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Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon

Oct 23, 2012|

Janet interviews Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It just and everything that's happening in the city of buffalo something shows up on the front page to the Buffalo News. I'm WG errors in its. That there's a retractable roof stadium proposed for the outer harbor we're getting used to it I am I thought for sure the bills were staying in orchard park at one bills drive. We are looking for comment from Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon. I would've bought more land around the buffalo outer harbor had an on this was gonna happen. The you know it's so so it looks like the common -- -- -- 1 o'clock meeting today with an artist rendering of -- 72000. Person sports complex. Yeah and are revoked in the paper this is just a pretty photo. Yes now and I like the retractable roof although it looks like snow would stick and then a little bit too much. You're part of the lease negotiations for the Buffalo Bills being the CEO right. -- total work so why don't icu commenting on the Saddam. Because as the noncommunist. In this type of story. Actually just saw -- -- some point out to me here or canned. You know you got in here and he's here to us celebrate the spirit. What people are are trying to do put obviously there's nothing to it. Since you know that the costs of a stadium -- stadium cost one point two billion dollars. Well you know if you look at some of those facilities that have been built over the last three or four years obviously the meadowlands was -- that rain the Cowboys Stadium. -- -- make one point six. And then you look at some facilities. Actually -- ones this false statement in Minnesota you know it was a pretty big price tag -- well so yeah they're they're up there and -- -- cut the cost of steel and and everything has risen so much and over the last few years that these stadiums are pretty expensive at this point. This stadium that is so so this doesn't have anything to do with what's happening in. These negotiations with one bills drive. No not at all this is a group of people who obviously have interest in keeping the bills and and town and obviously build and out some other. Opportunities. And in land grabs up for the our outer harbor. Like a city -- others it's. Do you celebrate that this spirit that it is intended. Obviously. This is a non starter and not an option and then we have had no discussions. There's folks. So you're saying this is gonna happen in downtown buffalo. I know my daughter truth -- perform better when I don't know. Maybe maybe need to reconsider maybe you're not keeping an open mind yeah say a new stadium could also be configured into a 20000 seat venue for concerts. We could commit John -- to your new stadium last. That be great I know there are oodles of concerts are rolling in the buffalo it so. We could see Rihanna to move from first Niagara center to your new stadium spectacle that's bad. And it in our -- so yeah. Our focus right now is obviously on the -- negotiation and and we keep in this franchise viable on the one thing that isn't talked about -- hear yours. My how it's going to be funded ventures via an important part of the process as well. They said at the 1 o'clock meeting the common council was just into the thumbs up. Yeah very -- appearances and deliver some money one point four -- at one point two million attention one point four billion Erica. So we didn't we shouldn't be -- shouldn't -- land in downtown buffalo today. I'm Nazis and to that I mean there's a lot of great things that are happening here but facility down on. There right now is not an option we're we're focused. The renovation package here -- our reason. And you can build sort of right here what. Now what happens when the governor sees a story like that what does he said. You know I won't speak for him obviously. He probably hasn't a bunch of handlers were very -- passes along -- moment. Much like when we looked it over here but. You know it's just. You I actually. You get excited that this people are are very focused on your vote the long term future of not only the bills like this. Outer harbor and in this sport culture downtown. I think there's a lot of great things. That are happening here. But right now that the major focus you know -- our facility is right here -- one bills drive an Orchard Park. But here are you feeling confident with the lease negotiations and confident that it's gonna get done that's what we yeah. Yeah I've what things are moving along very nicely referred to actual discussions with the state county and we're gonna keep working that I was gonna put an. I -- -- Mario Williams exactly where the -- And -- And good question is quite hard hitting interview to. I know I could well nothing. I've not been lost broke my heart on Sunday it broke all of our hearts you know obviously news talk flaws. And fans near us to -- need to finish. And disappointing for all of us we've got to regroup and get ready for Houston you know we're coming off for the coming into the bye week. It's never good feeling going to buy we come coming off a vote of the difficult lost but when you have a team. You know heading into the final drive more business ambitions and I think -- reporters -- the other day that it was as loud as -- ever heard and Aaron yeah maybe it was very difficult to keep people go away dejected does as they did and as we all feel over here. Yes absolutely but I will I will give credit to the entire organization you've stayed united which is really important because there's a lot more season left. Brothers loved horses and left and you know you don't get any anywhere by -- do him any other way you know anyone that's been involved in sports noses so it's a team effort. That we need to pick each other up and and up quite through this it's not easy obviously there's a lot of critics out there and rightfully so we're not where we need to be oral or expected to be right now. But done that doesn't do any good to sit around talk about it. We've got to focus on didn't write for Houston and we've got a tough stretch coming up so we've. We need to make an impact him and what were right in the site. It says the bills and you would double as a convention site. Any. It is happy to note that the I'm just making sure it is going in your artist's museum of -- take this rendering and it goes in our artist rendering museum and I still don't know where to put the Azteca Mario. Through along with the all the peace for. Bridge renderings and everything else has come up over time. There enough my friend nice to -- in the -- and daycare has -- out of the Buffalo Bills on 95. I guess that's you know that's you know again. That was right.

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