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Buffalo Bills RB CJ Spiller

Oct 24, 2012|

Janet interviewed CJ Spiller from The Buffalo Bills

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And there. With the bills losing by one point. On the we are officially making indicates that he put five difference maker of the game. Very. It seems like you're -- good rhythm with the offense and how Chan Gailey is playing -- and -- -- how do you feel about that. Oh good you know I think it is time that you don't put the more straight makers -- yeah it's Egyptian. Often have to. -- -- he could be heard about it because they don't know unloaded the ball goes straight and it followed figured you'd doesn't -- court. Did bark when our receivers so we kind of keep your -- I think -- the -- connect. And that's what can -- -- the opposite -- North Africa -- you wanna keep the defense what can evolve but wanna hear that -- as we're. It must be and must be fun to have that kind of versatility on the offense. It is in that the spirit -- that very union to do with the world have no word faking gas. Kind of our multiple position notre without my tobacco -- guests falcons. You know built for the play got the -- -- -- laden you know maniacal murderers. Dropped by the receivers who boogie but they're terribly pic of them -- you know working on the practice. But wouldn't welcome you to the game as he does not cook and knowledge he has the competence of our quarterback to go to the ball well. On the phone with CJ Spiller the Buffalo Bills it's funny you should talk about that because before the game on Sunday. On ES PM that's the exact conversation they were having about how the role of the running back in the NFL has changed. Recommend that you had the Bruins no doubt that this Condit Condit content noted that it encrypt the ball. I'm not you know the -- and that -- -- you know there's currently relative to what could not capacity -- both the government and that it can. Well Latin as the by the that would. Sentences and both you and the team so you know great great pride because -- -- always have a thousand little boy. You know where my old book of business -- so you know it is not mistaken because it could get the full volume not. Premieres animal advocate -- warm weather update good credit could you know make an element of this and I think -- the ball. Now what is like when you're going to catch the ball and you know somebody's about Tampa yet and it's just not think about it like you just like high -- -- -- holiday go ahead you know. Well you know there's no I was gonna have a good idea related defendants are way no -- before they got them. They've got a playoff hole so we have a third straight Carl -- dual problem usual route. I know that you don't be up front about five yards a party couldn't turn around really quick he got a good chance to -- and I got this but yeah yardage -- here as you know. They get a lot of probably be about more -- -- but it's got to be up north it's. -- CJ Spiller going up north now let me ask you this when you go up north and you're really quick and they totally missed their tackled -- say anything don't like ha -- And they like and like you -- I'll hold 00101. Of Brad but I I you liberated that I use note that I haven't got a particular -- half. -- -- I saw that I was awesome but I'm pretty good now what -- it -- -- -- -- -- to -- on the -- when -- playing at home. And all you have to do is look at the crowd and they go crazy. I'm undeclared -- good career -- in -- going home crowd that would have little on the low for too cool we know a lot of and I and they're gonna go. The comeback on the player on our home crowd no gravy -- You know -- would that partnered in the last. You know good exit package. Great effort they've gone a bit but poultry in the from the home crowd and I'm not -- kind of developed because it gave out. You automatic I would do and they don't show up in a puncture it all -- to democratic aide Karl yeah I -- the sellout crowd when you win. You know an exit into our economy goes -- go to humbled and -- it is probably do is go undefeated at home ballpark -- off their. But hopefully -- tropical areas they'll continue to -- -- supporters -- bought our home and on the road you know we had affairs nor is there for and we had -- merry -- So it's great you know any -- Actually on the road these guys fair conduct you know water in their the -- An add December's going to be the month of the Buffalo Bills could you guys are home so much. Oh that government Portland over the long I don't know what I call game in November on the court at first Medicaid are no overlooking the pins but. No he won't -- gains Coleman home -- November. -- -- -- -- -- Candy you know -- -- doing good leader today here because Thursday night game I never been part of a night game there's so I heard about all the scores so I'm certain that the. It's crazy I know it's crazy images Massey is the word I would use -- it the night games went. And times to the report. What you should be -- important isn't it crazy like bring up that. You know it's crazy I was watching on your your football in the snow. Mr. gauge showing you how to how to -- and I was so so funny on camera. Try to have you know different personalities those are covered it -- it real -- warmup we kind of get loosely you know. -- -- everybody knows what Obama family on such a clown -- always. Air prank on my mom in my book period Enola. CJ cool and my mother -- and broaden tomorrow. Series record. Really I've ever really good the -- -- -- this duty modern I cannot upon this. One out of their chambers tomorrow. You know that -- impact the other -- out of their current. I'll I'll I'll white hyperbaric do you really so -- you Michael -- -- -- not what mr. jumpers they're from about it. Okay we've registered -- IC has some. Probably is coming. This could happen put on the oxygen. This -- -- did get active -- -- Is in the Kamal -- with the -- -- is this as I picked up a different ball but there are the number if there's dentists aren't injured. All. The you. -- what happened. Are you best believe I got a call part of what -- did it. Break it out. There are Vinocur. Eat it -- right. Our -- and come up -- it looked confident about all these last album but they're they're wrong all awesome -- our school so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want to write up from the -- Yeah but I don't let a bad idea to help -- their -- -- -- -- is -- -- must then -- it might throw it -- -- but you know are no bad. She can be out there it is decorated. Yeah I guess so and -- hyperbaric chamber doesn't really help what do you think it does. Are you ever -- the American of retro -- in every move them even more -- and they had a more. -- is that it yeah it definitely helped you know speed up their prices nice that it is great -- right there so. I'm I'm I'm glad that they're under the impression that you may. There's not -- -- that -- this kind of our view is well. On the phone with CJ Spiller the Buffalo Bills would even after the bye week besides torture your mother in your -- -- Crazy. The world today nights out. I've -- see the ball the freedom competitive tomorrow. God what's -- a lot of -- compared to close in the area and registry -- -- to me you know what that is what you wanna do live about a week you've pretty much you wanna. Pro career couples some of the veterans are making sure you have because what come back now you have a little cold by you and of course. We're trying to do had been you know convicted could get into the real world what they should everybody's guess they'll go to -- he can be that it. You know we have to make it makes it could play -- you know a bit another outfit can't put him. These important so definitely they -- it -- -- there. CJ Spiller the Buffalo Bills I gonna get is consonant only going to be able to see again. In other losses the other way forward tomorrow problems incurred about it too much in the west so close -- -- They're not -- get on the field with in the -- keep you updated. Yeah I was following on Twitter until that you're recommending mr. I protect my body and keep it healthy. And you're drinking caprice -- what did Obama say about seriously come on. My body my daughter got those. Oh. Whether you like these. Outer atmosphere -- on country could mean it is possible. Probably no I don't the math what industry urged all -- won't be back here until like these and somehow you know not what did you think the island. Do as -- drinking they this vote the -- yeah -- decided that my daughter had you. What are you gonna be for Halloween. Halloween you know -- -- -- -- which I've never really got into -- -- wheat Beers that aren't. I I think you should be a superhero for Halloween when you're answering the door. I want to recur -- Flash ambient. -- -- -- you know Halloween custom. None of your hair Erica lists and have agreed by a week and just he'll get healthy and we look forward to what the bills have for us in store for the rest of the season. Carl thank god would get Gonzales is the -- -- -- it's not -- what I would do it. It is there. CJ Spiller the Buffalo Bills I can study -- carries a safe trip. -- --

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