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Buffalo Bills Shawne Merriman

Dec 14, 2012|

Janet and Nick interviewed the Buffalo Bills Shawne Merriman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shawne Merriman of the Buffalo Bills welcome to kiss him -- -- how are you. Or -- so I -- I want to talk to you since the first time you with the bills it's been that long shot what's the problem. -- What are literal -- -- did it protect you but here's the thing -- this is where I don't know if I -- yet because -- today is the day the Justin Bieber tickets go on sale and I have a feeling. Your Bieber fan and this is the only reason we're talking is that true. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That really affect you always have headphones on what kind of music playlist into would you get ready for your games. Volume which will go wrap. You're -- beer and -- -- let -- a lot out there. Accidentally controlled music in the locker room. Nagano and 800 no -- barter you know -- was your -- yeah he's the only does he -- the country music -- sometimes as an intern. I'll -- what -- -- lower -- -- Portugal pictures there that sell well cold here. Right you you pretty intimidating do you just give a look like change it now -- -- -- there and physically changed the news. Gotta I gotta go change at that point iMac and I can't -- to -- Shawne Merriman of the Buffalo Bills on the listened to study part time can you talk about your mindset coming back to the Buffalo Bills and and how that experience has been for you shot. On one onlookers profits -- although I've noticed that all league it and don't -- they're gonna happen. All that that's so good because I want to more -- yours yours there. Remember who we had people we -- It would appear that out of -- ought not clear how heartfelt applauded in go matters but now we're comeback. I wanted to make most of its arms and and I acting up so there are pretty good -- before. Yeah you really seem to be in your group now huh. You know it you're player player differences from players. You know so we're different in a letter completely disrupt I would. Outlook the bottom curve trying to figure out there -- a little bit yeah on an airplane with guys who like Mario -- editor Carol who. Played -- like that there's career. You know look upon her look like after the mr. de Novo. Who do you credit for coming up with your personal style of play your own personal system. You know real real mark -- -- party -- at all of 'cause you know -- -- -- not order. They'll. Mark Taylor red white and -- sort of this summer this past certain level pretty soon. -- I was really not really built anything like -- always bigger military all of you know. A little a little tree ordered him through -- and you're -- -- -- was -- -- -- one player but kind of put in my hair now going to be. You're a wave forms -- like all of my really never had anybody -- it's -- model -- back when did lights outcome. -- There must properly our school are well there's more people -- -- like are not -- or gave it. On out there that may -- out there's there's stuff ground all the current level. Tell me about your first tattoo because you like tattoos. Oh my my -- do -- our prayers well I think circuit of fourteen years ago. Bailout could be one -- through -- all the -- And -- we would do yo Adrian put it on the other my mother being an award Olympic. As she -- at thirteen years old shot. Excuse here so would this you know had to say that's true is that or -- -- -- to that we know we got -- covered up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The next stick to his mom who put the fear. Which -- strict mom grown up. -- -- -- in the open -- -- in the bank you know I'll look forward Kirk is. You know play a -- all of -- dorm dorm -- all geared up played basketball you're following door won't be around so it wasn't really much I can get into. How did you like Tuesday that the place sixty fitness party that you guys did. I'll they would go on court I feel about it -- big -- oh what security. Look at how much I didn't -- this is -- -- credit watch film -- you know that that important that we didn't sweat a break what it. That was so what's the best question the kids asking you. -- -- -- called one of the -- in my diet that there. -- how did you answer that. Under foot outlet earlier in the -- added they're the outcome -- in between words -- you disagree yeah you are not they'll. Again. Yeah and out traveling to Toronto because our home game will be in Toronto how do you like trying to. Hello -- brought all mama kind of our city -- -- away so almost like your squad although I voted eat until -- -- my life pretty good look here when I first got here well lower. Your record large city. Now would you bust it to Toronto not to fly right. Not Arctic but they -- well great robust amount of her artificial what -- put on. I don't know what they're big motor coaches can be comfortable. Yes not that bad if not you know it's not a long driver anyway so not really that bad if you miss your -- to catch ride with me hobby when Annika is going to end it. How