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Phillip Phillips In-Studio

Dec 10, 2012|

Janet & Nick with Phillip Phillips In-Studio

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- ninety point five it's Janet -- Nicholas Nicholas in the studio with Phillip Phillips can dismiss. And welcome to buffalo and thank you so here we are sitting in the studio getting ready for the big sold out show tonight how does that make you feel. The nervous on the hope it'll mess up I saw -- small -- As -- a -- of is gonna be photos from the good -- a lot of great artists playing in. More stress like performing live or when you're on American Idol and they had to do that hole. Let's tally the votes you stand here you take two steps back -- that hole like process of the showed approach where you are now -- do you guys have been more nervous. We'll play no if he's really mess up and that we can fix it slowed them. You just wanna hide your head and is of some rock but you can't do it you just got to keep playing more resolve in this would be more even more bears so. You know I asked my -- cluster of not to do is mess up every time. -- -- -- the world from the side of the moon wouldn't play for us on this lunch special and kiss 98 point five but doing here. Well honestly. I plotting your home just because that song means so much debt is at such a marked as so many people's lives. On to restart their. Phillip Phillips and to study point five. Bull then there. Diaz oh -- men and you've grown. -- -- in the us. -- And still no -- Gone are made this -- show. Home. Okay. Hey this there is no. Hey it's very sure. -- The -- -- -- -- book I know he units on in the words stood in the way you play your guitar with it and it's just one of those songs that talks to you. Does it feel the way every time you plant. Not right now now we'll. It is a good thing. They you know Andy -- gets is all that I don't be a little bit better will get to war be warned -- -- adding just I just the way you are -- -- -- and it's in the yeah. And then like to meet your fans what are some of the things they say -- You do it live. Up. It's not that they're routing is the disparity. Very passionate yes they afterthought topics -- give me give you start a passionate -- every like. How passion. It's. They day they make -- some crazy names on Twitter and nice and this is some pretty. Passionate things okay -- it's. But they don't they just really seamlessly into the music comes with the territory right isn't that they they're really awesome and I'm thankful for that you know -- -- would be here you know now without him absolutely and boy they love you so your album came -- tell me how you put this album together and what you want people to know about. The order of the songs when you think about the order of the songs and how we should listen to. Oh boy you know I forgot to write everything but two songs on his salute then you know and those of the two solid again you know produce and everything's so. He would -- the coast from me lethally musically and I'm I'm very proud of that in him in new put the songs in order. I had to do that really fast and hope that did in the right order -- I think this Christmas. You know just they all have the old story and dazzled all has no meaning. And you know it's. So whenever. New people when taken as you know song that I wrote it's -- but have been about love might take some of the list why -- Chris -- cover. A Jimmy wanted to -- covers and it's a serious it's and now -- assaults on by the way. I've got to do it it in and and you know we we had a lot of fun record denounce them and some people -- people -- -- I had heard have you heard from Chris Isaak is he setting I have -- I have heard from and no hum. The -- Wilson and. You know you're limited video this video was a great they have video out as much talk as some action on the beaches early call a lot of fashion really acknowledge beach seaweed. The -- in the sand with the -- they shot they -- -- caught people's attention and having it may just made a -- what's your favorite -- and yeah. A favorite song and album today and I really enjoy a little move and hold and tell me a story. Fools dents and all of them a column that that if you are the songs written other once you you right are they about one particular person or experiences in life yeah it's you know experiences and none. -- so low enough -- not necessarily from my personal experience -- college some of those from a self and other people's positions and see how would handle -- in Canada. Pentagon who have deep with a look at the -- but with. Kenneth. Do different things and -- right to -- If you know tell me about hazel but that's one of the first songs ever wrote. Cystic fees stick and it's just the loan so it was -- -- its own against -- that's the nicest. Justice nice enough friends named -- under the name though and so like they are all. The diseases of verb like -- she -- -- may consider -- -- now it's day I don't know -- half ago. While they named it that vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't believe you meet somebody tonight at Christmas special inspired you so much you write a song after the and we consider it doesn't seem not find inspiration in strange places you might find him. Do