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Buffalo Bills DE Kyle Moore

Nov 14, 2012|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills DE Kyle Moore

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here we go first time ever on this radio station's airwaves we welcome. Those one and only until more of the Buffalo Bills today with. There are Gerber is nice how you. From -- her eyes so we're trying to figure out how why you were born in Germany explained. But her purple. Obama there he was even in that -- it was dark for 23 years in the army. I was bored yet he's been in years out here in Germany and -- there for the last -- -- That's fantastic so cool -- Geithner thank you to him for his service I feel the need to wish you happy anniversary. Pro. Or co written when you know note to you broke his one year ago tomorrow you signed on to the Buffalo Bills correct. Yes. You have the -- that's when everything is safe for me. The -- is it daylight for you. You know why because he walked into a situation where you don't know you know you won't come to a new team from another team there. You know everything is moving -- have been trying to figure out -- -- around the facility and on the team and they practice and it's simple stuff like that -- You know kind of -- wrecked -- let me get through it. How how do you move like. How important the practices of the practice squad verses being on the team because we've seen a lot of great players on the bills go from the practice squad to the team. Column value -- you know I would probably -- get -- -- you know that this country does. You know you go out there and try to give them the best the -- and you -- like -- negate or anything like that -- you know. If we don't you look good look you know when it went in game time comes around. You know guys I don't know what do that the temple orbit not -- up there you know -- can -- beat pretty bad you know. Everything starts out there on the practice field you know people practice good -- -- -- as though. Yeah he thought they're trying to do it argues god in the same time you know you also know that you know the year as their coach is watching this stuff like that where you wanna go out there. And do -- your belt you know hopefully they try to -- you want to activate to a squad. Was met from the Texans watching you. -- -- -- -- That you watch -- little bit. But here I think he works. Do you have a a signature set dance we need to know about like when you do some good action on the field. How much is expected on you and Anne and William and on Dancing With The Stars yet but how much is expected showtime from you. You know I'm not a big guys they're much you know so you know -- are probably gotta warn you not make sure our. They're a little bit longer be you know the usual right here is some of these other guys. You know more the more mortgage correctly or you know maybe doubt I'll give more. How would you shouldn't let me asking you tell me whether or not I should ask you this question should I ask you how it makes you feel people say. You played better than Mario Williams. Yeah. Yeah. You know all of this together and then we -- -- we lose you know we lose together where we work together you know. You are really didn't you know how are played out equally you know we're on the same little more rock creek reached one go. And a certain aspect cornerback is -- who lost -- -- -- -- a little under regular air. Like that I like that now what about the Miami Dolphins we got the night game on -- tomorrow night's sold out game. -- -- you for that. All the would be awful you know market where the gutter and took in the locker room is one of the coaches from the you know I think buffalo really going to be excited you know alive. So -- gave -- to national televised via -- there's you know should be should be exciting out there's more -- tomorrow night. Now you're used to this weather I mean you came from where did you come from USC right so does this have -- there -- so so tomorrow night. Partly cloudy and we'll see the temperatures and lower thirties network for you. The whole year analysts are -- going to be the Harlem and yeah as we Wingate. You know you know back in the day when you don't want -- most potent player in this cold weather and you know we have to do to say about here you know -- that it now expects. Miami Dolphins are down there in the break seventy and 83 work right now is though there in the popular player in this. -- -- Mark -- you know before. That's less Reggie was gonna be a shock did you yeah I think you brought Reggie Bush did you hear what he said. -- -- there really haven't heard yet we are again don't pay me for playing this and and then I'll ask I'll ask for your comment in this area this is what Reggie Bush had to say and radio station in Miami. It's gonna be thirty to forty degrees in buffalo on Thursday night nice and clear that's good football and -- good football whether those one or the other topless and whether he. You wanna see no -- no -- oh yeah. So that's Reggie Bush had to say Kyle Moore of the Buffalo Bills would you like to comment on Reggie Bush's comments. And borrowed from San Diego California via remote code is yeah. Will you -- Diego California you know he went to USC. Play for the saying you know or not you -- he's been in the warm places yeah though. You know I'm really don't have much to strip out there wouldn't feel eager for more on. Asked satellite that now are you be one of those players the plays and bear arms you know where some kind of long sleeve what do you do on. I don't know what does -- well yeah. Have to go out there and you know those leave you know just go out there played football you know this is what we do. And you know when you're out there you know you're here people -- competent. You know you feel the crowd -- the UT making that you kind of warm up pretty note is you're used to the weather to go out there play. I'm gonna make you do that December 2 you realize -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- it's going to be zero degrees of a problem is going to be you know he's gonna have knows he can't go with them things got tattoos say yes you got some -- it tells us -- -- in that you -- Are what they are here tell us about your into tattoos what -- half. All the -- that movement you Mira -- army not -- departure rampant that Google might be it because to them army in the army sort of their. You know I have -- school or society -- -- you know the budget Bible scriptures or my other arm up like this so. -- do we fight you on Twitter and instead Graham and FaceBook. Career. Yeah who follow me on I have to them look I'm not on whether or don't we. What -- -- humans to ground. The -- until -- hit the ground war is that to do -- I was two win you know we played the the patriot this past Sunday. -- like that very nicely dad pulled me filing -- Graham now it was great catch enough with you Kyle Moore of the Buffalo Bills what would you like to say to the fans. For the game tomorrow night. -- everybody succumb the hope alive day you know and you know we need everybody there. You know our crowd is that we got to help was later Gary -- and neither are clearly everybody out there bills. Go bill is right out more the Buffalo Bills thanks for talking to us Pakistani point five Buffalo Bills for brought to buy -- a health building healthier future and presented by northwest savings bank. Ranked highest customer satisfaction with retail banking in the mid Atlantic region three years in a row by JD power & Associates.

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