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Buffalo Bills Safety George Wilson

Dec 4, 2012|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills Safety George Wilson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But a nice way to start. As we say good morning to George Wilson of the Buffalo Bills and -- no. More that I have gone the -- I don't it's your day off faced Cullen then today voted no problem dog group. Booth now have you been up since I -- 6 o'clock this morning guys tell me. But that are -- other. -- feel a little bit you know but -- -- -- internal clock choose to give up their morning to go to work truck and -- it too late -- ago -- risk. Good when -- what kind of stuff did you want to chaos. -- -- -- -- He does it hurt it must update today I'll be a couple of jobs to say what you don't know at this -- Figured he'd be get -- -- -- everywhere Samaria and but a lot could do you know because it'll work schedules. -- -- -- -- -- have for a mosquito problem where are close to a full status of the we're across the mobile literature so that's what people -- susceptible. Are you doing this because of your love for vampire diaries twilight and it things like that but -- true. A month. About -- -- that this. You know they'll bring awareness to not being imported goods how much. You know you know you could impact another life but you've -- Intersil. Not just budget you know give an apartment just fill in upstate of the -- that these donations so. You know especially with the is that the massacre -- same deal on the East Coast you know the Red Cross is really you know great need for blows so you know what better way to partner up with -- in the -- -- -- To bring awareness to it and hopefully have a big turnout and it. You know every time there's need you're always there you're very giving individual. Communist America is always you know they'll do when you approach problem of the other people's faces and not just you never know what was going to all the databases so just of opportunity to. Interact with them and say hello. And you know maybe I'll take a -- got a -- you know being just brightens someone's state. Yeah it's a great opportunity and know that you're scheduled to be there from one til two today Aaron Williams is going to be there before you TJ Graham Sean Powell. Lot of players there today they're also doing tour -- of the locker room and stadium -- game day. Tourists from eleven till three today. 11 AM one and then three on this free parking against the Paul Maguire club and special appearance is not only by players but at the -- all the good stuff. Come down give blood and support the American Red Cross so George if we were touring your locker in the locker room what would we see inside of your locker. Uses see everything aware that they must sweat pants -- -- Most but I like do everything -- later no posters. A couple of opting -- of those groups that contains. We've played we've had to pay is so yes you -- I'm Taylor Swift I'll tell us a poster did hit it. They've -- all Obama related poker go to. There. -- -- dispute if you think everything -- opened the lock the system opened behind the -- on its on the gas would have a. Assists and Linda area here here's the thing don't hate -- if you happen to go to the locker to round as a whole bunch of posters in your locker. You'll just know it was a -- just accessorize. It premiered there. I deserve it. Emily so it decorate like for the holidays a one of those snoopy treason do lights around your locker and somebody's got to get in the holiday spirit you know. I think that they can be not that -- -- the music holiday musical -- -- a -- the -- so Namibia or declarations could. -- -- -- -- Absolutely now have you sung the twelve days of Christmas yet did you get a part. -- don't know they have to we have said the to have been the Christmas. Computers to be come and -- home consoles this effect is there a line that you would like. Nothing -- and it's triple. See I think you can do the five golden rings and really channel that shine. Yeah now is -- -- a lot of big and so for the acting you do your land. Congratulations on the win on Sunday that was an awesome game thank you for that bills fans were so excited. Oh yeah we needed it we need is much needed victory but well -- -- -- -- end. And so got to keep the ball on this would be guess levels. So in terms of like that you know there was talk about the mathematically you know the bills can make it to the playoffs -- -- what needs to happen. Besides winning out. When we need to win a couple of them which you review where that was everybody else's phone I was that we need some help from the -- from those well we have the folks all blown up fourth. And that's you know winning each game each and every week. Who is hard -- you know when you look at everything that happened this week. In the NFL isn't hard because it seems like. As an NFL player elect the so put out in front of everybody is it it does it make you wanna be more insulated with your private life. A menu you try to -- much you can. You know Travis stable orbit before. You know you do you have an assembly and no immediate -- in the arm just diligent little ones that do not support of -- -- support of the the life that we -- -- -- -- in a public figure a lot of you know life is lived out in the in the in front of there's you know that's something that comes to territory and we have two little you know actually we -- course. Do you know that going into this like you you become a pro player and a sudden nobody sits down and explains that to you do you just -- -- -- -- Yet nobody nobody. You know -- -- down. Two bit and will be able to explain it to the degree that you will understand about my experiences. It's like let's not so much there's so much as saying this from the Carlyle was a rookie. You know with the explosion of technology and social media and and then direction. And the 24 -- new cycle you know all those things. You know picked up over the over the past several use and so not to dissidents and it's a different atmosphere. -- -- apiece for these locals first. There's been a professional athletes and you have to step with the times in the dealt with the changes and he'll make sure you review you know making the right decision then that's just signals which went well -- cycle and are always watching. Yeah that it that you -- people -- Personal cellphone or or media. Yet we can't have you ever lost your cellphone is an ever freaked you out and I'll knock on wood isn't saying and went and. Law also owns that they've been they used a billion. Returned or. You know what what what these are products you can you can lock from the cast of the computers so. Which is that's a good thing to know how to do. It. -- about the war you know. Christmas shopping what's your technique. Councils. And shorts and the in the I really I think that is how it looked that are learned my whole life. And how many. How sweated out. You're not really not a fan of trauma or -- in his come on man and CU in the stock market. And it it is his. Bomb and so many of them is that I don't think I -- -- up on this pedestal after outsourcing your Christmas presents adamantly agree and. Listen we look forward to seeing the blood drive today and and continued good luck on this season and your great leader and such. Remarkable person in this community really tough talk and you. -- I think you'll have known it won't let feature on the blue just say it. The there will be 300 don't do receive appear to consider this for the rams game this. This slope of them -- little bit extra pictured -- yeah yeah. -- don't become out so. So let me get this is so the first 300 people to donate blood out of a parent it. I don't I don't look -- won't be the first three the last three under our -- -- -- -- -- 300 people they'll receive a pair of tickets to became the terms of the. OK buddy next in here and let's find out for sure which at first 300 and they're listing the first 300 presenting sponsor -- presenting donors we'll get to -- me sing and you can go online and register when you get there because sometimes there's a big weight and so -- you're allowed to wakin. You do need to be at least seventeen years of age to donate or sixteen years old with parental consent. Just bring photo ID block and to welcome this free -- is all the good stuff again starts at 10 AM this morning. It is at the stadium you're gonna go to the Paul Maguire club. To their right billboards around -- -- Ann and George your official invitation to -- especially would love to bring you up on stage to say had all the fans that for snag percent of Monday night can we get in there may be. No he waited Monday night I know this is a milestone and the can you trying get over it and over the world we will report -- I'm like that -- George Wilson of the Buffalo Bills nice to talk to you. Our bureau upload on kiss 98 point five.

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