exactly are we are excited the next time you're gonna sing for us Phillip Phillips is -- audio only a single I wanna hear that the man on the moon -- Okay -- -- that -- targets of the upset. You name -- guitar. -- -- Named her that's her as a her another. It was enough found what what kind of it's hard you -- back there. Produce cars I don't wanna tell you yeah. -- and other charges are still a kind of terrorist you like to play a lion -- the the so the various news and a baby to GS seven Allen had this -- -- that if that receipt she is a vote of voted. If I was six years ago or two jobs for -- sciences. Really. India and had to get a good guitars wouldn't know -- special. Yes you -- making it to make you check that at the airport. Know that I can easily get a -- bit like if I have like three free bags of going out today is. Exactly. I had Phillip Phillips man on the moon and to study -- -- How plus Laura -- Saturday. Spot you know where I'm standing with a man on the -- millions Selma. -- I did miss England will have a M I'll do. -- -- -- -- It's so when. So setup man. It's one thing -- notice it's only those who still burning but you -- -- I you know make newsstand no New Orleans to be solo. So what's a good -- -- Plus loser look at your thoughts you can't see. At all. And don't sell it. Today snow way. Don't know no wolves big loan you can find yourselves -- this on the front let's start but don't mean women involved with the stats -- -- so look at all of whom are. And then -- Good man moon it's a nice song. Thank you palace from where you break its -- Golden book about a year so you to go yeah I had some of that and just -- Had made of that little riff and -- underwriting and and kind of came out really go to -- of this and how much of this album is pre idol and how much -- I was like. Tuesday sold like they're excellent at least. Three. Or songs maybe. The way before idol and some that are Tuesday that are do that was during the road in this. The thing and others to the -- this afternoon but at this the. Do you the first time he got up on stage and -- for somebody to me yes like a chorus concert someone as a church. Like it when you're talking though I think he'd play guitar because that feeling you when your guitar like your guitar kind of talks at the same time can you do that the -- starve while playing the guitar. Even does did you musician he carried out this is Phillip Phillips a story of the first time he sang. I was in Central London. And and thus assists for it and this. She heard me practice and -- days before. And -- have you singing. In this and know she's did -- work. And -- doing it and it and decision gonna sing the Sunday. -- -- Saw a sign that sing in this Sunday. And she's threatening. And saying. Does this mean my brother in law he played -- today -- African drum. Who's a sweet little sound. -- it. None this kid doesn't know. And yes I've played the song and I got through it knows photos look past. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- did you Arabs -- Tony -- check out who exactly is such a gift congratulations on this new album. Thank you for taking the time to make buffalo one of the stops for you share with enough with the software hadn't been for the support so you have siblings before you get Atticus just bash -- hell of of these. Fifteen to twenty and instead enjoy them very famous hot that is the only medium is hot to be warns those -- sweet. Knowledge none none. I don't Amare and -- a guy -- ever they have -- -- is too hot that day you're not very shy daylight. Get medium tonight did get the -- starting now no I don't million extra crispy so regular amateur status -- like imagine. -- I should get a good start a fire and mean something. Stadium as hot as my -- and her joke buffalo his plan everybody that comes into the -- it just get medium media because Tuesday the office that is too -- Oh come biking is you know the song badly. That's all the before we let you down. Usher. You've got a bad you saying in an idol was amazing. Now and foreign service and it just a little bit of and then it then mix and a jukebox in this isn't good. Right in front of the -- it was freezing line. And go. -- okay. And then sooner than inside the. And inland -- home and you're just gonna exist then yeah because I wanna hear you Syria is that. Anybody. Else about it through -- religious. Angel way like Kate yeah. Through iTunes to I like your -- that's you know and no. That was handled passing laws that go on and rural route into and this. So. Nobody knows that we. Alone in its. Battle. Got did you. -- Not me. In this -- Find it -- we knew from you on American Idol then when you pulled out the usher -- got a bad that was like a moment on the show. Those are always fun with it -- Richard nice to. We gonna bring up onstage you're gonna start rated 6 o'clock right. A little you know admitted Eden. I implement dot -- helps seriously. Yeah bloody offensive we can't wait. I know the buffalo show you the love that you're expecting and an -- has been on FaceBook and Twitter just tell you how excited they are so social media -- social. Thanks to be in its philatelic sluggish times fashion lines and yeah -- -- give -- goods. Gosh yeah. And.

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