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The Buffalo Bills Wives talked about the Billieve Event

Oct 10, 2012|

Janet & Nick talked about the Billieve Event

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Add more engine suddenly it was it was. Through 9/11 weather for today going to be cloudy and breezy at lunchtime showers and then some scattered showers into the late afternoon. -- 65 right now 48 degrees in buffalo coming up a week from Friday major event happening in beautiful Niagara Falls and involves breast cancer awareness. The Buffalo Bills and the American Cancer Society the event has come believe with the Buffalo Bills. We welcome right now into the studio first we're gonna talk Stanley Arabic -- -- -- you know. And then Mario -- you -- -- you know you you've got a look of somebody famous that Amtrak almost like. For all the people that we've met nick and little Paltrow somewhere in there yeah relieving. -- didn't pandemonium began to him in my practice and yeah. It is a four month -- from a. Originally expected Pittsburgh. And lousy you know football -- sure did you go from Pittsburgh Steelers fan again and then quickly became a Buffalo Bills and of course they crack me. We are excited to have you in the studio because this is an event that. Is is incredible and I think a lot of people can really get behind -- little bit about what's going to be happening next Friday. I -- the Buffalo Bills believe. At breast cancer awareness event it starts at 5 o'clock. There's going to be a lot of outdoor concerts tons of free stuff. Belinda Carlisle performs at 830. Any time you want to register Buffalo Bills dot com. I registering that thirty dollars in a 100% of the proceeds -- to American cancer society and the thirty dollars you get into the party -- the -- yes we know that we're all gonna -- across the middle I've -- -- across the rainbow bridge and also get a breast cancer awareness teacher -- nickel and walked across the falls but he didn't turn them -- in a ribbon. You never written an and it didn't turn pink they're actually gonna make the the actual falls to it though water will be -- yet and when I see it then I let everything air I'm very excited and -- -- best view from that rainbow bridge absolutely what made you -- get involved in this event. Listen -- -- here at the bills living up here I mean this is -- authored our sports being involved with women's organization it's agree. -- meet so many people -- -- so warm and so welcoming here and this is one of the -- events that I've been involved listening excuse me and producing pictures from years past I have an -- enemies and occasionally when -- shot on the news last year gave me chills just to think that many people come together -- to -- it -- -- house Cecil Newton how is your husband -- high -- and ankles maniac he hopefully will be back on the first time in -- when he faced patent. They can't buy him out right now because ecologists. And so high ankle sprain can still take the garbage. I am. I -- he's doing actually he doesn't -- Castro outside to -- -- around real of that at the taxi to grant yeah he's lacking -- his hands every -- -- -- -- -- -- honey can you get -- cast he took it and she did. That's ahead I have the air cast high ankles retro myself. Right now and again her would you drive me around how. It under. Apparently getting. Super gas supply -- So so it sounds like it's going to be -- incredible event are you amazed at how many people in the community wanna be part of this it's huge sting nationwide. I have to just I'm -- judge your teacher and teacher that you get with this event like music -- a good job. -- they're cute girl yes yes it is nice because there's been soft. Yeah a little bit of a V neck rather than looking like -- it's not really affects each and now definite. Now for Simon Cowell may be you know I'm well -- -- -- -- -- LA Reid may be -- now one of the Al -- is. -- it's it's I'm glad that you're in the -- possible -- Rosie and Rosie and last year for making strides. You -- 171500. Dollars estimated to do. I -- several. -- through the years. Or through the year IE at a dinner it's a serious rest strap my Brothers owner -- stakeout he says Jerry do you think about it. So through the month of October we asked to breast cancer ribbons and all the stakeouts. I'm very big with American Cancer Society may -- belongs to them so I worked very hard because I know. They had we're gonna help someone -- there's a lot more to the American Cancer Society that they are right for women you there's Mary's wig room where you can get away eggs and there's just a lot of things that if anyone is in trouble you can just call the American Cancer Society can a lot of information. That's why I'm so excited about this event because the proceeds go to the American cancer saying which will help women. Or men who suffer from breast cancer in your cancer so I am I'm an eleven year breast cancer survivor. And I -- very fortunate to act to save the yet. I always say that I think I was given breast cancer because Emma loud voice forest and I like to get the word out there and to remind women that they do need to get. Milligrams self examine yourself don't be afraid of it early detection is the key it will save your life. So you how did you find. I found out from an -- and a hit fallen cell. I it was a strange situation which we actually need to hear few people. It after the and of course I -- felt something and I just hit hit a mammogram which I fully believe. That you do need to do both to coincide each other to help save your life do you think it was serendipity that you had that fallen. Absolutely. I always say my dog's sick my life I fell for my god hands that's what happened and it's just as -- -- media a little bit of an unusual situation. But I do fully fully believe in. Learning how to make sure that you know what what's going on with your -- And if you ever feel anything you should always picture no matter what -- I go back to go back to like that -- in health class at school where they. They show you and they they compare to like a frozen -- they have and can't feeling anything like that I get a check and the only way