do you feel about ID field -- citing the halftime show. On the -- in my earlier letter bigotry element. Who ordered the assault occurred so tribute. You know. He can can you do can you do the dance. I don't -- in order -- what is that that possibly would back from her her career what are. We're gonna have the cameras on you just for that -- on -- about that well. Our Seattle Seahawks good team -- big game last -- can vote what are we gonna do to beat the Seahawks this week. You know what date date you'll like is so very well very well let's pick it up for all of don't watch all I know you jump -- that they get back here yeah. You know Quaker oat grain and in that it held an ego will be. We we know it was commandeered. They didn't say that there's been good all around you look bigger through. Our troops out in the past -- former governor -- and the Goodyear did a that it all around built over the place so that we got caught in -- -- bring -- to a merlot because we don't know is finger -- and they are good they can be. -- questioning when he was a player like Marshawn Lynch who was on the bills and we did not see -- my shot and level of play why that happened for player. Is -- the -- As well it -- wait -- -- about the culture. Palms. You know it is to situation it's -- you have -- the play it well. I'll let you lucky either. At least it is just look. You know if you're it's a fourteen -- -- -- all your ordered held without the game and then you have a back. Lower back or who played the screen very well what's your good luck and a lot. It's -- thought but very it was over you know on the order here what -- -- here I couldn't carry. It seems to be chemistry are you feeling that chemistry with the bills this time. Oh yeah yeah I'm not opt out there are so the first summit here. The only one ominous situation you have one guy who already have. Long term player for being here yeah. On air that go wherever you're -- some of situation well I got to qualify what I -- brought that to record. -- event mop up over the. And year -- seriously and nutrition -- you know I've heard that. Yes yeah -- -- a pretty big nutrition. You got this idea that outside of where or that they are more people should -- order. Arctic carrier by the end as -- You know your your overall health Yahoo! allowed you sir are you -- -- political -- -- look you know I don't I don't. You gotta work now and go to work ballpark you have to layer that's there that's my livelihood you know he that's -- replied you're. -- are you how you get that message to regular people and especially kids who need to learn that for a good life. Albany wolf what they -- really change from the Saudi -- it was was what I did a figure mover. Dakota peer who they are all up with voters -- -- data on up but still without people there who still kind of -- a camera. And you know of people which -- await their. There worker to worker -- really don't -- cameras are out there saw all want to people who really really want to look away look. What particular training here kind of mentality dilute the way. And they didn't really you know the whole thing work didn't know how to write better -- out delayed and that while a quarter itself when our follow up third period. While for the work out all because. As if that was your question or somebody who has a good healthy life won't work now you're bound people are here who -- don't know how to. I was -- relay that message a little bit. I've -- on Twitter and you need more work -- on the I thought you usually -- Catholic workouts. -- I -- an operative I would number look look at their look at all. Now I'm I'm judging actually competition tonight. Buffalo firefighters down canal -- what do you think makes a good -- -- You know I hope chilly once what would -- to Turkey. Turkey. Beat -- turn around -- rather like a Turkey beef pork Turkey Turkey chili -- We're still hopeful. He'll overcome so much ground and out and accurately. OK so bottom line is stay with the beef chili -- Turkey. -- -- -- and and you -- a lot are you on FaceBook. No not really hundred I thought. I have my company that turner awards are a lot of road social network stuff. So how line with you when you're tweeting. It's little doubt that they don't talk about too many people drop. Barnum and there -- other note from. -- is. I got the lead represent absolutely John absolutely and before we let you go we need your message to the twelfth man the bills fans that are traveling to Toronto. For Sunday's game. You know sort of like you're always there are you -- -- wouldn't enter into block around don't go or go unnoticed. I would look for not paying doubtless. -- -- -- -- -- -- Lights out on Sunday Shawne -- Carter did not be another two years and we talk again. -- order -- animation that Shawne Merriman I guess not -- like Buffalo Bills report is brought to -- collide a health building healthier future. And presented by northwest savings bank ranked highest in satisfaction with retail banking in the mid Atlantic region three years in a row by JD power & Associates.

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