Made out to people. Because what you know you know how intimidating it can be to -- to commit to something like this tempted to go into it but if you're gonna lay it out let people know you know what's expected what the results can be it's awesome. It's no -- please let us -- make intangibles yeah sure it would prop open about the concluded his historic visit. In other words like forgetting results for the would go through -- that. Not -- and and let me just say this I will say that because I am very sensitive stomach. I had no problems with anything that was in this in this -- forty clients could you do eat normal food and stuff. The only -- -- are -- normal food and not it's not the weird the hardest thing for me have you ever had fiber one there's like a fiber powder that you used that was the hardest thing to choke down I was like you know I didn't enjoy that not not -- -- but as part of an undercurrent I know it isn't so I'm just I'm being honest I'm not gonna. Right well. But the way you look afterwards like for anyone who's got something special coming up in twenties -- -- GOP like Killen may be going on cruise yeah exactly so. I Bob will get the number and make sure that everybody sent for that but I'm glad we get a chance to talk about this today. Absolutely great talking you guys is the -- your web sites you've got some out there. I don't open put that up there yet but anybody can call locations and we will rock. I -- a number of 84428. When he is at right before 438. They're on April from my dad. But yeah I read that 443838. At the number to call and sign up because yet to be if you wanna be part of the seminar yeah. You have to yet to get in on this and I'm going to be there to -- holding him -- on him. I I'm so excited about the pay anything to get Western New York -- about yeah Hulu and this is really this is really healthy this is nutritionally good right. A 100% deployed because it is not. Something that the -- that would like you afterward the public comprehensive view you can view of the same type of -- the political. OK so how do you give that it's a gift because if it sends a message. Of Haiti could work out or I care about you and get healthy like you -- lean. To being opposed to a Q hi this is what I verses being woken up -- gift you know I would say you know we're gonna do we're gonna 124 day. Journey to get together. There -- let's do this together. Because I don't think they'll be odd gift the gift for something about you might agree I don't think there are many people that don't that couldn't not do this I think you could be in any fitness level. You know that the -- That is great point anything that so you can do it about it is it's about Duke's. Plan is better and had put yourself on healthy path as always but always in the way we if you look while. -- eight pounds and if you look at them worker who's yeah yeah no doubt that so I always thought about what Clinton is just about. Had put yourself for the next fourteen days -- -- -- structures that make sense. That creates a new behavior. I do this that I just like Michael I would love to lose five pounds at the energy you feel. When you do this thing is that for you that we didn't elect at the same like you. But it -- five pounds always. -- girl thing whenever I have to but analysts say this. If you wanna see muscles in your arms and legs if you want a seat because everybody has the same anatomy. And I refused -- people think. That they can't get the rocking body that they dream. You just wrote in and the one disconnect that I think we all hang out. Is -- people don't understand it I think it's 80% nutrition 20% working now. -- I think -- player called up sort of third third -- can't sort of percent of working out. It's a third of the threat of your of your recovery be sure you -- aggressive recoveries and -- third is nutrition in the battle boats three things. And near the professional so I guess I'll go with your third and third still it's amazing art administrator for on the -- good ads are made in the kitchen eat right -- good start and the good -- I've basic about it but great to talk to can't wait for the 2040 -- record.

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