you're going to do that is if you learn. How to be familiar with yourself right exactly as you can't see through six after kids studied what -- in the bills are presenting believe a breast cancer event next. Friday at hard -- Belinda Carlisle headlining the free -- nick you're hosting survivors were linked hands and pink pay as -- as to make a living ribbon. Across the rainbow bridge you can be part of this by going to kiss 95 that come. Or Buffalo Bills that kind of click on the link can register read their question. I wasn't this'll be my first year ice. I hit the -- trip to Florida around this time in the yourself. I'm really really excited about this in just -- of the importance of the camera ID of the community coming together with the bills and celebrating in this event and really helping people they -- To help them to get. Whenever -- you might need. For breast cancer it's nicely to it in a very fun way so it's important cons but then the fun night and there's that would you can get a involved. You can show show up for the free concert that's going to hit the thirty dollars to get on the bridge be part of living ribbon. Or you compare I think it's a 150 for the VIP that takes you can -- he has unlimited everything meet its players the VIP it's a limited number of tickets. You get close to Belinda Carlisle -- doesn't. In the current. Some of the bill's going to be there to look at that wanna see exactly how she looks right now -- -- -- An end of so I've made sure it doesn't go -- songs to play back in the day issue really in Afghanistan -- a small stuff so messed up some whatever stuff it's all good. Free concert and had a -- bill's gonna be there -- we've also got -- and -- in the studio wife to garrison Sanborn long snapper the Buffalo Bills. Hey I can I three guys all make -- a reality show because. Of the perfect reality show yeah I think so yes it would. Meet you and -- -- you came into an interesting situation as the bills said goodbye to -- Mormon good friend of all of ours. -- Happen is it's is part of part of the situation business. How garrison do and he didn't his you know at its heart -- for sure it is if your car -- permanent there he's -- -- and okay it's me and I think -- in his feet. Realize that the name of the game is back -- -- ready -- -- any different -- -- and -- out exactly -- an opportunity it definitely -- incredibly -- the West Coast -- gone. They're done -- -- in the night our clients and their Tuesday they got to relax and just kind of regroup and all be together without you know -- and -- surroundings just kind of by themselves of -- time out there I saw little jealous I want to thank I think. Arizona I saw on instead Graham they've visited some of the bills visited an air force base tonight did the axis of and the bills -- as well I'm Pearson did not. But I realize that Ryan Fitzpatrick is from Arizona is yeah he's been -- name and a nice little gathering together I think -- -- do -- family reunion and and I gonna have heard there's they have the benefit of the act protections sought out their fellow. And I can only imagine that's so cool -- that that's an incredible opportunity and so embrace it and enjoy it. So you're part of this believe campaigned at the Buffalo Bills are doing did you did pregnant last year I did it take you heard it. I think -- I think we've been with the team for years and moon and -- I think part of intent or ability of event which is we've. Passed -- the pink ribbons. The October game. And have taken part about it is -- even here at that falls last year and the year before. And talking about -- paint and what he's -- and I'm asking did you do with the real. -- -- -- -- and Aaron and I. Powerful and I am I make the false pink now I can't -- incredible that it's something that's been going on in like 1940s their ability to turn out different colors -- I got to Alter that none of this person so you might flip the switch again I don't think I get I didn't actually get the official split split that I did one afterward I with great power comes great responsibility. Act independently financed with time particular set of skills it's very very cool to see -- the -- change color yeah I can't -- if anything it is does that happen. Exactly I think happens right at seventy album watch -- maybe 73 -- -- pressure and it is seven and a Twitter seven -- Haven't been accused of beat him for a seven six -- you know I wouldn't have this big event out on the bridge and and the concert not a good stuff then and it's so what's it like at the event. Yeah it is. Neat thing is your communities there if I hear both married gotten players you have. Survivors like Rosie you have people from the American Cancer Society are out they're trying to. Increase awareness and it's everyone's kind of come together for are really really important -- and it's it's a very moving. Nominates and on -- than moving living. Situation very well and it's one of those things that you just don't get to be standing on a bridge can be part of living -- Get to see all the bills get to see Belinda Carla and it's thirty dollars which is a great and they are coming -- at thirty dollars to be able to stand on an international border in general I mean. -- any other Americans now stand on an international border right there and her own backyard and join hands with Canadians and the American come together and -- cause it's important that everyone has no no boundaries cancer has no boundaries. The good way to come together. I love I love what gets done throughout the NFL the month of October but this is such a nice thing that goes along with everything that's gonna happen on the game. Sunday evening and and just everybody coming together and hopefully will raise as much -- possibly can. Yeah I agree for thirty dollars to air pink ribbon and make this living rent and on rainbow bridge on Friday night. It's really worth that did you understand that to hunt and kick the football will be your house has he done. I could snap but you never know -- -- -- and those medicines cutting could you step over the weekend. Thompson and I MS Pearson and isn't thing he does attend filed throw the football all the iron in terms of