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Buffalo Bills TE Scott Chandler

Oct 3, 2012|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bills TE Scott Chandler

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just not -- like I'm good morning and it's 8 o'clock straight up Jeff Snyder Nicholas Nicholas and it's time for our Buffalo Bills difference maker of the game. Difference maker of the game is presented by independent health with -- independent helps you get to redshirt treatment and by still crazy -- and aren't gifts for the unpredictable. Creators of customized steel artwork at -- crazy -- an art dot com and presented by the premier group wine made easy. We welcome to the show -- difference maker of the game the one and only Scott Chandler head. We're Kroger corporate Europe congratulations I know it's hard to -- to celebrate. Personal accomplishments when your team is a hard time. The game but you had a great game. He you know it is it is our unity blue -- out there and just hope that it. -- you come up with abusing him when you don't usually don't really care about until -- -- now I'm sorry about that but did you know that you're like. Your statistics for fancy footballer crazy right now like do you file Havana and I'll I'll tell you. They're calling you a fantasy football stunt I'm not even I'm not even the Bleacher Report is calling that's -- Here you have enough to go on Twitter that you. -- to let you know you look like yup it is when you're younger or. Or wouldn't do you know like to be here are beard dark streaks of. Nice nap and then record right exactly and you get ready for the West Coast. How is it as a player going from buffalo to San Francisco does that affect you a lot and playing for fifteen how to adjust. Being thrown -- it's saudis your abilities -- westerners -- -- So. You know I mean there's like reported earlier. The game later in the days for sort of terrific deal for us you -- hardest thing to do prosecutors hope you don't clear early out there. But. I mean that's it's not too bad of an adjustment -- -- six hour plane playing murderers -- the worst part of Brothers. I don't know if you have an excuse source well. Tell me -- your you get your eyes on as far as playing the 49ers what are you looking now for. -- -- -- Their defense stacked to another -- to really get Russia's. Good interior guys. Are among the best. My back groups that are in the league. You know some. Guys and secondary -- come -- and -- so perhaps take care of the ball offensively and they're on schedule -- you know sustain some drives. And football -- What's that stadium like. Personal assistant. -- -- -- Her oldest is something that is after college so does that hurt or when you follow when you get tackled. No but it. It's more in the locker room when you're. It's -- -- -- -- and actually you know finish. And on a small place. Look. Brought -- -- all all the California stadiums are all going. Book -- insurance sub -- Thank you not like the palatial. You know Ralph Wilson Stadium yet all the room in the world there. Well again. So it's as you get ready to play the 49ers they of course crushed the jets and I know it's gonna happen and the bills are going to be the 49ers. Which we'll just you know I guess as as a bills and you just wanna see and I'm sure as the bills player you want to see that that you win every game but. What what is everyone saying that what happened in the second half that that kind of the wheels fell. You know let get away from. I don't know what exactly it's important and offensively. You know there. Take care of the ball whether. I was -- -- upwards stations are it's sort -- and just. Well under active there was sealed -- you know he's. -- just go away tomorrow. You know that's what we're settled derivatives which were approached. Scott -- the Buffalo Bills are difference maker of the game so you played on Sunday which stage do you feel the most sore from the game is a Monday or Tuesday. Yes good. All of the days of all the days how many days does take you work it out. I mean still a little -- budget. The spurs moved to envision your. Trying to work. Just. You know if they don't work it out you have those -- are definitely not sure -- How good does it make you feel when you hear bill's fans saying we still believe in the Buffalo Bills. Yeah. That's what we want you know and you know he did not. Play as well we expected on on Sunday that we are fortunate to we're in this thing we're still tied for first and sort of vision. Well hopefully you're packing up going home -- that your first -- actual. You know we we believe in ourselves. -- -- And -- the it was little. We're trying to. Over -- can make it. A little more like source of that game on Sunday and not much -- -- Course it will be. And then and then from there you're staying out on the West Coast. Note of where they were there out there are sort of have to. You. We'll be back in force flights in the mud for our flight. Bombing here within -- terrible weeks so it was. Paid out their that we. -- history with any of the 49ers. Personal history and I'm a professional personal and you know to play with anyone -- know. I know some regard the political than likely your border. -- -- -- We're. When -- -- -- -- remote arbitrary period. Wooden. It's got -- I know you were hit knocked out of the game it's going to be fine against the guy that hit you or you don't know yet. Well earlier but. I think there -- probably will be but I'm not sure you know those things here. Looked over some terms there's. Or very closely with garrido. And as as we. Wish you good luck this Sunday just know that you're going to be receiving I don't know if you -- C -- -- Kyle Williams as trophies from steeler. But those are pretty pretty cool trophies. That we we capture one particular moment from you from the game. And we make a steeler trophy out of it so we hope you enjoy that advocates didn't give a trophy shelf right in your house. Well not really in my daughter's usually in their -- -- You know art -- just little little parts of their particular expert it is sure wrote. Part of the castle. That -- The castle and the cast of characters that are inside of it. We're gonna say the very cool trophy from steel crazy I and our heels again gets from nationalist -- to premier group Dick Miller -- gift baskets plots could suffer being the difference maker of the game. Again we celebrate what you did individually sorry didn't work out for the team that -- but. Go bills on Sunday what he wants the bills fans about Sunday's game. Those survive in this regard very unify cartels La Souter be. Hope we will locomotive better. The better outcome this week he you know pictures Specter back sooner than shall look. Thank you so much Scott chairman of the Buffalo Bills -- difference maker on kiss not even knowing that I am.

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