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Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

Nov 13, 2012|

Janet & Nick interviewed Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Kiss on the -- -- -- genocide or Nicholas Nicholas 631 of the time and we welcome to the show. The official kiss 98 point five difference maker the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick the morning and good morning readers I I have my first question for you ready. And a 32 degrees of how the heck do you throw -- football in this kind of cold weather because my fingertips. -- -- freezing cold right -- Illinois your secret is. I'm proud of all who were more personal and got the whole package the most and warmer that he did. They have nicer just because -- not succeed he figured your finger -- Right into your busy guy any chance you could drop those off their food drive. We're just a little bit all the people -- -- had to do whatever in any way we have responded to bring you played in the cold though because it is. It's something else wanna go back to to the game on Sunday. And to what didn't come out as a window was a tremendous effort from New York difference maker thank you very much for the great game that you put on Adams are the guys to get to win. Yeah. There were there was. It was a tough one for us he noted that game there really. There's changes he's around the -- out. You know what. Allowed us to forget about a lot of our shortcomings -- -- a year. They're fortunate during six who also we've got a field you know record with a short week here. So how do you work a week where you come back on Sunday night and you've got Monday Tuesday Wednesday to prepare for Thursday's game. How do you work that out as a football team. So. You know yesterday. Usually the day after a game you -- you this bill knew he'd kill list did. Then you get a day off on Tuesday they need -- different this won't say -- this week because they're going so stressed out. William Hurt -- tape from the knowingly gave me right at the Miami. We had a walk through last night around that I and I AM then. They won't have our one normal practice of the week -- -- -- -- -- on Wednesday another vehicle related -- From a player safety standpoint in terms of being able to recover in that short of period time do you think you should have Thursday night football games. In -- the one that is there's a lot of talk -- the one benefit to have Thursday. Game is that all of sudden. You get they needed to many -- we innocent after that Thursday -- big -- Saturday Sunday off. Are you recover a -- -- -- and actually so there's pluses and minuses bit I don't think it's an issue -- -- safety. In. The game in new England and one thing we were able to see when you did get sacked that one time and you've got right back up we could see -- Exactly what you were saying. Yeah I know -- breeder but you can -- words right out of my movie so we are damn -- -- that if I didn't vacuum man vacuum. You're better you're hurting really -- and secondly if you look at. -- I -- big the next time they're gonna do clothes divide you if you could just say like kiss 98 point five going to be good publicity for -- we I come tomorrow I think you do that. -- the penalties in the game what was talked to the team and then death and also TJ Graham what he said after the game had to feel about that. Yeah it was a it was a wrenching game this in terms of all the yellow flag so there's a lot of them that seem did not go our way -- -- it's something we can't control. TJ you know so a lot of maturity it. I'm coming down saying that he felt like he was in the wrong on the last play. It's -- pretty -- didn't have to do -- say. You know I respect the fact that he came out did that and they have to be our sister gray areas not necessarily. One person's -- Then I'd take the blame for that term can not make sure they're really are the same page. -- on the phone this morning with a difference maker of the game Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills you had a great game. Is it hard to look at your your personal performance milk okay. I did my job here because you're under fire last week and in Alabama like if I -- one more story about what people think and it yes we had to stay mentally focused. I just stay away from all that chatter going into all the doubters are. It's there you just can't he can't Australian. You know the other bit you know when you're when you're doing well you can't let that he already here so. For me you know last week it comes down to that last play of -- sucker bet. You know I usually -- right. Cushion our junior GM has a question for you we'll -- if you know what I know we lost but. There's still optimism here we have three division games left to get men and one against the jets what's the team's mentality we still have a shot left it's not over yet. Yeah I mean I think you know he legit we eat we gotta go we're certainly in one game but if you look at where the -- effort schedule here. And just the injury -- And then you look at the teams we've already played. We don't we don't have. A lot of blues. The property NFL games boat whoever our schedule so. Whether it is favorable schedule but he can't sit here and look at Eddie 31 minutes I don't know we've got a lot of -- -- and I think that these huge attribute. -- -- -- -- -- -- How hard is it to play at night. Compared to like the daytime games that you're in the dark and it's the -- Grey's Anatomy yes. You know what it is it is a little different. You don't need. Being up the father of three and it was a pretty light -- and red I'm thirty so I'm very conditioned myself. They -- That's a bill passed I am proud that I'm on Thursday night good. I don't feel like it's it's cool to really take you back for very high school football days -- playing member of the light and I noticed they have those people are absolutely right. You got good news and bad news yesterday the good news was the game was sold out the bad news was -- Fred Jackson won't be playing because of a concussion. How do you deal with both of those things. Yeah I was it's tough news for Fred. They are just big he's such a good player. And that's something you really think it is architecture some but he can't press -- what I think we all know that. My that is not it's not like that that injury news. You know he couldn't -- prepare for accommodating different just -- -- -- happens there -- knuckleballer sort of began practicing -- spot. I have a story dead from espn.com. He called Brandon Spikes a punk are you standing by that statement. I don't know if I guess as well it absolutely. Hunt and how do you feel about the dolphins I -- take them down Thursday night on TV for -- Buffalo Bills fans. They'll say they're very tough opponent. -- that wolf we're familiar with -- obviously been in the division out of -- with a lot of personnel good. -- -- coaching staff and defense. And so there's some stuff -- have to just do over the course -- -- especially are -- we let. It'd be a good job that they do a good job route or stop -- -- and -- sort of munition matchup for you have you didn't. It's going to be a fun night Thursday once again sold out game that's the good news what are you wanna see those Buffalo Bills fans die hard cheering you want. And in good order and order and -- there in order Blair ourselves. You know sort of you know we have written. Another in the stands you know obviously they're they're disappointed you're disappointed as anybody charmed I was he started good. We appreciate the sport and -- and sticking with us a marketing -- single out. And how does the Fitz Patrick Thanksgiving go next Thursday. I'll have all have some ten million pound. My birthday is right around there every year. He's on the 24 so tender always some some birthday cake -- There will be just like a normal -- getting -- according to read and heard you still. Very expanding the board -- well. They -- birthday cake and happy birthday dad -- -- the world's largest -- that's going to be an imperfect and. That's what you know -- -- -- -- his magic of the -- losing had a great game on Sunday citing get that W but Thursday night that there were looking for. Thank you. Great -- our difference maker of the game is Ryan Fitzpatrick and kiss Ryan -- went -- and get some cool stuff including at that trophy from steel crazy I and arts specialist florist Dick Miller gifts. The difference makers present -- quite independent health with independent helps you get the -- treatment and by still crazy iron -- -- for the uncomfortable creators of custom steal our work at steel crazy iron -- dot com. And of course the premier -- -- made easy.

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