his -- and answered. A hostile stuff to -- you can catch try this. You know leaders and we have a big debt and every time and everybody wants him to snap it and like I'll steer clear of -- yeah snaps it. And each eye -- it -- Ivanov and I prepared. I'm happy again. -- either either to let me behind them anything about that no matter yeah. Speed on that ball homers in his past -- mountains they. Really -- -- any time -- -- DJ am is there are steps be answered. Some guy has a -- you guys got to -- some guy's got a website fantasies snapper league and its bombing amp. Critics out there does -- demand note now gamer yes. We too much energy in his body that does -- end game really big gamer can't know who adopt. But I -- just. We on guys premed and an idea I have a Turkey pitch on that side yelling near my -- yeah did you just get that -- we patter but she's recently become my husband's. Surrogate baby and I -- how how are you go -- what is -- doesn't. Lot -- now we just got your you know my guys. Yeah who weighs how much while a whopping twelve a whopping -- -- and and how much does your husband -- More than announced an import so yeah. You walk the -- -- -- and then you can and can't tell me I haven't teachers she doesn't mean yeah. I want to picture of the down with the temperatures dropping got to put a sweat on that dog -- -- teach -- dog or Jersey she hadn't ladder that. Waterproof water of course water and not expert because it's not raining Bjorkman needs just writer and a and a dog Burleigh. And I. So -- -- -- people who travel she should avoid it we turn to carry your children carriage in front of the -- think we got a stroller for her we have not talked about it yeah. He would be helpful having a rhinestone collar and -- yes tumbling -- it's kind of turned her into town -- thinks that woods isn't on there and -- maybe camel -- -- that Angela I'm like that's causing him. I'm scared that she's she -- that that's I got a situation unions to Randy picture now of course all the time. -- and got intense thing absolutely. Like you need to -- pictures of that. What kind of dug up. At a French bulldogs will we have different. You do not yet his name's Henry had an album I've an English Bulldog media and a gas we have machines pictures due pictures of dogs. -- -- -- You did not react and how are you doing forgetting your phone I have leveling the way I would -- totally horrible and I -- -- -- -- that before you realized I couldn't turn around you got to. -- -- like I don't know I'm showing them the picture of Roxy that we put and on the kiss FaceBook if you're wondering what pictures there Ganassi -- -- there's a lot attack are out this. So Q. Is that rock god where's that Harry Potter no it. Doesn't -- -- and it's the winners were little I asked him -- yes he -- -- There's no whining I don't write it -- -- -- -- the pointers how much did you wheeled away and thirties you know he's a little overly. We're working on to seek more like I don't I'm scared to take it to the back because of -- -- you know what's gonna it was the mainly just got back Craig would get with that is right she has he has. You can dress principles that we down and what -- yeah I have to. This Halloween last year okay he had a basketball outfit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- pictures -- a little collar and a hundred that I attachment. And he has like a little best for the went -- Republicans magic -- You know. -- hotel Democrat my child back just. You're gonna like Chippendale -- -- critter on the Buffalo Bills talking about the French -- -- yes and do you know you're going to be probably this year I doubt that an attack in the environs have an annual Halloween party Craig in Ireland the dynamic costumes. The we will -- some guidelines charity you know you're going to be yet. Yet -- some insight into what we last year. OK last cheered Gerson his -- be out. I alleged mistress. And that even as these kind of converted to mr. clubs that we love that at times. Any. Mission and best movie ever that it puts on -- with that deck. -- -- my appetite and I got a picture and he put the Arctic. Impresses -- for lenient on yeah the bigger not -- it's ten minutes here are some of you guys next Friday night viewed as their picture of when looking at you because you won't we'll put them up on the can we put your dogs upon the face is it about so you couldn't even with the celebrity dog FaceBook page for. For just 98 point five are you a host well. As it happens October 19 PS I am again it starts file. 5 o'clock content going to be at 830 if you just wanna come to concerts free if you want tickets to the on bridge event which is great we registered thirty dollars. And then if you want the full blown all you can have to meet the VI p.s VIP tickets. They're 150 to get into the hard rock cafe that's on the US side is they're too hard -- -- -- on the US side and the Canadian we're doing it at the one on the US side. There's so much to do it's tough to fund that one thing. Worry me about this about what it. Is you're gonna have the Buffalo Bills that you want me maybe it would take your pictures and get to meet the wives of the Buffalo Bills and beyond the free agency that falls turn pink. The reason that everybody including his ninety point five is getting behind this is because of breast cancer. And -- thirty dollars goes towards breast cancer research and saving the lives of maybe your sister or your mother your wife your daughter. And and it touches families of all ages of all race. Of -- incomes and that's why we're all behind because we need to get together as a community so it's not just enough. To -- how -- this event's going to be is not just enough to come up there what you need to do is go to Buffalo Bills that come. Kiss 95 that come and register at thirty dollars you -- to be part of this event and together we make the strides against breast cancer. Yeah it's a big deal it's a major major deal you're doing good. I do that and would see this Friday night and then I'll have a good -- good back here up and where you think it is 929 kiss 94 I thought they say it's nice to meet job.

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