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Buffalo Bills Punter Shawn Powell

Oct 11, 2012|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills Punter Shawn Powell

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm tour show on how all of them -- ends. I'm doing and. Our little girls are like tight -- and I'm like -- -- every letter written to luck come back and Florida again. Yeah you know what I -- you just adapted to -- buffalo weather. Are you gonna actually are kind of -- -- note here. Appreciate and you know what really good breakthrough colder -- then what are little chillier than luck -- go -- -- -- and I left it way back Coleman and I came back you know I was. I've been -- all much George and T shirt at all our other long sleeves and being in buffalo right there. Iowa as it should be an -- doesn't get much colder than this except for I don't know the next three months except for the rest of -- -- -- Bishop at bill like enjoy the governor go to -- you'll -- your coach your. Yes pretty much accurate I'm sure I questioned by -- wanna get right to it can't you -- the football over your house. -- -- You know it. I had a little story to tell -- Beckett portrayed after people killed we doctor kick -- ball over treat it Al Acosta our culture curry and I'd -- it. And I'm not sure gutter after all of -- other out and luckily order rim that they knew that donating it to a thread about it but. I woke up one money doing Matt Blunt you know I've never actually -- our football over my health. I would actually like to videotape -- -- put them up America's website with permission. Well our whole outlook should do it. -- -- -- -- Is it important to keep that football to a certain temperature like Ed Kelly see everybody was like pushing and I can't -- what is -- You know what they're very intricate portrait there aren't very aren't there -- big hits the Adam Rubin in the ball it and all this other commercial collect air pressure all I would note greatly that you do that in all kick -- completely identical they do that. But on -- no -- we're you know we're really doing very. And held out like you know when you kick in the cold weather. The ball. Is truly like Iraq will -- -- original -- Upload though we know we're gonna play the ball what do you do what you -- push a little bit into the ball wherever and then during the like -- So do you like Kevin your your your ball must -- before you pond or just let it go now. I want the science of -- Jan. No during the week bill -- managers -- rubber belt for a you know drug culture electable which are. They're room 9 eastern and salute him and impact key you know a lot got a liked a lot. Gentlemen I am -- and it is canvassing. But Shawn Powell of the Buffalo Bills we have to officially make you the kiss idea point five difference maker in regulation. -- your social aren't they cute little lower. You're gonna get a bunch of cool stuff including a steel crazy -- art trophy. Misch was floors the premier group Dick Miller florist gift baskets galore congratulations. Ethanol and I'm glad. The social actually enough hopefully I can get a lot more ladies glad you know it's it's it's a good thing. There air combat during the Kushinka we will look voters -- -- let. You know. -- should have the opportunity and I'm glad that they got the job -- -- -- to go to degrees. Now I have to say Brian norm and great friend of the radio station and the community and be hard for you to come into the position where obviously. Your football player at the opportunity presents itself. -- take that -- have a and you do your best added I'm but it's hard when you're taking the job of the good -- You're coming to light -- -- out -- triggered a little more rule book about. Well -- -- ultimately you know he helped me out with finger that I really felt weird because you know when he first came out he -- -- Seattle got cut and implement the same spirit that was normal almost normal life and two outs -- you're gonna point to where computers structure tool in the LDL and that. Can you share any conversation you guys had once that news got out there. Actually learn a lot talking to ensure really -- their -- but you know arms I'll drink large. Ryan Pearson of October in -- literally talked to him and but I have heard that you would like you know. It was it is our hope he does really well and things like that so there's no really hard feelings are like that between Russia -- -- -- If I could talk tournament -- -- super reporters you know I mean. Because he -- have a lot of stuff that he knows they're actually attributable slow -- the reduction. We're we're very climate -- Russian interior. So argued that opportunity out -- for collegiate. We are talking with Shawn Powell difference maker and kiss 98 point five punter from the Buffalo Bills humble though because. Just a -- you are the Florida State's all time leading punter. I mean it's not like you didn't leave college football without some some huge record -- -- their -- escalation. Act. I I think I think weren't very good hands with viewers -- punter on the Buffalo Bills. Oh thank you yeah I mean you know I just I had a lot of people in my life you know -- -- believe it would it would they're kicking coaches and the people that actually cared -- and you know Richard reporter for the built back in the early eighties. Bit much -- coach and go to junior high school and then you know Eddie Guerrero who -- -- portray it you know really. Drove everything -- like you know. I won't you do the best in America what true that America and you see you know. Totally different corners so successful and look great beer than than -- he taught me how to watch dog owners. Because you know until you can watch film and what the muddy little Al currently like you know you. I've never really knew how to watch a clutter and our treasury and -- that now -- and other guys. And you know it it helped me be good about America and college last year and a breakthrough record to order trade and you know. Every everything that I've done iPad helped blow away you're not know that and you know. I don't look at them come very humble about it all and -- -- particularly for main -- jobs. Everything look ahead in the book but not and not try this take everyday medical room. And left the show you know there. Now helping with this OK when. -- -- duke into football and sometimes it gets run back and sometimes you're the last line of defense to stop somebody from scoring correct. How are you with tackling. And I love well trot her out to. Nice this with him when your when you punting the football what would look for to make sure you've done a good job on that particular -- They -- outside the British. Could have put go to -- -- and the it if they call fair catch that good or is very -- don't get along work are jumping all right you know. And a ball -- -- over -- and I think come during those are also a little bit -- but sometimes you know it just go to war like there. You know you do you remember it -- and things like that joke oh is that you don't get hurt by that. -- you -- you know. Don't know the field and then touched overturned and things like that. Though there's little children swallowed jiggle it real well. And the final question for you -- how all of the Buffalo Bills. Before you go out to -- does anybody talked to touch you wish you good luck. -- -- -- The issue does everything look we go to -- looked good luck out there you know and then that should immediately forest -- are -- clearly got that. We got true all power to -- well and yeah there no Detrick shared by Gary. Good luck out there what do you do now and them we were we run until bill will do it very. -- good luck on Sunday against Arizona Cardinals. Sure are real or -- all of the Buffalo Bills -- difference maker on kiss 98 point five.

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