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Buffalo Bills Running Back Fred Jackson

Dec 5, 2012|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills Running Back Fred Jackson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is it our difference maker yes this couldn't really be our difference maker. We welcome to the show from the Buffalo Bills number 22 Fred Jackson I can't believe you almost didn't make it on the show today that's crazy. We I mean there's there's still sort of thing about how to get more cars cool well that's most important. Yeah -- in that disorder was I've told them that you know I'll be running a little Lleyton their certificates that we can make or so you know we're gonna. Awesome critics always delivers gas eggs you know I was thinking about the team you played last weekend. Were you thinking the same thing I was thinking because it was Jackson bill is that why the game was so good. Not actually wasn't bringing up what somebody did sweep it to me on -- -- so. -- they made this same point you know I had this show up and play well against Jacksonville offensive. You know. Seem to have my name and. And -- things that you are officially the case ninety point five difference maker of the canyon off. Awesome can't talk about that. -- you go to food all of those things coming into the game we knew we were gonna have to. You know run the ball pretty well this and McCain just because of the weather -- And I got an opportunity he did play a little off and supplied beer well. Receivers -- now go to make it easy for all we had a lot they're wonderful Obama. That they weren't did you know 45 -- -- so like the mortars target again that are going to be so. When I was they would do that was so look out and take advantage of an American -- marking where -- -- -- It was so exciting seeing you play on Sunday was it like physically are you feeling just I'm not and -- -- and as I'm saying this. Physically it looked like you felt great. Did you know is the pit -- so all year you know this is the best so a long time you know their first. You know splitting carriers receive care things like sentence. Also just you know like in the workflow that I have been you know off so great balance. Hopefully we can continue for Brian if they got -- we get -- more -- and you know hopefully you're out there father you know get an opportunity for the foil. Do you feel like a team leader in the locker room. I don't you know off a bit here this is my seventh year here so you know the luck I've been around long enough lawsuits between you know. Com got this also and you know on the mob -- you know on the we're supposed to do weren't supposed to be thought our pillows got what. You know they need to do it. You know got some local homeowner -- in the locker room on all like to say that but you know I am one -- -- -- -- -- about being looked up to -- -- You know why it -- privilege you know that does look up to you know he's -- human needs something so. Definitely you know embraced their role that I love. The one thing that I don't get an I have to say it is is the hole and and I wanna use the word controversy carefully. It just seems ridiculous that you and CJ can't share the carries and just haven't -- we've got two great players sharing the carries and helping us win. You know it's it's you know you hear about it you know when people are saying you know he should do their. And I actually do -- and they're like fair but I think the number one goal that we had with the -- apple bought things you know we're gonna do whatever we can't make this tango. So. While we're gonna do special opportunity to make plays sparking -- let's I'm Paul bodily you know always wanted to do. What they're making as many places we can have this office you're the one and you know let our people continue to play it -- -- haven't. You know you were so that the chips fall so. That controversy is that it falls on deaf ears and -- that the -- Nazi yeah and I have a great friendship you know and -- little brother to me. He's looking and one of the you know -- too much of that in. You know look at it one do we do ironically. -- you have to do. -- is there any friendly competition between you guys because are both competitive individuals. We're covered you know that's the one thing you know we eat we will do everything we can't make it go we will continue to compete with each other but it's not gonna there's not any barefoot. You know we were gonna -- wherever we can this substitution I -- that may all. You know will make you -- you know and her sister you know when you got a great guy like -- you know CJ you know a guy that's on sufferers are also offering. That definitely helps the situation so we're just try to fit and being brought into -- we can registering with us. Fred Jackson of the Buffalo Bills on the phone with the statements make of the game from last week in an amazing game ahead. How how important. Well obviously anytime there's an injury on the team but that we had some injuries on the line how much is that gonna affect your running game next week. Lyndon prelude to a guy like here would is -- gonna affect you you know he was the signal -- captain of those guys up there itself. It is it is. Presence will be missed but we do have some they're gonna step you know prepares Symbian now I don't know what the situation is not a -- he's going to be up to suites. They sound like you maybe put a marker. Although we got guys that can fit in -- -- you know that we can play well records in an electric grid we know we got urban had to move it. And he's done that yet or shall we that got picked an apple. I'm sure they'll come in and do a great job you know and that's all we can do us. You know it as quarterbacks would do whatever we can make it not be different. Is just as good of an interview as you'll have this afternoon on ESPN 'cause I'm I really feel at Cornell and right now I think -- an -- Now -- English I know you're gonna talk to them to. You've got the big autograph signing to benefit kids escaping drugs and I love how the entire organization gets behind that because it's such a good cause. Now your gonna be sitting there with Marcel Darius CJ. Chris Kelsey George Wilson. Is that a fun event trio. It is you know aren't that great of -- you know you get a lot of people come out support you get. You know -- for guys who gets mentioned that -- supported that that always in front gate like there. So ported and they're like -- the -- Mexico shops it's an -- that you know it's hot here part of our consumption in the buffalo. You know do you and had an opportunity to announce that the facility in the public cheated and they appreciate all of -- You get to see you reap the rewards of artwork and intuitive. Just actually makes that much better. I had to be the George Wilson was the biggest diva when you're actually shooting that poster was seen deeper yeah yeah yeah I mean -- Even Mary. You know brought -- hair and makeup people that like. No actually it is a complete option -- our first people to show us he knows what it is safe to get done early and everybody else in the right situation you know you know -- also another one of the leaders -- -- clock -- well you know a lot of -- you know learn a lot else. Well I thought a lot of George Italy told me outsourced is Christmas shopping yesterday on the show that's just wrong and that's just Smart guy you know -- So we are or in -- -- -- -- how're you doing your shopping Fred Jackson's outsourcing met you know with interview. It is. Actually have a wife is doing a tremendous job you know they had done you know I -- does the tremendous -- regardless all the Christmas holidays everything. Every -- they should -- Google. You know I got to tip my hat off that are. Now I saw on into Graham Stevie putting up the Christmas tree did you put your Christmas tree up. Again and nothing to do it says. Dollar they decorate it -- made it may have pulled one ball -- again. That's all my wife she's got -- -- She goes -- and I would also. As you're reading the holiday edition of SI -- and watching -- Christmas movie anything you've done enough you've done your part for the holidays Fred tomorrow. While they -- but I holidays who -- home alone execute. You know it's. I'm at very exactly. A lot on it and I'll watch it since November fairly steadily to December and a lot to do is we visited our favorite reality -- Yeah home alone over health or jingle all the -- because those are two solid Christmas movies to stay -- and they are you know -- -- all the little prayer of flowers you know. Six years old and getting Europe Macaulay -- actually there. I listen because of the difference maker we have got. This really really cool trophy and it's gonna have because it always seems like you've got your arm out shopping plays right last. So they they have captured one of the images from the game of you and you're gonna love this it's really call yet from -- crazy -- an -- also guess from mission was florist the premier group Dick Miller floors gift baskets all sorts of great stuff. For you Fred Jackson congratulations. Are Kurt Mann Oliver have a great day. America's great. I take care Fred -- of the Buffalo Bills.

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