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Buffalo Bill CJ Spiller

Sep 12, 2012|

Janet & Nick interviewed Buffalo Bill CJ Spiller

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kiss not get put back money and 8 o'clock straight up genocide or Nicholas Nicholas and welcome to the show from the Buffalo Bills the one and only. CJ Spiller good morning and. Warner I -- again. There's more have been nor will it. Then we'll listen we know that the game didn't happen quite the way we all want it to week number one against the jets. But first and foremost we won a grand congratulate you because you are the kiss study point five. Difference maker of the game and you yeah a good game we -- happy I played CJ. I was happy but you know what I look back and look at the film I was you know. Cook got there is certain areas. Florida that the thing about these and that got me. Try to -- so. So you can but it won't keep a you know there are very disappointing involves. Of course but out there have been in office -- our little bit about the steps of the army. CJ what do you see on the film that we wouldn't normally see -- what little things do you pick out an album and I wish I'd done that are well that was awesome like what do you catch that we don't. Just. I mean did did their patient you know what we are they're saying thank you you've been patient as a what did he go back in. The -- and you see -- In our well. Because it would have been a little more. There is paying their let me get informed. I'm afraid that both things happening is that -- what these. On the phone number 28 CJ Spiller the Buffalo Bills. What did you do in the off season you've got faster. So I don't let them. Back here. Is there some icy -- what did you do. Our effort in what is. What are the California like I normally do. -- tumor in train got there with a great trainer. Another seven people this is. This was truly mufflers. So -- so -- That would come back up here work out what that trainers in you know what that would not seen it. All do a lot of some tracks. So that modern but. Almost Arnot who must. See. If you're in California -- -- I mean Heidi and not when you're in California. I don't do what out of I'd. I thought that it did invest -- get bad. It's just a sandwich where do you not know a lot of the bills like the bowl are you CJ Spiller a bowler. Yeah I -- but I have been emboldened since I've been out there you know looked like there and our season. You know mark below the movement but there's nothing. -- Well you are just -- it went -- difference maker of the game if you want -- even throwing a bowling shirt for you if you need the bowling ball. In the meantime we have this cool trophy from the steel crazy iron are where they're gonna capture one your finest moments on the field. In a steel trophy it's probably trophy you've never had before because it's actually you made into a steel piece of art is that cool. Are the problem report seen it. Yes exactly also we -- gives -- push Flores Stanley's gifts and the premier group. -- made easy congratulations. -- thank you I mean not a critical to my office aren't in tight receivers in the mobile group that was. Thought that sort of block them they've made Monday a whole lot. Nice tell me what we look forward to on Sunday taking Kansas City. Quote from the report does not okay you know another tough opponent. -- just. A little bit excited about you know our teams are in. Producer divert pressure we will respond the right way not -- -- you've got to have a great because. Separation -- that it is -- -- just trying to promote pop up is the best as an NFL in those bills. Do a lot of family coming into this game. Have -- from some name of the artist should be up here nice though she's just shut C. Good -- this is going crazy about go to sparrow. -- -- I hate you save that football for her. -- without. Okay second football Kenya can you jump up. The wall and -- into the stands we'd like that. -- -- -- -- -- And that is we. Are at this sounds good listen good luck I know it was a tough way to start the season but. Hey you know what anything can happen from here forward -- just one game hunter. If there's still a lot of -- -- to be played in this pretty much I was gonna take. -- and you abide by the 24 hour -- Oh without a doubt we're not alone you have to include and that white game. Try to ruling UC. I mean what do you got about a 12 o'clock. CJ Spiller they can study it point five difference maker of the game. That is presented by independent health with independent health to get to read your treatment. And presented by the premier group -- line and made easy AJ get Afghans and we need like three touchdowns for me if that's cool please. There are all right no pressure at all. The buffalo. --

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